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Emily’s Library Cake

By smartgirl26 All Rights Reserved ©


chapter 1

Once there was a little girl named Emily who loved to bake cakes such a chocolate, vanilla and strawberry shortcake and she loved to share her tasty cakes with people. One weekend she thought she would bake one to share with the kids at the library she volunteered at. So she started mixing away and before you know it, she had whipped together an Oreo ice cream cake. On Monday, after school, Emily’s mom picked her up to take her to the library for her volunteer job and the cake was already in the car because she had put in in there before she picked her up. “Oh mom, I can’t wait to share my cake with the kids at the library” said Emily. “I know dear, I snuck a peek at it before I put in in the car and it looks delicious, the kids and Mrs. Thimble will love it. “ “Thanks, said Emily as they pulled up to Bumble Bee Library. “Hang on, let me make sure it’s ok with Mrs. Thimble and Emily’s mom went inside to talk to her and after a few minutes she came back and said it was ok to bring the cake in to share with everyone and Emily’s mom grabbed the cake while Emily got out of the car. Then she carefully handed the cake to Emily and the both walked into the building. They were just finishing story time and Mrs. Thimble went up to the front of the room to make an announcement. “Kids, before you pick out your books, I have a special surprise, our volunteer Emily has brought us a cake” all the kids cheered with joy and before you know it, they were all seated at the table with a piece of cake and a cup of milk in front of them while Mrs. Thimble, Emily’s mom, and the rest of the library employees ate their cake standing up, and everyone enjoyed their special treat of Emily’s cake and it turned out to be a great day for everyone at the Bumble Bee Library.

The End

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