The Rejected Mate

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Chapter 99


I was riding the jet on the way to the island. Martin was the one driving the jet while I am seated beside Gabreelle. Kade, Jude and Sandy decided to tag a long because they wanted to keep an eye on Lara.

Who could blame them? Who wouldn’t want to keep an eye on a fairy who tells you that you need to die?

“30 minutes before landing, alpha.” Martin said.

“Do you think that it’s that easy to get on the island?” Lara said.

“Why didn’t you tell us at least a few hours ahead!” Jude yelled frustratingly at Lara.

“You didn’t ask.” Lara said.

“You’re such a bitch.” Sandy said shaking her head.

“I’m just stating facts.” She said defensively.

“What do we need to do?” I said butting in the conversation.

“You need to find out for yourself.”

“You’re such a bitch!” Sandy yelled again. “Why did you have to tell us that and then give no further details!”

“At least my visions are useful.” Lara fired back.

Jude growled at Lara. I need to stop all of them somehow from ripping each other’s heads off.

“Can we just focus right now on how to get Gabreelle on the island safely?” I said trying to keep my cool.

They shut their mouths and I saw Sandy looking like she could kill Lara with one spell and was just holding back which was for the best.

Sandy’s eyes rolled back and became white-


“I think she’s having a vision.” Jude said checking her pulse.

Sandy’s eyes came back to normal and she was having trouble catching her breath. She looked at her watch and her eyes looked like it was going to pop out.

“Hold Bree!” She yelled at me. “ This plane is going to crash in 10 minutes!”

“Martin! Emergency landing-”

“Alpha, I don’t have any control on the plane.” He said trying to be calm.

I held Bree tightly, “Get the bags that have parachutes!” I yelled.

“Put it on autopilot!” I yelled at Martin.

“Yes, alpha.” He replied.

Kade ran and got the bags with the help of Jude. Sandy and Lara got out of their seatbelts and I had Martin help me with Bree.

When all of us were ready, we jumped out of it and most of who was with me screamed at the top of their lungs as we got closer and closer to the body of water waiting to engulf us.

I held Gabreelle tight as we hit the water. I could feel somethin slither around my feet to my ankles and wrapped itself around it.

I squirmed and thrashed but it’s hold on me was very firm. I looked around me and when I looked up I saw the legs of Jude,Kade,Sandy and Lara.

All I thought of was Gabreelle and what if she decided to breathe at this very moment. I let go of Gabreelle and mindlinked Martin.

“Get Gabreelle. Now!”

“Alpha, what about you?”

“I can do this on my own just get her to a safe pla-”

“Why are you here!” The voice demanded. I had to close my eyes as it’s force was too powerful.

I opened my eyes to see someone who I never thought I would see.

“Sebastian.” I muttered.

Of course the warrior of the Moon Goddess’ island is the warrior of the sea.

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