The Rejected Mate

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Chapter 85


It was early in the morning and i was in the airport with Mikhail and Sean waiting for my dad to come down with all who’s left with the pack. My dad said that it would be more than 20 or less it broke my heart to know that more than five hundred pack members have died.

I was staring out the window when, “kade.” Someone called out.

I turned around and hugged my father. “Dad.” I said.

He kissed my head, “my boy.” He said.

“Let’s go.” I said and he nodded.

In the car, “i’m really happy to see you.” He says.

“Me too, dad.” I said.

“So, how are you?”

“I’m great, dad.” I said.

“No cure yet?” He asks.

Then the memories came back flooding to me- the memories of my visit to an old member of Mikhail’s pack.

“What is it that you desire?” He asks.

“I want this curse to stop and get out of my body. I want to live.” I said.

“That cannot happen, your curse is eternal. You live with it until it eats you alive.”

“There’s no other way? Please tell me that there is another way.” I begged.

“My apologies, if i know how to undo the curse i would have divulged the information to you. ” he said.

“Nah,dad. We just gotta accept this.” I said as a tear dropped.

Dad patted my back, “it’s alright son.” He said.

Then the car screeched into a halt near the pack house, we glanced out the window to see the Hybrids.

“No!they’ve found us.” I said.

I changed into my wolf so is my father and started to fight those hybrids. I saw mikhail trying to tear 4 heads, but they were so many.

Ohh goddess please help us.


I could feel something wrong, “ohh no.” I said.

“What?” Jude asked.

I closed my eyes and saw Mikhail fighting off hybrids, “warriors!” I yelled and they all assembled.

“Hybrids are attacking your alpha and the nightwood pack, we need to help them!” I yelled and they shouted, “Yes!”

We all ran to the gate, ‘ready katrina?’ I asked my wolf.

I will always be ready. She said then i changed into my white wolf, and bolted.

Every hybrid that i saw… i saw red. I don’t know why, but it’s all red.

I attacked each and every one of them, i saw mikhail kill two hybrids then i saw Alex arrive.

“Surprise.” He says while smirking.

I growled and leaped on him, he was surprised. “I thought i killed you!” He said as he tried to fight me.

“Bitch you thought!” I said as i was now back to my human form.

He yelled and fought me, i dodged every attack he did. “My turn.” I said as i jabbed at his jaw i heard a crunch, i clawed at him,i punched him and i kicked him on the chest and he flew backwards. My hands turned into claws and I was more than ready to kill this bitch.

“Ohh bree.” Said macy. I turned around and saw that she was carrying Gabe who was crying non-stop.

“If you dare kill my mate i will kill your son!” She threatened.


“Alex is my true mate.” She says smirking.

“You bitch!” I screamed at her and was going to lunge at her but she raised her finger.

“Uh-uh-uh. One step and your baby will go bye bye.” She said and kissed gabe’s cheek.

“You give me my son back!”

“You have to die.” She says. “Either you live or your son lives.”


“Let him live!” I said crying my heart out to get a hold of my son. “Take me! Please! Just let go of my son!”

“Gabreelle!” Mikhail yelled i saw him bloody and battered with a lot of claw marks and bite marks. “No.” He said.

My baby boy, my precious baby boy.

“Please just give my son to his dad.” I said .

Gabreelle justine! Think rationally said my wolf

I’ve already made up my mind.

“I’ll go with you just give my son back to mikhail.” I said as i walked towards her.

“it’s alright,sweetie. Mama’s here.” I cooed as i walked closer.

“Here’s my end of the bargain.” Macy said.

Everything that happened after that was all in slow motion as he zaps Gabe with her power and throws his lifeless body to Mikhail.

I yelled as well as Mikhail, my knees gave out and i tried to walk towards them.

“Now you come with me!” Macy said as she gets a hold of my arm.

But she got zapped by Sandy. “You’ve done enough!” Sandy yells in rage.

I took that as an opportunity to run to Mikhail. I looked at my baby boy’s pale lifeless body. “No no no no no.” I chanted as i hugged my baby boy.

“Gabreelle.” Mikhail said tears were running down his face.

“No no no.” I said with much more emphasis now. “Our baby boy.” I cried.

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