The Rejected Mate

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Chapter 86


Gabreelle handed me Gabe, she stood up and faced macy who was grinning from ear to ear.

“Ready to die?” Macy asked her.

“Are you?” She answered back coldly.

Macy casted a spell on her but gabreelle raised her right hand and swatted her hand to the right where a tree was hit by the spell that made it rot and went to ashes.

“You killed my son!” Gabreelle shouted in anger.

“You deserved it!” Macy spat at gabreelle.

Gabreelle got a dagger that was beside her and when she threw it Macy got into a warped hole with Alex.

“Fuck!” Gabreelle screamed in frustration and ran to me.


I yelled in frustration! I was so close to having her killed!

“You could have killed her if you hadn’t killed her child!” Alex screeched as he takes out the dagger that was in his left leg that Bree threw.

“Don’t talk back to me! Remember who saved your extinct species!” I yelled at him and slapped his cheek. He looked momentarily stunned.

“I’m your mate! You treat me with respect!” He yelled at me.

I walked out on him and went to my office. It was easy to know that Bree was in Milan, all i had to do was cast a spell on Christopher and every little thing that he said i would hear.

I knew that they would ask for help from Reed. It was easy to control one of his pack member’s mind and listen in on what their plan is. It was an easy entrance to kill

I looked at the mirror and saw that my skin is saggy from using too much power. No, this cannot happen!

I need to go to the Vampire council and ask for their help! A pity story couldn’t afford to hurt right? I called ten of my fellow witches and when they got to my office I locked the door.

“What is it that you want us to do?” One wizard asked.

“Well, I need you- all of you.” I said.

With one flick of my finger they all crouched in pain as I suck all of their powers from them. I can see them physically sagging and getting thinner by the second but the rush that I feel as I get more and more from them is what I only feel, who cares about them?

No one cares about them. It is I, who had given them their purpose.

They were all shouting in pain and after a few minutes they dropped dead. What gives them life is their witchcraft, just like bloodlust is for Vampires and wolf for Werewolves.

That is why Humans are a threat. Even though they can be manipulated easily, they can survive by just their humanity.

Which is why we need to have an end for them.

As I looked at myself on the mirror, my skin was glowing, no wrinkles visible and I love it!

I have to convince the council without using my powers, it’s hard to do everything if I’m drained. Especially since Bree is not dead.

I opened a warp to the Vampire council, when I got there.

“Who are you? And what is your purpose here?”

“My name is Macy Richards and I wish to speak to the Vampire Council.” I said.

The vampire dare hissed at me, ” You are not welcome here!”

“I have not done any wrong to your council why am I not welcome here?” I asked. What is their problem? Are witches not allowed to speak to them.

Then I saw the High priestess along with the council, “High priestess!” I exclaimed, “Thank goddess that you are here! This vampire would not let me speak to you.” I said.

“Let her in.” Said the High Priestess.

I flipped the bird on the vampire that hissed at me and it rolled his eyes at me. When we entered the mansion, “What is it that brought you here?” An elder from the council asked.

“I wish to ask for your alliance with the Witches,Wizards and the Lycans.” I said.

“Why would we? And what for?” Asked the High Priestess.

“For a war with the Werewolves.” I said, “For years, it is them who can live with the humans and act superior for as long as I could remember. They deserve to be put to their place, can’t we live among the humans as they? “

“Is that the only reason why?” An elder asked. “Or are you just making these decisions because of hatred?”

“Why would I? I just want equality for everyone.” I said. “Even though their species killed my parents and siblings, I am not carrying any grudge with me. ”

The Elders and the High priestess looked at each other. “That’s a shame.” Said the High Priestess. “We are sincerely sorry for your loss.”

I wiped a tear, “Thank you, they are in a better place.” I said.

“We’ve reached a decision haven’t we?” Asked the High Priestess to her council.

I am partying inside as I realized that they really believed that story. I feel the butterflies of excitement and my heart pump fast.

“We are not going to ally with you.” High priestess said.

Yes! Wait what? “What?” I asked. “Did I not make a point?”

“I completely disagree. Wizards, Vampires and Werewolves do live among the humans. It is just not possible for our species to go out in direct sunlight for too long as it weakens us, while your species can live among the humans without being noticed as different if you’re not using your powers-

Because once you use your powers you age, as with the Werewolves they can control their wolves. They can live among them without leaving traces behind for people to find about their species.

Everything can be mended by talking it out but you- waging a war with the Werewolves? Especially since one of those werewolves is the Moon Goddess’ daughter?”

“She’s right, we wouldn’t want to

Bree went here before me?!

“You and your allies such as the hybrids,lycans and your own kind are not welcome within any of our territory unless the moon goddess says we can. That’s the final verdict.” The High Priestess said. “We have already put our trust with Bree.”

“You can’t do this!” I yelled.

“We can and we are doing it.” Said an elder.

I growled, I opened the portal and got out of there and in the grave of my ancestors.

“Is this what you want?!” I yelled at the tombstones as rain poured.

“Me being shunned by the vampire council? Failing?!” I cried.

“You bless me my rightful powers!” I yelled at the top of my lungs as I knelt in defeat.

A lightning struck me and another two struck me as well. I felt the excruciating pain around my whole body I yelled in pain.

But the excruciating pain has a twist of rush as the ancestral powers are now belonging to me. As the lightning stopped as well as the rain, I stood up and I flicked my finger to the nearby tree and it became ashes within a second.

I laughed as I finally have the only thing that will help me defeat Bree.

I didn’t have to chant or say the spell, that’s how powerful I am now. I opened both of my palms and held the ground.

Get ready, Bree.

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