The Rejected Mate

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Chapter 89


As the skies darkened and the pack warriors are getting battered by how big the lycans are- it was the time that the witches came out from the forest trees and zapping the pack warriors of Christopher’s pack and mine.

I have no time to focus on anything else but beating this asshole that’s infront of me.

As I bite Alex’s stomach hard he whimpered but still fought back. I will not back down even if his wolf is bigger.

Then in an instant I saw a lot of the Lycans being gone one by one- what the fuck! I looked over to the trees hearing their cries and saw that the vampires were drinking them dry.

Thank goddess!

I saw Alex trying to fight off the vampires, I knocked him over and fought him. I was clawing him from the face to his chest.

He growled and wanted to bite me but I head butt him to the ground. He was bleeding so bad and was weak and was now in his human form, “Do you think it’s easy to kill me?” He said.

“Looking at you now, I can see that it is easy.” I said.

He laughed then spider veins started to grow on his neck to his face, “Don’t be so sure.” He said as he stands up.

Ohh goddess


I feel myself losing to my wolf as I was fighting Macy.

Let go, bree

What happens if I don’t?

The end of the world’s humanity

What? Isn’t that the opposite?

Just do it, bree! Katrina said impatiently.

And so I did, I let go. I thought it was Katrina taking over my body but it’s not. I can feel fire burning throughout my whole body and feel the rage building up inside of me.

I stood up and held Macy’s neck and choked her she tried thrashing and putting spells on me but it didn’t work on me, “Not so powerful now,huh?” I said

She laughed, “You know what they say- If you can’t beat them join them but in your case you join me in darkness.”

She held my face as I saw the black veil like shadow behind her. My eyes grew wide from what I saw, I tried to choke her more but she’s not hurt.

“Stop fighting it, Bree.” Macy said. “You know you’re bound to darkness. Just think about the loss of your son, rejection of your mate Kade, death of your father figure Christopher Reid, death of your friends.”

I can feel the cold feeling surrounding me.


I can now see Gabreelle growing those veins from her neck but it was going back. She was fighting it.

“Let darkness take over.” Macy said.

Gabreelle was shouting as her eyes were becoming dilated and her gray pupils becoming black.

“Gabreelle, fight it!” I shouted. She didn’t look back at me-

Alex punched me square in the jaw. It felt like a steel bar was thrown at my jaw, I growled.

You idiot! Austin growled at me.

Austin I have no time for you- just please help me with Alex.

You are now the owner of all the elements,stupid idiot! Use it!

Ohh shit, I forgot about that! How do I summon the elements?

Think of the elements. Sometimes I think how did I ever end up with a body like you.

That’s harsh, Austin.

Fire please come to me. My hands lit up with fire but it didn’t hurt me-

No shit sherlock. You aren’t the Elemental wolf for nothing.

Stop it,Austin.

I held Alex’s head and burned his pretty boy face. He screamed.

Earth come to me- and thought about it wrapping around Macy and Alex’s legs and arms.

And it did. They stayed in place, “You will never win. Light will never win.” Alex said.

I wiped the blood that was on my lip, “Apparently it did.”

As I summoned the element that I felt needed to be used I circled it into a ball and threw it at Alex. I saw a veil like shadow flew away,

I held both sides of his head and turned it quick which made a cracking noise and pulled his head off.

“No!” Macy yelled. Her skin was sagging and looked like an old woman in her 90’s, her hair was white, the spider veins that were on her face was gone.

I saw Gabreelle lying down the floor with her eyes open-her pupils white and black fighting for dominance.

“It won’t be too long now.” An old voice said, I turned around to Macy.

“What did you do!” I shouted at her as I sit down and held Gabreelle’s head and placed it on my lap.

“Letting darkness engulf her entire being. The human world needs to be stopped and to be frank I’m getting weak as the days pass by. I’m not that powerful not like Bree. To top it off, she has the power of rage she can kill anyone without feeling remorse- I saw it… in her eyes. They were gray with red specs- she’s bound to darkness.”

Then I heard her grunt as a wooden stake popped out of her chest.

“Bree is the most innocent and pure person I have ever met, bitch.” Kade said and dropped to his knees.

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