The Rejected Mate

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Chapter 9


“I got to go, the elders might come soon.” I said smiling awkwardly at Kade.

He grinned at me, “See you later.”

“Yeah, see you.” I told him while going out his room and when I closed it I rested my back at his door. I feel like my heart is trying to get out my chest. I swear that it’s beating loudly that the birds outside would hear it.

I went up my room and took a bath, after that I wore my light denim high waisted jeans and a yellow green sleeveless loose top and paired it with my black vans.

With Kade acting like this it’d be pretty hard to leave the pack, and he’s my mate for crying out loud even if he doesn’t care I would hesitate to leave also.

I just hate Macy so much, I need to ask the elders why Macy was snapping her fingers and was expecting something to happen.

Is she a witch? But she smells like a werewolf. I finished drying my hair and let it loose, then went downstairs.

I was really happy to see the elders, they loved me like their own flesh and blood. I hugged all of them and greeted them.

“Good noon!”

“Bree!” They all exclaimed, I laughed cause they were in sync.

“We’re excited for lunch! Christopher said you made burgers and fries again.” Elder Lynus said.

I laughed, “Kade helped me cook.”

They all looked at each other, and they made faces. “Oh stop it guys!” I told them I can feel my face heat up.

“You’re all here!” Christopher said to the elders, “Before we eat we need to talk about something important.”

“I’m gonna go to the mall while you guys do elder and alpha work. I’ll be back.” I smiled at them. I went to my room and got my bag, put my wallet, phone, earpods and the laptop that Christopher got me.

I then started to walk to the mall, it was a 20 minute walk. I went to Starbucks where there was free wifi, I ordered a honey glazed donut and a Vanilla frappe.

I sat down and set up my laptop, it felt surreal to have the luxury of having this as a birthday gift. I opened it and checked the e-mail from Mr. Foyer and answered the tests while I wait for my drink. While I was halfway through the test, my name got called and I had to get my drink from the counter.

"Have a nice day, Ms. Bree." the barista said. I smiled at her and thanked her for not purposefully spelling my name wrong.

I went back to my table and finished the exams and sent it to Mr. Foyer's e-mail.

If you guys are wondering what degree I wanted to pursue, it’s Interior Design. I just love decorating interiors and designing it as well, I’m so excited to finally go to the school of my dreams and pursue my goals.


“The time is near, the moon goddess won’t give any clues anymore.” Elder Jonathan said.

I burried my face in my palms, "We don’t know what’s going to happen.” I said.

“I have a bad feeling about this.” Elder Lynus said.

16 years ago, the Somer’s family went and joined our pack. John Somers said that his wife could not bear any child, they adopted Jude and I saw Teresa she was pregnant. John explained that it was the Moon Goddess’ baby that Teresa was carrying, the Moon goddess talked to them in their dreams that Teresa shall be a vessel for the moon goddess’ daughter.

John and Teresa were killed by rouges, they were fighting for Bree. They wanted to get Bree ’cause someone gave them information that Bree was the daughter of the Moon Goddess.

Bree is indeed a special wolf, we watched her grow into a beautiful, down to earth, witty, strong, intelligent and hard working girl. I pray and hope that she stays the same.

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