The Rejected Mate

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Chapter 93


I tripped over a pile of books on the floor and hit my chin. As I sat up and rubbed my chin I saw a book that had a brown cloth as its cover- the cover had scratch marks that made up the words Exigency Purposes.

What the heck is that?

“Guys! what does Exigency mean?” I asked.

“I heard Bree say that before…” Jude said and went towards me.


“She was sleeping- she was having nightmares and said something about the Unfortunate and something about Exigency.” Jude said and got the book from my hands.

“Really?” I asked.

“Yeah, she says a lot of stuff while she has nightmares.” Jude said.

Sandy went towards us holding her phone, “Exigency is like Emergency.”

“So, it’s like for Emergency Purposes?” I asked.

Sandy nodded, “Thanks to the dictionary.”

Then Bree has been dreaming about this since she was a kid? I couldn’t remember Jude sleeping in the same room as Bree ever since his parents passed away.

Jude opened it, “What the fuck!” He exclaimed.

“What?” Sandy and I both asked.

“There’s just one page that has writing on it.” Jude said.

“What does it say?”

I got the book and saw a very neat cursive scribble that says,

There is no such thing as Darkness.


As my paws hit the ground- I felt one with it… one with the muddy ground, the pebbles and grass.

Of course you’re one with it- it’s your element, dumbass.

Not now, Austin.

Alpha, the elders are here. Martin said through our mindlink.

As I returned to the pack house fully clothed I silently thanked the moon goddess for sending over the elders in such a short period of time.

I jogged up the stairs and into my room where Gabreelle was. Gabreelle was circled by the Elders, “Thank Goddess you are all here.” I said.

They looked at me with remorse, “What?” I asked.

They didn’t open their mouth instead of talking- they looked at each other. “Please say something- anything… Please.” I begged.

“She is not in a good shape.” Said Elder Michael.

“Don’t you think I know that already?” I asked, “For 24 hours I was sleeping beside a cold lifeless Gabreelle Somers, don’t you think I would know that?”

“If Darkness completely takes over her…” Elder Lynus started.

“What? Would we have to kill her?” I asked.

Saying that- I felt my chest tighten and felt a lump on my throat. This was what I was dreading for…

They all nodded.

“How long?” I asked looking down on the floor. Fuck my life.

“When that dark veins spread all over her body and she wakes up a completely different person- we’ll have to kill her.” Said Elder Jackson.

“If she doesn’t wake up in three days- maximum. We’ll have to kill her.” Said Elder Nixon.

Sandy broke down, Kade had his fists balled and Jude had his eyes closed- his facial expression shows that he is enduring pain.

“Can’t we do anything to help her! There must be another option!” I exclaimed.

“We’re doing that to help her.” Said Elder Jonathan.

“By killing her? That’s the only solution? We just kill the Moon Goddess’ favored daughter? The only white wolf to live?”

“If she is overcomed by darkness…either we let her live and let her be the abomination and revenge of Darkness to the Moon Goddess and all that’s ruling the world? Or have her dead and have Darkness won’t find a strong host and we get rid if it.” Elder Jonathan said.

“It’s not easy for us too, Reed.” Elder Michael said. “We watched her grow into the young lady that she is. Don’t you think she meant less to us and you care about her more?”

I gritted my teeth together.

“It’s either we let her live or have millions of people dead. You chose.” Elder Nixon said.

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