The Rejected Mate

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Chapter 88


As I left the shack and saw Macy floating, Spider black veins were on her face. Unlike mine she looked like a monster while I looked like I was poisoned and sick.

“Kade…kade…kade.” said macy in a taunting way.

“Macy.” I said.

“Came to surrender and be on my side?” She asked smirking.

“I came here to stop you.” I said. She laughed.

“No one can.” She grinned.

I threw four throwing stars that I had at her, she was surprised when it was near her she stopped it. She smirked, “Too weak.” She said.

The throwing stars were now thrown back to me, if I could just have my wolf one last time….

My wolf weakened as the days passed by- it’s a miracle that I’m still alive. Although I am alive I know that it won’t be long, the curse will live on.

I ran and dodged the throwing stars I caught the last throwing star and threw it back at her. I also got the last throwing star and threw it at her, it hit her right thigh.

She groaned as she took out the star, “No more playing games!” She screeched.

Ohh boy.

She threw a spell and I dodged it and ran in zig zag patterns so she couldn’t hit me.

I could use my wolf right now. I hope Bree has a great plan.

“How long can you hold up, Kade? Missing your wolf?” She said.

She punched the ground and it broke and I stopped running, she hit me with a spell that felt like it had punched through my stomach, I groaned.

“Without your wolf, you’re purely human. That means you won’t heal as fast as you did before.” She said as she hits me with another spell but thistime it was on my face it was so painful that I yelled in pain.

I have to fight back! To avenge my father and give him justice. I ran and knocked her from levitating, I held both of her wrists in one hand above her head as I head butt her forehead and she groaned.

“I may be human, but I am stronger than them.” I said. I punched her nose so hard that I heard a cracked sound and I punched her throat.

Her spells were stronger but I think she still hasn’t got the hang of it because her spells were out of control literally.

She was having a hard time breathing and that was my time to kill her, I held her head and was going to twist it when I got knocked over by a huge black wolf.


“Really, an alpha fighting a human in his wolf form?” I said urging him to fight in his human form.

“I would be dumb to go back in human form.” He said. He bit my stomach and threw me to a tree.

“Finish him off for me,babe!” Macy called over and laughed, “I’ll be waiting for Bree.” She said mostly to herself.

I punched him and kicked him, I could hear him groan. It was nice to know that I still have my strength.

“Admit it, I’m stronger than you and better than you. You’ll die very soon.” Alex said.

“Man, really? Stronger? Just a tiny bit stronger but better? I think not, ask your mate she slept with me for 4 years now and she was always the one begging for more.”

He growled and was fighting more aggressive than he was earlier.

I tried to dodge all of them but he was much quicker and much stronger.

I could feel myself slowly drift away, I saw Alex walking towards me. “Any last words?”

“Fuck you.” I said I closed my eyes and was waiting for my death to come but it didn’t. I heard a cry of pain of a wolf, I opened my eyes to see Reed in his wolf form fighting Alex.

“Reed.” I muttered.

“You don’t deserve to die.” Reed said.

Then I saw Bree standing in the middle of the field a white light surrounding her. Macy was trying to break it with her spells.

While our pack warriors along with Reed’s are fighting the hybrids and Lycans.


I was praying to my mother- the moon goddess in the middle of the field. I could feel air and light surrounding me.

I need to be wise with this, I know that I have some kind of power but I don’t know what it is!

Mother please bestow me wisdom and knowledge on how to defeat this witch.

It is in you, it was always in you.

I don’t understand.

The pain of losing your adoptive parents, the pain of countless years of bullying, your rejection and the loss of your son- what do you feel about all of that?

Sad, Lost and Angry.

Then that will be everything that you need.

What? Please come back!

I looked around and saw that Macy was trying to shatter my protection.

She was stronger than she was I can feel it. As I finished, I saw the Hybrids, Witches and Lycans were running from the forest and into the field just as Christopher’s and Mikhail’s were running from the shack.

As I reminisce all the moments that I’ve had witch Macy through the years I can feel myself getting angry with each memory-

“Macy!” Kade yelled to get her attention.

“I am so fed up with you!” She yelled back and kade levitated and his face was getting purple.

I growled and ran to her and knocked her down, she did got knocked down but she threw Kade back.

This bitch is so weak physically.

I punched her face and stomach again and again. I got knocked over when a wolf bit my neck and threw me to the tree.

Alex growled at me, but Mikhail attacked him in a raging manner and bit his neck harder and he whimpered and got thrown to the other side. Macy put a spell on me and I could hardly move, “Seems like it’s the end.” She said smirking.

Kade jumped to Macy and was holding her head ready to kill her but Macy used her magic again to throw him to the ground.

“It was nice sleeping with you, Kade. Actually, it was great.”

“You say that to everyone. Is there someone you haven’t slept with?” Kade said while rolling his eyes.

“Let him go.” I said and Macy looked at me.

“Fine.” Macy said and she did when Kade got up I saw a sharp wood through Kade’s stomach.

“No!” I yelled as I feel that my anger boiled at it’s climax.

I could feel myself losing to my wolf and this time I am not holding back.


That’s it.

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