The White Wolf

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Chapter Two

Aurora Cassidy

Cleo and Zoe run around the clothing store, picking up everything they want to try on in the change rooms. I laugh, watching Cleo nearly crash into a table. A nagging feeling develops in my mind, alerting me that someone is trying to mind-link me. I push back, letting them into my mind.

“Aurora?” My Mum’s voice enters my mind.

“Hey, Mum,” I say.

“Hey sweetie, where are you?” She asks.

“I’m out shopping with Zoe and Cleo.”

“But you’re okay? Your dad said he upset you the last time he saw you,” I smile.

“Cleo and Zoe are acting like imbeciles, it’s their way of distracting me.”

“That’s because they’re excellent friends,“ She pauses, taking a deep breath. “Well, have a marvellous time and come home safely, please,“ Mum demands.

“Yes, Mum,” My eyes roll, playfully.

Our mind link breaks and I shake my head, seeing Cleo crash into something. The store manager glares at Zoe and Cleo before turning to glare at me too. Why me?


“I’ve said it a hundred times, but I don’t care. I’m repeating. Your both crazy.” I comment, laughing at Cleo and Zoe.

After Cleo crashed into the clothes rack and broke it, the Store Manager asked us to leave. And by asking, I mean, four security guards dragged them out while I followed.

“Fun, not crazy. Fun.” Cleo says, making me scoff.

“Those words can mean the same thing sometimes, especially with you two nutcases involved.” I retort.

“Hey!” Cleo argues, moving one hand from the steering wheel to hit me. I laugh, hitting her back.

“Hey, Cleo! Eyes on the road. A woman is standing on the road, ” Zoe scolds. Cleo turns back around to focus, pressing the car horn a few times, but the lady stays there. Cleo sighs in annoyance but keeps driving.

“Stop the car, Cleo,” I order.

“I c-can’t.” My gaze moves back to the woman. She raises her arm, holding the palm out to face us. Cleo and Zoe slam on the car doors, trying to open them, but they won’t budge. I barely have time to break the chain on my necklace before the car flips.

The car flips several times before hitting something hard. I groan, looking over to the left of me, watching as my blood drips onto the gravel. I look around at my surroundings, realising the car is lying on its side.

Thankfully, the cut on my head is healing. I grab my seat belt, ripping it out of the car. The glass pieces my skin as I crawl over to Cleo and Zoe, checking to see if they’re okay.

I let out a loud sigh of relief when I can hear their heartbeats. “Oh, thank the moon goddess.” I murmur. I grab Zoe and Cleo’s necklaces, ripping them from their necks. They should wake up soon now.

“Come on out, Aurora. I promise I’ll be gentle this time.” Every part of my body freezes. That voice. I’ll never forget that voice. I stand up, taking a few seconds to adjust to being on my feet.

A growl rips through my throat, and the ground beneath me shakes. I stare up and jump, pulling myself out of the car.

I stand on top of Cleo’s ruined car door, glaring down at the man who has made my life hell. I ignore the roughly two dozen rogues that are standing with him. I jump down, landing on the ground carefully.

“Trevor,” I growl out.

“It’s been a long time, baby girl.” I grimace, hearing that nickname again.

“Not long enough.” I snap back, glaring at him. I lunge towards him, but the witch stands in front of him, holding her hand out at me. I scream, making her smirk. I buckle my knees, holding my head. She walks closer to me, holding a syringe. That’s right, just a little closer.

The witch gets within hitting distance, and I stand, slitting her throat with my claws. The insignificant amount of pain she’s causing me stops. She chokes as she falls, gaping up at me, surprised. I shift my glare to Trevor, who’s staring at me with fear in his eyes.

“Okay, let’s play,” I sneer, remembering the words he would say just before he would hurt me.


I glance around me, grimacing at the overpowering smell of blood and death. “You mongrels didn’t think this through, did you?” I murmur, staring into the lifeless eyes of the dead witch. “Or maybe you didn’t even know what you were facing? Or whose side you were on?”

My eyes land on Trevor, whose trying to crawl away from me. I roll my eyes, and I grab his arm, flipping him onto his back. He lets out a loud, ear-piercing scream. I grimace at the sound, looking at the deep claw marks on his chest. My eyes trail down to his leg. His bone is sticking out of the skin.

“Damn, I got you good, didn’t I?” I ask, pressing my foot down on his broken leg. He whimpers, struggling underneath my weight while begging me with his eyes to stop.

“You will pay. Grayson’s still out there, and he will get revenge for my death.” I scoff.

“Let him, he’s the last one, on my list.” I kneel next to me him. “This is more mercy than you ever gave me.” He trembles as my claws drag along the wounds on his chest. “I was a twelve-years-old, and you tore apart my world like it was nothing.” I hiss in anger, making him flinch.

“You stole my childhood. You stole my ability to love or trust anyone outside of my family,” I pause, taking a deep breath to control my anger. “I should let my father string you up in our jail cells. Let you rot in there until you die of old age.” I sigh in annoyance.

“But there will always be this worry you’ll get free. At least this way, I’ll know you’re dead.” I place my hand on his chest. “You remember that, remember the mercy showed you, while you’re burning in hell, of course,” I speak, my voice void of emotion.

I punch my hand through his chest, gripping his heart in my hand. He gasps, looking up at me with wide eyes. “Your brother will be with you soon, to keep you company.” I rip his heart out.

I stand, throwing it to the ground next to his dead body. I can’t help but shed a few tears of relief as I glower down at his lifeless body. I hear glass smashing and turn around. Cleo and Zoe break the windscreen and step out of the car.

“You both took your time,” I remark.

“Are you okay?” Zoe asks. I look down at myself, seeing all the blood that covers me.

“Yeah, it’s not mine.”

“That’s not what I meant,” Zoe responds. I nod.

“I am feeling a little better,” I answer. “One of you might want to mind-link someone. We need to get this mess cleaned up before a human stumbles this,”

I speak, emotionlessly. I feel numb.

“Right,” Cleo utters.


My parents emerge from the trees with several of our pack members. They scan me from head to toe, shocked. “Oh, thank the moon goddess, you’re okay.” My mum voices, dragging me into a hug.

I wrap my arms around her tightly too. I feel something brushing away my hair from my face and look up to see my dad. His concerned eyes continue to study me.

“How did you get out of this?” My Mum questions, staring at the destruction I caused with the help of the witch.

“Before the car flipped, I removed my necklace. When the car stopped flipping, I, um-” I look around me, watching as the dead bodies are being dragged away into the bush. “-Dealt with the problems that caused the accident.” My mum sighs.

“Mum, Dad, our necklaces are still in the car,” I remember suddenly, I just dropped them somewhere. It didn’t seem that important to keep them safe when a small army was about ready to attack and kill or kidnap us. My dad nods and looks at one of the pack members, mind-linking them.

“They’ll find them,” He answers after a few seconds. “Come on, girls.” My dad says drawing Cleo and Zoe’s attention. “Let’s get you both home before your parents find out what happened here today and panic,” Zoe and Cleo nod, following us into the trees.


I pause outside of the house. “Aurora? Are you okay?” My Mum asks.

“Yeah- I’m- um- going to find a unique way to get to my room. I don’t want Claire seeing me like this.” She nods.

I walk away from them and go around the house, stopping outside my bedroom window. I take a deep breath, closing my eyes for a second before I push my legs off the ground and jump through the air. I land carefully on my balcony and put the pin in the keypad, opening the door.

I kick my shoes and socks off before walking inside. Thankful that I have dark wooden floorboards in my room. I avoid the fluffy rug that’s in the middle of my room, walking towards my bathroom. I freeze, looking in the mirror, shocked.

The blood covers my body. My ebony hair, although it hid the red colour, it’s matted and sticky. I barely keep the ice cream and my breakfast I ate today down as I peel out of my ruined clothes.

I turn my shower on, and I don’t wait for the water to heat before I step under the showerhead. I shiver, ignoring the icy water and prioritising getting clean.

I avoid looking down, knowing how red the water would be without seeing. I grab my shampoo, pouring an excessive amount into my hand before lathering it into my hair.


I breathe out a sigh, feeling the water turn cold. I adjust the cold tap slightly, turning the water off, so the water is warmer again. I repeat this action over and over until there is no warm water left. I turn the shower off before stepping out, wrapping a fluffy towel around my body.

I look in the mirror, making sure every cut has healed before I change into a simple long-sleeve white shirt, black joggers and black runners. I want something comfortable, but I feel like going out for a walk. I want to be outside, not trapped inside. I hear a knock on the door.

“Come in,” My door opens, revealing my dad. I smile.

“Hi, Dad,”

“Hey kiddo, how you feeling?”

“Same old, same old” I respond, smiling when I see the mug in his hand. “Is that for me?” I ask, making him nod.

“Your Mum insisted I bring this up to you when I told her I was giving this back to you.” I sigh in relief when I see my necklace in his hand. “I got a new chain. Here” He says, passing the mug to me. He walks around me and fastens the necklace around my neck. My strength drains away as the stone touches my skin.

“Thanks, Dad,” I reply, smiling.

“No need to thank me, kiddo, it’s important you have that necklace. And since I’m your dad, it’s my job to make sure you have the things you need,” He declares. “So, what’s the plan for today?”

“Um, I wanted to go for a walk,” I state cautiously, knowing he won’t exactly like the idea.

“If you think I will let you leave this house, young lady. Then you-.” I cut him off, not in the mood for a lecture.

“I won’t go far from the house, and I won’t go into the bushland, I promise,” I say, making him stare at me, sceptically. I widen my eyes. “Please, dad.” He groans.

“How is it, that I can know that you’re manipulating me, and yet I still can’t say no?” He questions but I shrug, not wanting to incriminate myself. “Fine, you can go on your walk, but if I find out you have even so much as a paper cut when you get back. I’m buying a tower or building a tower, whichever is quickest. I’ll even throw your sister in there, so you have some company.” I chuckle.

“Thanks, Dad,” I respond, and he nods his head, sighing.

“Yeah, yeah. Go before I change my mind.” I take his advice, placing my empty mug in his hand before hurrying out of my room. I wouldn’t put it past him to lock Claire and me up in a tower. He’s a werewolf, and werewolves are notoriously overprotective of their family. The fact he is an Alpha just makes that overprotectiveness so much worse.

I step outside, smiling as I breathe in the fresh air. I occasionally gaze back at the house as I get further and further away. Once I can no longer see the house, I duck into the trees. I walk towards the lake. This time of year, it’s usually deserted.

Even though werewolves are naturally warmer temperatures than humans, and we don’t catch colds like humans, you still won’t find us swimming in the lake in the middle of July. But I should still be safe here, I’m close enough to everyone, that they would overhear anything wrong and I can always take off my necklace if a genuine threat comes after me.

Like Grayson. I’ve been trying to push what Trevor said to me out of my head, but I couldn’t. Grayson may be the scum of the earth, but he’s smarter, so much smarter than Trevor, his little brother. I know deep down that Grayson would never directly come at me. He’d come after those I love.

Mum, Dad, Conner, Alaric, Claire, Elena, Margaret, Mitchell, any member of my father’s pack. He’d use them to manipulate me. The hair on the back of my neck stands and a twig snap behind me, making me twist around, swinging my fist.

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