The Rejected Mate

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Chapter 97


“Reed is coming!” I shouted in joy then I was confused. Who is that girl with him? “He is with a fairy.”

“A fairy?” Asked Kade.

I nod.

“Why would he bring a fairy?” Said Luigi.

“Fairies have the ability to foretell the future.” Kade said.

“That’s a good idea since I can’t really use my visions on Bree.” I said.

That was a smart move for Reed. I gotta give a salute to him for that, I took a glance at Bree and bruises were forming on her arms.

“Guys.” I said.

They all looked at my direction and they all saw Bree’s condition. I hope to goddess that she is okay!

It is frustrating to see someone who you grew close with in such a short amount of time bearing pain.

Just like Bree when she’s awake she won’t let her facial features say that she’s not alright- she would always say that she’s fine even if she’s not.

“Is she alright?” Asked Kade. “What is happening to her?”

“We’re too late.” Said Elder Jonathan.

The doors flew open revealing Reed, Sean and Martin with the fairy trailing behind.

I saw Reed’s face morphing from hopeful to hopeless.

I could only imagine slowly losing someone you love to something- someone you don’t know how to fight.

The fairy walked towards Bree- her eyes glowing, “It’s not too late.” She said as she stopped in front of Bree.

Reed was instantly by her side,”What do we do?”

“You will have to sacrifice a lot- are you up to the challenge?” The fairy said.

“What kind of sacrifice?” Elder Lynus asked.

“His life.” The fairy answered.

“What did you see?” Asked Elder Michael.

“She’s trapped inside her body spiritually and that is how Darkness will win over her.” The fairy said.

“You said that it’s not too late!” Shouted Jude.

“Now that we know what the future will be we can still change it, right?” Reed said.

The fairy nodded her head, “Don’t get the wrong idea of Bree.” She said directly to the elders. “She is intelligent and oh so powerful but she still doesn’t know how to handle all this- she doesn’t know what she can do.”

I saw Elder Jackson’s lips turned into a thin line and he breathed in and out in a slow manner to calm himself down, “She doesn’t deserve this.” He said to all his co-elders.

“If we all didn’t brush off the premonition of Judith.” Said Elder Jonathan.

We!? Wasn’t it you who laughed it off!” Elder Michael countered.

“Wasn’t it you who said that it was complete crap!” Elder Lynus countered Elder Michael.

“Stop!” Reed yelled at all of them.

They all looked at Reed appalled.

“I’m sorry for yelling at all of you but now is not the time for this! Now is not the time to be divided because I’m sure that is what Darkness wants.” Reed said.

All of them looked apologetically but didn’t say anything and then Reed took the opportunity to turn to the fairy.

“What do I need to do?” Asked Reed.

“You need to die.” The fairy said.

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