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Unrequited longing chapter1 continuations

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So it was a perfectly arranged misunderstanding 🤦‍♀️

Fantasy / Other
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Chapter 1

The date of meeting but I was still confused who to take as my boyfriend since she had adjued I bring my boy around ,my brains were blank couldn't think of anything at the time yet she kept calling to confirm our four people ie double couple date .I was afraid I was to ashamed myself once I appeared there since my guts were all on her so I might try to hide and my jealous could betray me , all in all I didn't trust me but still I agreed to attend and even dropped her the venue and time .

She appeared with a tall brown person whom I failed to identify the sex in the beginning since I had hidden myself in the tickets tent near the cafeteria we were to meet and once I saw they appeared and she really carried a guy with her ,I just lost it so I typed AM SORRY ,SOMETHING CAME UP SO I THINK I WON'T MAKE IT ...Before I realised the message was sent and worst part she had seen me already and the guy was actually a girl dressed gentlemanly.

My reputation was all gone and I literally screaming in me but I had to wear a smile which was obviously fake .

It's okay being single isn't bad anyway ,who even said not having a partner is a crime the brown girl added But Joey just smiled and she mumbled am glad ,AM GLAD ,Am GLad, Am glad aaaaaaah that sentence kept running in my minds , what exactly did she mean ? She said she will bring her boyfriend along but why did she appear with a girl instead ? I had a lot to ask but ask who , no one except asking me and answering me still which seemed stupid and unwise at all . Time went on but still I had no answers to ant questions yet so I decided to join this ihappy app for singles where a lot of guys very handsome appeared on my page but they all seemed similar somewhere only he was different so we started enjoying the journey of online dating to the point that I even forgot about Joey .

Every seemed perfect since we almost percent the same , same music, same book and movie genres actually alot were the same so we agreed to meet

Boom we met and this guy was one of a kind he was so honest ,he knew what to say at the right time and he had it all , I mean I even posted I hit the jackpot hahaha ha Lunatic

We dated and he was providing me almost everything and beyond ,I was in blast for him everything was perfect and too wow to be true but were they true ? That's the question that caused the end of my blast....

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