The White Wolf

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Chapter One

Aurora Cassidy

The sound of someone knocking on my bedroom door makes me groan. I throw a pillow onto my head, blocking out the noise and gradually relaxing back into my bed. A smile shows on my face as it looks like I might sink back to sleep.

“Aurora! Get up before I make you do the ice bucket challenge,” Conner’s muffled voice jerks me awake.

“Piss off, Conner,” I grumble. Why is he annoying me? Conner knows I can’t fall asleep after being woken up. I frown, slowly waking up more. What the hell? Conner’s home? I fly up and out of my bed, running to the bedroom door. The door opens, revealing Conner and I run faster. Conner laughs as I lunge at him, dragging him into a hug.

“Why and how are you here? You still have a few more weeks left of your holiday,” I state and pull away to look at him.

“Yeah, I know, but there’s an important meeting with Blood Moon pack that Dad wanted Alaric and me back for since we’re the next leaders of the pack,” Conner explains.

“It’s terrifying to think that one day, my two idiotic older brothers will be responsible for the pack’s survival. We’re all doomed.” He glares, punching my shoulder, but I brush him off, laughing. “Speaking of idiotic brothers, where’s Alaric?”

“Dad dragged Alaric into his study. They need to prepare for the meeting,” Conner explains, and I nod my head. An idea appears in my head. “I know that look. You’re not allowed to interrupt, Aurora,” Conner warns, making me grin.

“Too bad,” I respond and push past Conner, leaving my room. Conner follows me as I walk to Dad’s study.

“You can’t just interrupt them,” Conner says, laughing as he tries to keep up with my fast pace.

“Says who?” I question, glancing back at Conner with a devious glint in my eyes.

“Girls, I swear they get away with everything,” He mumbles. I push open the door, running to Alaric. He drags me into a bear hug, making me laugh.

“There’s my little sister,” Alaric says. We pull away, smiling at each other.

“I missed you, idiot,” I state. He chuckles.

“Right back at you, shithead,” Alaric retorts. I roll my eyes with a grin on my face.

“I should scold you both for walking into my office without permission, but I think I’m just going to enjoy the fact that my kids are getting along for once,” Dad says, looking at Conner and me.

“Was that door closed? Whoops, my bad,” Our Dad chuckles.

“Get out of here, rapscallion,” Dad orders. Conner and Alaric snort.

“All right, all right,” I say and kiss my Dad’s cheek. I prepare to walk away, but he points to the other cheek. I roll my eyes but comply and kiss his left cheek before walking out of his office. The door closes, and just as I’m about to walk away, I hear a low growl, making me frown. I stare at Conner, whose cheeks are turning pink. I raise an eyebrow.

“Did your stomach-?” I try to ask him, but he cuts me off.

“Got to go,” He blurts out, running off in the kitchen's direction. I shake my head, laughing, and head back to my room. I need a shower and a change of clothes. Just as I’m about to open my bedroom door, someone else opens the door for me.

“Hey, Mum,” I greet her. She looks up, startled.

“Hey sweetheart, I just came to grab your washing basket.”

“Are you stress cleaning, again?” She sighs, nodding.

“We’ve had a rocky relationship with Blood Moon pack since Daniel took control of the pack. So, I worry when your Father is talking to him. That man can be a real jerk when he wants,” I chuckle in agreement.

“Well, if my dirty laundry can help you, be my guest. Please. I’m happy to help,” I mock. My mum glares at me, playfully. “You know, now that I think about it, my bed sheets-.” She walks away, slapping my arm as she leaves. I turn to look at her with a smirk on my face.

“So, that’s a no then?” I question. Just as my mum turns the corner, she looks back at me, scowling. ”Damn,” I pout as look at my bed. I walk over to my bathroom and head towards the shower, turning it on. Once it’s a perfect temperature, I strip out of my pyjamas, stepping inside.


I step out of the shower, grabbing a towel for my body and a towel for my hair. My closet is next to my bathroom. I walk inside, looking for an outfit for today.

I change into some clothes and put on a slight amount of make-up before letting my damp hair out of the towel. I look at the hair-dryer and bite my lip, trying to decide what to do. Nah, I shake my head, grabbing my phone and leave my room.

I walk through the hallways to downstairs, going straight to the kitchen to find my mum cooking with some women that live in the packhouse. Wasn’t she just cleaning? She needs to sit down. I weave through the women, avoiding them, so I’m not a nuisance.

“Anyone need help?” I query as I make my tea.

“Can you track down Elena and Claire? They ran off earlier. Margaret and I mentioned them needing a bath,” My Mum says. I nod my head, chuckling.

“Sure, I can do that,” I answer. Claire is my sister and Elena is Margaret’s youngest daughter. Her oldest daughter is Cleo, one of my best friends. I sigh, heading out of the kitchen to find them. I remove my necklace and I place it inside my jacket pocket.

I close my eyes and relax my mind and body. Suddenly, an image appears in my mind, a black place with slight cracks of lights. I open my eyes and smile, knowing where to go. I walk towards Claire’s room.

On the way, I pass by a maid who I ask to take my mug back to the kitchen. I push open Claire’s bedroom door, causing them to giggle. I smile, walking over to her bunk bed.

Claire sleeps on the top bed of her bunk bed, so she made the bottom bunk into a little fort. I pull the blanket back, making them squeal. I shake my head, smiling.

“Hey, trouble one, trouble two,” I tickle Claire’s neck. She squeals louder and slaps my hand away. “Come here, you troublemakers,” I growl out playfully, making them giggle. I pick both children up, groaning. “Ugh, you need to stop getting into trouble or growing. You are both getting too heavy to pick up.”

They poke their tongues out at me. “Careful, I’m not against tickling cheeky girls,” They apologise quickly, making me laugh. I head back to the kitchen with the two girls in my arms. I know that as soon as I put them down, they’ll run again. Margaret glances up as I step into the kitchen. Margaret walks towards us.

“Did anyone order two cheeky children?” My Mum and Margaret take the girls from me.

“Time for your bath, little Missy,” Mum says to Claire who immediately starts complaining because she had a bath last night and blah, blah, blah. I head towards the table, serving up myself a plate of food. I eat my breakfast and pick up my plate, placing it in the sink.

The power of my strength smashes the plate as it connects with the sink, forcing a gasp to leave my mouth. Deep breaths flow in and out of my mouth as I frown in confusion, trying to understand what just happened. My eyes roll, remembering I had taken off my necklace to find the girls.

I sigh in annoyance, grabbing my necklace out of my pocket. I put it back on before cleaning up the mess I made. I’m placing the shards of the ceramic plate in the rubbish bin when a strong scent wafts into the room. I smile, looking up at Zoe and Cleo.

“Hey guys,” I say, my annoyed mood disappearing into thin air seeing my best friends.

“Hey, what happened?” Cleo asks, and I sigh.

“Oh, I took off my necklace to find Claire and Elena because they were hiding and I forgot to put my necklace back on-.”

“And you smashed the plate into a million pieces,” Zoe finishes. I roll my eyes.

“A million? That’s a little dramatic, Zoe. That’s hundreds of thousands at most,” Cleo teases me too.

“Oh, I’m so glad you’re my friends,” I utter, making them cackle.

“I bet,” Cleo says.

“We’re amazeballs,” Zoe adds.

“Are you, though?” I quiz. The rumble of engines distracts us from our conversation. We stop talking, listening more intently to the cars.

“That must be Blood Moon pack,” Cleo states as I walk towards the front door to exit the house. Six black Land Rovers are driving towards our packhouse. Alpha Daniel and Luna Samantha step out first, pursued by their pack members who flank them, keeping them protected.

“Aurora,” Alpha Daniel says, nodding at me.

“Alpha Daniel,” I greet, keeping eye contact with him while Cleo and Zoe bow their heads, avoiding his gaze. I open my mind reaching out to my Dad. ”Dad, Alpha Daniel is here,” I say to him through our mind-link.

“I will be there in a minute,” He mind-links back.

“And who might they be?” Alpha Daniel questions, gesturing to my friends.

“This is Cleo Hill, daughter of Beta Margaret Hill, and this is Zoe Chase, daughter of Gamma Mitchell Chase,” I introduce.

“Nice to meet you,” He says to Cleo and Zoe.

“I’m sorry for making you wait, Samantha and Daniel. It seems I have a rogue problem,” Dad says as he walks up to us.

“Rogues?” I question.

“Yes, they’re all gone now, but I think it’s best, we stay alert, just in case that’s not the last of them,” Dad says, and I nod.

“I’ll leave you to your pack business,” I say, smiling uncomfortably before turning around. I hear my Dad sigh while Zoe and Cleo follow me. Zoe and Cleo catch up with me.

“Are you okay?” Zoe asks. Cleo glares at her. “Right, that’s a stupid question. I’m sorry.”

“Come on, let’s go get ice cream,” Cleo says.

“I’m fine, I promise. You don’t have-.” Cleo cuts me off.

“Who says this is about you. I haven’t had breakfast yet.” Cleo says. “Come on, I want ice cream,” Cleo whines, making me chuckle.

“Fine,” I answer, making her smile widely. Cleo drags me over to her car. I jump in the back seat, wanting some space from them. I gaze out the window, blocking Cleo and Zoe’s atrocious singing out.

I think about what my Dad told me. The rogues are back. There was a time when rogues weren’t brave enough to come within a hundred feet of our pack land. Tears well in my eyes as I think of the reason they hid from us. I make the tears disappear as quickly as they appeared.

I promised myself years ago I would not spend one more second crying over what happened to me all those years ago. I try to stop myself from thinking about those thoughts, but they force their way back in, haunting me as they always have.

I was Twelve-years-old when a group of rogues kidnapped me. I’m an Alpha’s daughter. They tortured me, in many ways, for three months until I escaped. The rogues had forgotten to drug me like they always did.

The rogues would dose me up with enough sedatives to keep me barely alive, which suppressed my instincts as a werewolf to transform into a wolf. Every werewolf shapeshifter with Alpha blood running through their veins turns on their thirteen birthday.

By the time the rogues realised their mistake, it had been too late. There was no amount of sedatives, wolfsbane or silver chains that could hold me down because I was transforming into a white wolf.

Some ran while they had the chance and survived. Although most stayed and fought me, they thought they could win against me. Oh, how wrong they were.

When everyone was dead, I ran from the house they trapped me in. It wasn’t until hours later that I stumbled across pack land. Red Wolf pack territory, the pack members guarding the borders recognised me.

My parents had sent my picture to every Shapeshifter, Witch, Vampire, Lycanthrope and Human who knew about the supernatural world.

My parents travelled for hours nonstop after they found out I was alive and safe at last. The doctors of Red Wolf pack were looking after me when my parents came barrelling into the room.

When I came home, they threw a party. I met Claire for the first time. Claire was two months old when I met her.

I know I shouldn’t get upset about just hearing the word 'rogues’, but I did not kill all the rogues who kidnapped me. My parents tried to hunt down every rogue involved, but some disappeared without a trace.

So, when my Dad says there are rogues now, I feel like my heart is about to jump out of my chest because my first thought is they’re back for me.

“Hey, daydreamer!” I snap out of my thoughts, looking over at Zoe.

“We’re here,” She says, grinning as she points at the Shopping Centre.

“All right!” Cleo yells excitedly. I chuckle, undoing my seat belt, and I get out of Cleo’s car.

“Come on! We could be inside already, if you weren’t so slow,” I laugh, watching as Cleo drags Zoe.

“I don’t think we should give Cleo sugar,” I say to Zoe through our mind-link that way Cleo can’t hear us.

“It’s all good, Cleo can run home,” Zoe mind-links back and I laugh.

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