The Rejected Mate

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Chapter 96


We were now back in the alley.

“Both of you are really good looking in real life.” Said the fairy.

Sean and Martin raised a brow at her and then at me.

“I can tell that I’m going to have fun with both of you very soon.” The fairy said seductively to both Sean and Martin.

Both Sean and Martin’s ears were red. I cleared my throat and that brought the attention to me.

“We have to go now if we want to make it back in time.” I said.

We then took a cab to where my jet was landed. Needless to say that it was a quiet ride until the fairy decided to break the silence-

“I’m Lara by the way.” She said.

“I’m Sean.” Sean said.

“The name is Martin.” Martin said as he shook Lara’s hand.

“What’s your name?” Lara asked as she looked at me.

“My name is Reed.” I said.

“I thought you’re more of a Richard kind of guy.” She said.

I gave her a puzzled expression. What is this girl on about?

“You’re kind of a party pooper.” She said. “I thought your name would be uptight too.”

I rolled my eyes while Sean and Martin covered their smiles with a cough.

Real smooth. I said through the mindlink and they looked at me guiltily.

As we arrived at the location we boarded and warmed up the jet,

“Why are you so uptight?” Asked said Lara.

“The fact that you are a- what did you say? Ahh.” I put air quotes for more definition.” A ’hopeless romantic’ . Shouldn’t you- a hopeless romantic understand that when you love someone, you worry about them all of the time- most especially if she is battling Darkness inside of her own body.”

“I’m very sorry for being so inconsiderate.” She says as she looks at her fingers.

The jet was ready for flight. I put on my seatbelt and Lara did too,

“You alright there,bro?” Asked Martin.

“Yeah.” I said.

“How about you, Lara?”

“I’m good. Thanks for asking.” She replies as she look outside the window.


I looked sideways but it was dark.

I don’t know if you can hear me.

It sounded like Jude, but how?

I’m running out of ideas on how to save you. I think the only thing left that has me holding on that had me believing that everything will be alright- that you will be alright… is that Reed is out there finding out what to do to help you.

Mikhail? The thought of him made me ache for his presence, but I would rather endure Darkness alone and would not have them with me here.

Kade, Sandy and I went to the library to find some books about Darkness. We found none, but I did find a book that should mean something to you or maybe you don’t remember-

A book?

I found this Exigency Book… I remembered when we were young and when we shared a room you’d talk to yourself while you sleep. I thought that you were just talking about nonsense stuff-

If I was a good brother I’d remember everything that you said even if I hadn’t known that you were the favored daughter of the Moon Goddess.

I remember bits of it though. You said Exigency Purpose Book and the Unfortunate.

Exigency? Unfortunate?

But that’s it. That’s all I remember and I still am trying to think hard on remembering.

It melts my heart to see- well, rather hear that he is really trying his best to help me.

When I opened the book it just said ‘There is no such thing as Darkness.’

There’s no such thing as darkness? Well, that’s totally false since Darkness has me captive inside my own body.

That’s too much information! Shouted Darkness.

“What the-“

Let’s face it, Bree. You’re going to die anyway so why not give me your body now?

“Why should I? When I can give it to you the hard way.” I retorted.

All that talking will hit you back. Hpw dare you talk to me like that!

“Why not? You don’t deserve to be respected.” I said.

She screams and I can feel myself getting dizzy and I tried to run but I felt like I was falling in an unending-

You don’t deserve to be called the favored one! How could the moon give you such a name!

What is she on about?

I felt my body getting hotter and hotter as I fell. I flailed to ease the intense hot feeling and breathed in and out slowly to calm myself and tried not to scream and show that I was hurting.

You will endure this never ending pain until you give up your body to me!

“As long as I have a beating heart and as long as I can breathe I will stand my ground and still say Fuck you! You’ll never get what you want!”

Still holding on to Reed? Well, sucks to be you. He went to Paris and had a fairy take him to her home.

“That’s a lie!” I shouted. Mikhail would never do that to me.

I’m afraid not.

I was looking straight at a screen that showed Mikhail in a bar when this beautiful girl approached him. They were flirting…

No, this cannot be.

He was out to help me, didn’t he? Jude said so!

I saw them go to a portal and went in to the fairy world and as they entered a small house, the girl took off her shirt that revealed her assets.

“This is bullcrap!”

It’s true. In fact they are on their way to you, he’s going to bid his goodbye to you and flaunt his new found love.

I groaned and felt really dizzy. The burning sensation spread out my body, I can feel tears falling down on my cheeks and I started to scream as I experience the burning sensation getting really intense than it was before!

The moon had made a mistake calling you the favored one. You are such an incompetent being to have been blessed by the moon the powers that you know nothing to control.

And to be called such a name? It is like the moon had no average name for you and that’s why it gave you such a prestigious name.

“Well, I bet that the moon gave you a shitty name and that’s why you had nothing good to say about the nickname it gave me. Jealous much?” I could hear Darkness growl in anger.

“Any more shit you’d like to talk about?” I retorted even though my visions were now cloudy.

Any minute now and you’d be gone. At least you’ll be together with your son- ohh or will you? Because I guarantee you that your spirit will be kept captive by me and you will have nothing that will remind you of happiness!

Say hello to sorrow, memories of rejection,loss of loved ones and memories of the one that you have truly loved being seduced by a beautiful girl.

I heard Darkness’ spine chilling laugh and it was the last thing that I could remember.

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