The Rejected Mate

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Chapter 92


Not only did I lose my son… I’m losing Gabreelle too.

I held her cold hand and intertwined our fingers. I traced circles with my thumb on her ice cold skin with a bit of my elemental power of fire to warm her.

I wiped my tears and ran to the basement. “Macy!” I yelled.

“Are you here to finally kill me?” She asked.

“How can I help Gabreelle defeat darkness?” I asked.

She laughed sadistically, “If I knew I wouldn’t be in this situation right now.”

“What does that fucking mean!” I yelled as I punched the metal bars.

“It’s too powerful to resist- If I knew how to even remove the darkness I would’ve done it before. Do you think it’s just my powers that have drained me to be like this? No! It feeds on you until you finally give in.”

I punched the wall so hard that it made a hole.

“The more Bree resists the more it feeds in her and her powers.” She said. “When it does, the world would be in Darkness for as long as Darkness is in Bree’s body.”

I yelled. Macy is no help in this! I ran out of the pack house and changed into my wolf and went for a run.


Sandy,Kade and I were in the library searching any book that had a story about Darkness in it. So far we haven’t had any luck finding any book that had a story about Darkness in it.

Sandy threw a book then sat down on the floor- I could feel her frustration and sadness grow.

I knelt down and carressed her back, “We’ll find something.” I said.

She was now crying, “She needs to live.”

“I know.” I said.

“We can’t give up. She helped us when we needed it.” Kade said.

I looked at Sandy who was now standing up- she looked determined. I stood up also and then we spread out in the library in different sections so we can see if there’s anything that can help us.


Someone knocked on the door, “Come in.” I said.

The warrior of the house said, “Someone is here to see all of you Elders.”

“Who is it?”

“He says he is a beta and was sent from Reed Storm Alpha of the Lunar pack.”

“Let him in.” I said.

I went outside to the living room and my fellow elders are also there the doors opened revealing a young boy- about 6ft. something Tall and really muscular.

“Elders.” He greeted and bowed down to us.

“Yes, beta?” I asked. “What does Reed need?”

“Bree…” he trailed off and gritted his teeth and let out a breath. “She’s battling with darkness inside her body.”

Darkness?! I looked at my fellow Elders. “Take us to her immediately!” I said.

We rushed to the private jet of Reed and went to his pack in Milan.

“What should we do?” Asked Elder Jackson.

“If bree is overtaken by darkness-” Elder Jonathan trailed off.

“We’ll have to kill her.” I croaked out.

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