The White Wolf

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"You can hate me, yell at me and hit me but you will not leave me, never again. You're mine" Aurora Cassidy. A 17 year old teenage girl. She's smart, sarcastic, a bit rude and absolutely gorgeous. She's the daughter of one of the strongest and most feared alpha's in the world. Aurora's family is special and powerful since they're an alpha's family but what happens when Aurora learns a little more about her family's heritage. Nathan Bass. A 18 year old idiotic teenage boy. He's idiotic, rude, sarcastic but drop dead handsome. He's going to be an Alpha one day once his father gives him the pack. His father is ruthless, And he's been raised to be the exact same.

Fantasy / Drama
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Chapter One

Aurora Cassidy POV

I heard banging on my door and groaned before throwing the pillow on my head, blocking out the horrible noise.

“Aurora!!! Get up before I make you do the ice bucket challenge in bed.” I heard Conner yell and I flew up from my bed and ran to the door. I opened it and ran towards my brother and hugged him tightly.

“I missed you but what are you doing back you still have a couple of weeks before you have to come home.” I said and pulled away.

“I know but dad insisted that Alaric come back because Alaric is needed in the meeting between blood moon pack and ours since he’s the next alpha and I’m the next beta - if I want to take the position – but anyway after the meeting Alaric and I will be leaving again.”

“where’s Alaric?” I asked.

“he’s with dad, he wanted to help me wake you up but dad dragged him away because they need to prepare for the meeting.” he said and I smiled.

“well, that’s too bad for dad because I want to see my oldest brother.” I said and I started walking towards dad’s office and I knew Conner was behind me. I walked through the hallways and down the stairs and I opened the door to dad’s office, fuck knocking.

I ran towards Alaric and I hugged him just as tightly as he hugged me.

“there’s my little sister.” he said and we pulled away smiling.

“I missed you, you big idiot.” I said and he chuckled.

“whatever shithead.” he said and I laughed.

“Alaric, don’t call your sister that.” dad scolded and Alaric glared at me while I just smirked back.

“I’m going to go have a shower and change, bye dad.” I said and kissed my dad’s cheek and he pointed at the other and I rolled my eyes but complied and kissed this left cheek before walking out of his office and I bumped into mum. “hey mum.” I said.

“who woke you up?” she asked.

“Conner did.”

“you never wake up this early, how did he convince you to get up?” she asked and I chuckled.

“he said and I quote ‘aurora!!! Get up before I make you do the ice bucket challenge in bed’.” I said and mum shook her head.

“they haven’t been here even an hour and those two are already causing trouble.” she sighed and I felt curious as to what Alaric did.

“what did Alaric do?” I asked interestedly.

“he ran into an old girlfriend and he rejected her when she asked if they could get back together and she then slapped him, causing trouble.” she said, shaking her head.

“mum, it could have been worse, a lot worse, trust me. Now I’m going to go have a shower and change into some real clothes.” I said and she nodded her head and I ran up the stairs and went into my room and closed the door before I ran into anyone else who would distract me from my shower.

I walked into my bathroom and I turned on my shower and made sure it was perfect temperature before jumping in.

Okay, so let me introduce myself, my names Aurora Faith Bass, I’m 17 years old, I have two older brothers, a younger sister and I’m the daughter of one of the most feared alphas in the world, crazy, right? Yeah, I’m going to have to agree with you on that.

I have two best friends who I would die for in a second, no questions asked, their names are Cleo Hill and Zoe Chase. Cleo is the daughter of my dad’s beta, who is the second in command of the pack and Zoe is the daughter of my dad’s gamma, who is the third in command for the pack.

The alpha, the Luna, the beta and the gamma are the 4 most important people in the pack, everyone must do as the alpha and Luna say, the beta and gamma give orders also and everyone must follow those orders too, unless the alpha or Luna say differently because the alpha and Luna are equals and the rulers of the pack, it gets a little tricky when the alpha and Luna disagree though but we will get into that later.

Once I was done I smelled like strawberries and I got out and put my hair in a towel and wrapped a towel around my body before walking into my wardrobe and grabbing dark blue jeans, a loose white t-shirt and a green military jacket with black combat boots.

I walked back into my bathroom and let my hair out of the towel and it was almost dry. I brushed my hair and put it up in a high ponytail and put light make up on, just lip gloss, eyeliner and mascara, I don’t really need makeup today or like makeup at all, so that will do.

I walked through the hallways and down stairs and went straight to the kitchen to find my mum had just finished an omelette. Even through my mum’s the Luna of our pack she still loves to cook for all of us which I’m glad because her food is to die for.

I went to the cupboard and grabbed a cup before walking over to the kettle and putting a tea bag in the cup and pouring the hot water and a bit of milk.

I’m different from everyone in my family, they either like coffee or tea but I love both of them, it just depends on the day.

“Here you go sweetie.” mum said and put a plate in front of me, on the table. It had an omelette with mushrooms, tomatoes, bacon and cheese on top with toast on the side.

“Thanks, Mum.” I said and dug in. It was Delicious. After I finished my cuppa and breakfast I walked over to the sink and put my dishes in there before walking over to my mum and kissing her on the cheek. “That was amazing, thank you.”

“Your welcome sweetie and oh, don’t forget the Blood Moon pack are coming today.” she said.

“I know Conner told me they were coming but how long are they staying again?” I asked.

“3 or 4 days’ sweetie.” she said and I nodded and walked out of the house and saw my friends.

“Hey Zoe, hey Cleo.” I said.

“Hello. Today’s the day.” Cleo said.

“I’m so excited. I bet all the boys are hot.” Zoe said.

“That’s all you think about isn’t it?” I asked.

“Pretty much.” Zoe said.

“Unbelievable.” I said.

“But you love Zoe and me.” Cleo said.

“I don’t know why or how.” I said.

“Because were amazing.” Zoe said and then I heard cars, I turned around and saw 6 black Land Rovers were driving towards us and then stopped, everyone jumped out of the cars and an older man came towards us.

“Hello, I’m Alpha Daniel Bass this is my mate Luna Samantha Bass. I’m looking for Alpha Blake Cassidy.” he said and pointed at an older woman, who had blonde hair.

“I’m his daughter, Aurora Cassidy and he’s just in his office. He’s coming now.” I said.

“Dad, alpha Daniel is here.” I said to him through mind link.

“I’ll be there in a minute; I’m coming now.”

“Thank you.” he said and from the corner of my eyes I saw my friends bow their heads “And who might they be?” he said and pointed at my friends.

“This is Cleo Hill, beta Nick Hill’s daughter and Zoe Chase, the third in commands daughter, who is Mitchell Chase.” I said. I could talk to him since I have alpha blood running through my veins, I don’t need permission to speak to him not that I would wait for it anyway. I only take orders from two people, my mum, and dad.

“Nice to meet you girls.” he said and from the corner of my eye, I saw my dad coming towards us.

“I’m sorry Daniel. I had a little rogue problem.” my dad said.

“Rogues?” I asked curiously.

“Yep there all handled just be careful, please. Aurora. Remember the-.” he said through mind link but I didn’t let him finished. I blocked him out if my head and walked away from him. “Aurora, I’m sorry.” he yelled but I ignored him and ran towards the woods and shifted into my wolf.

Once I knew I wasn’t being watched or followed because only a few know that I’m a white werewolf. If everyone knew they might try and use my powers and I definitely don’t want that, I’ve already been kidnapped once, I don’t want that to happen again.


I watched Aurora run off.

“What did you do?” I asked her dad angry.

“I said something that she didn’t like and don’t talk to me like that, I’m your Alpha.” he said in his alpha tone, it was hard to describe his voice but all I can tell you is that you can’t defy it but this time I am somehow did, usually that tone makes me cower and bow my head but I guess this time is different since I watched Aurora run off because of her dad.

“Thanks but I figured out that you said something she didn’t like, don’t worry I figured it out all on my own, Alpha.” I said and mocked the last word.

I took off running towards Aurora. I was worried about her and I suddenly heard someone running behind me. I turned and saw Cleo. I turned my gaze back to the track to focus on where I was running.

I ran into the woods further and when I was deep enough in I shifted into my white werewolf and Cleo mind linked with me after she had also shifted into her white werewolf.

’What did he say to her?” Cleo asked.

“I don’t know but it was about rogues and we both know what that means.” I said.

“Yes, we do”

Aurora POV

I was running through the woods and covered my scent just enough that only two people I know that can find me, Zoe and Cleo, they are white werewolves too, which it is almost impossible for 3 white werewolves to find each other in the world but to be born in the same place and be in the same pack that has never been heard of before, there’s a legend but I don’t believe in that kind of stuff.

My mind once again went back to the words my dad had said earlier. I remember a lot of things, but the memory he was thinking of I hope I forget but for now it’s burned into the back of my mind and unfortunately, probably always will be there, as my ugly little reminder.

I was kidnapped when I was one two years old by a bunch of rogues. They abused and raped me. They had me for almost 6 months and then I escaped. They left me with only two guards at my cell door and 6 other werewolves in the house and the rest went out. I got out of their silver and wolfsbane covered chains since I was lucky I was an early shifter and killed all of the werewolves that were there, they underestimated me and when they were all dead I got some clothes and ran.

I found myself on the red wolf pack territory, they are a small pack but well-respected pack still to this day because my dad said he owes them for life and all the packs know not to mess with them because otherwise, we will be there to help them.

They called my parents and I still remember the car driving up and my parents jumping out of the car to see me and brought me into a bone crushing hug.

I remember getting home the next day and walking in the front door and out to the back door and I stood on the porch, everyone from the pack stood there and gasped at seeing me, tears filled their eyes. At least 600 people stood there and cried for a few minutes and then all of a sudden they cheered, they had a party for me returning and hunted down the rogues that hurt me, all of them.

The doctor said that almost 40% of my body was covered in scar tissue and that just got them angrier, especially my mum and dad, my parents tried to hide it from me because I was a lot jumper than I usually was but you could tell they were outraged that they tortured a one two-year-old girl and since I was their daughter it just made it worse for the rogues because you never want to see my parents angry.

I know it’s stupid to be upset about just hearing the word “rouge” but the thing is, my parents didn’t kill two of the routes that kidnapped me, they couldn’t find them so now every time my dad says there are rogues on our territory I think it’s them, I now, it’s stupid but I can’t help it.

I was brought out of my thoughts by my two best friends.

“You guys are not good at sneaking up on someone.” I said.

“Very funny Rora.” I turned to see Cleo smiling but she frowned when she saw my face. “You’re crying.” Cleo said.

“Yeah, just my dad.” I said and wiped away the tears that were running down my cheeks.

“Huh, I was right.” Zoe said.

“I said it to.” Cleo said.

“Whatever. What did he say Roars?”

“I asked about the rogues and he said ′Yep there all handled just be careful, please. Aurora. Remember the’ but I took off and blocked him out before he could finish and found myself here and I got to remember all the lovely memories I have that are burned into my mind. How could I forget, I was there and it’s almost like every chance my dad gets he brings it up.” I said and cried and they both hugged me tightly.

Felicity POV (Aurora’s Mum)

“Where’s our Daughter?” I asked Blake as I stormed into his office, I was very angry.

“Um-she-you see” he stuttered. He’s done something that’s going to make me even angrier than before, if possible.

“Blake Anthony Cassidy, what did you do?” I growled and used my Luna tone that made everyone in the room cringe, even Alpha Daniel and my best friend Luna Sam.

“I kind of upset her and she ran off into the woods.” he said and looked down, not making eye contact with me.

“Look. At. Me.” I said and his head snapped up to me “What did you say to her?” He hesitated but started to speak.

“I told her about the rogues and told her to be safe because of what happened last time.” he said and everyone looked at me like I was a ticking time bomb.

I closed my eyes and breathed in and out, trying to calm myself down but it wasn’t working, I needed to see that Aurora was okay.

“You are sleeping on the couch for as long as I say so and if you argue with me or go to our bed to tonight, I will make saw you sleep outside instead like the dog you are right now. Now I’m going to go find our daughter and see if she’s okay.” I said and walked out, grumbling very bad words around the word ‘men’.

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