The White Wolf

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Chapter Three

My fist connects with a jaw. The werewolf grunts in pain as he stumbles backwards. He glares at me, and I return the glare with one of my own when I realise who he is. Nathan Bass, he’s the oldest son of Alpha Daniel and Luna Samantha Bass.

I don’t know him. Our mothers are excellent friends, but our fathers are always arguing about everything. Alpha Daniel, is usually the one starting the fights, he’s hotheaded and temperamental. That’s why my dad kept my siblings and me away from Daniel’s sons, in case they were the same as him.

“What the hell is your problem, Nathan? Why would you sneak-?” My wolf, Shadow, cuts me off, shouting the word I haven’t wanted to hear since I was twelve years old.

“Mate, mate, mate!” I can practically see Shadow dancing around, she’s so happy, but all I feel is shock and fear.

He walks towards me, but I stumble backwards. He stops trying to walk towards me. “I, Nathan Bass, reject you, Aurora Cassidy, as my mate,” He says.

I freeze in shock because of his words. I thought I would reject my mate. My past isn’t sunshine, and rainbows, I don’t want to drag anyone into that shit storm.

“I, Aurora Cassidy, accept your rejection, Nathan Bass,” I say, before walking away from him with an aching pain in my chest. I try shrugging it off, but the pain increases. Almost to where the pain is unbearable.

“Mate,” They say at the same time as they’re trying to catch their breath. Cleo and Zoe have their hands on their knees.

“Aren’t you two werewolves, shouldn’t it be easy for you to run?” I joke.

“We’re not the athletic types,” Zoe says, shaking her head and Cleo nods, agreeing with what Zoe said. I turn to see the two guys.

“I’m guessing my best friend’s mates,” I say.

“Hi, I’m Damien Nichols, Cleo’s mate,” Damien says.

“Hey, I’m Marcus Kinney, Zoe’s mate.”

“Well, you guys both have your hands full,” I say, and we all laugh except for Cleo and Zoe. They scowl and slap me across the back of my head. “Did you just slap me?” I asked, grumpy and amused.

“Yes, we did,” Zoe and Cleo answer me at the same time. I chuckle, before slapping them both back before I run away.

“It was nice meeting you, Damien and Marcus,” I say, running away, laughing. They both yell back a short ‘you too’, no doubt cut off by Cleo and Zoe slapping them.

“Get back here, that hurt,” Cleo screams.

“Make me!” I yell back.

“You’re in so much trouble when we catch you,” Zoe screams.

“If you can catch me,” I counter. The necklace I wear diminishes my strength, but only my white werewolf strength, it does nothing to weaken the Alpha blood in my veins.

Nathan Bass

“I, Aurora Cassidy, accept your rejection, Nathan Bass,” Aurora says and walks away. There’s an aching pain in my chest, but I fight through it and ignore my wolf as I follow her back. When I walked through the trees, Aurora’s running away.

“It was nice meeting you, Damien and Marcus,” She says, running away, laughing.

“Get back here, that hurt.” One girl screams.

“Make me!” Aurora yells back.

“You’re in so much trouble when we catch you.” The other one yells at her.

“If you can.” Aurora retorts. The two girls fume with anger, making Damien and Marcus bite back an amused laugh as they try to calm down their mates. Damien realises I’m standing here first, making him nod and smile before gesturing to his mate.

“Nathan, this is my mate, Cleo,” Damien says. Marcus looks over at me, grinning.

“Nathan, this is my mate, Zoe. Girls, this is Nathan Bass,” Marcus says.

“Hello, nice to meet you both,” I say, smiling tightly.

“It’s nice to meet you too,” Cleo says.

“Nathan, it was nice to meet you, but Cleo and I have a certain Alpha’s daughter’s ass to kick,” Zoe says, making Cleo smirk.

“Bye,” Cleo says, and they walk away after saying goodbye to their mates. I sigh.

“Hey, Nathan. Nathan, man. What’s wrong with you?” Damien asks.

“Nothing,” I say.

“If you lie again. I will smack you.” Marcus says.

“Don’t worry about it. Your both happy.”

“Tell us,” Damien says.

“I found my mate.”

“Congratulations man, who is she?” Damien asks.

“I rejected her,” I say.

“Why, you bloody idiot?” Marcus asks, cursing out some colourful words.

“Who is she? Is she okay? Did she accept it?” Damien asks, worried.

“She seemed okay, I guess, and yes, she accepted it.”

“Who is she?” Marcus asks.

“Her name is Aurora Cassidy.” I freeze, knowing exactly who said that.

“Hello, Aurora,” I greet.

Damien and Marcus look at her shocked too. Aurora smiles at us, politely.

Aurora Cassidy

“Hello, Nathan. Cleo and Zoe, are looking for their mates, they need help or something, I can’t remember.” I say, forgetting what I came here to ask them. Nathan distracted me. They just keep staring at me with eyes filled with shock. “Uh hello, did you hear me?” I say, annoyed.

“Huh.” They all say, and I sigh in frustration, I just want to get away from him.

“Zoe and Cleo are looking for their mates, which would mean you two,” I say sarcastically, looking at Damien and Marcus.

“Oh right, um, we better go,” Damien says and drags Marcus away.

“Boys are idiots,” I mutter as I walk away. I feel a sharp pain in my chest, followed by a loud whimper from Shadow.

‘Are you okay?’ I ask Shadow. I’m worried about her. I’ve read stories about rejections being horrible for the werewolves involved.

‘I want our mate.’ She says, whimpering, and I almost fall over from the pain that’s now running through my body.

‘I know Shadow. What can I do?’ I ask concerned, hoping she has an answer because I’m lost.

‘I want to leave for a while. We can come back when we’re not in this much pain. I don’t know if I can handle the few days he and his family will stay here,’ I bite my lip, sighing. Leave? Surely that’s unnecessary. Maybe we only have to deal with this for a few days, weeks tops, and then it’s gone forever.

‘I’ll think about, okay? I’d do anything for you, but I don’t think running away will solve our problems.’

‘But it could help with the pain if we were away from him.’ She says and cuts off the connection. I sigh, knowing she needs time. I walked back to the house and up into my room. I lay on my bed, staring up at the ceiling. I can’t stop thinking about what Shadow said. I weigh my opinions.

If the pain doesn’t lessen after the Blood Moon pack return to their territory, then I’ll leave, until then my life will suck because they’re supposed to be here for four days.

School is a time filler now, I know everything, they’re teaching in my classes. So, I’m not that worried about flunking. My only concern is leaving behind my family.

I’m getting ahead, of myself, everything will be fine once Nathan’s gone, the pain will get better. It’s been ten minutes since we rejected each other. The pain will be easier to handle, it has to be.


I sit up, gasping as I look around me. My eyes do a double-take, looking over by the door again. My heart races, thinking there’s someone in my room, but it’s just the coat rack. I sigh in relief, running a hand through my hair.

The images of my nightmares and past flash in front of my eyes, haunting me. The feeling of sweat covering my body makes me grimace. Ugh, that’s so gross. I swiftly get up and pull all the sheets off my bed, piling them into the corner of my room before heading to have my third shower in the last twenty-four hours.

I have a quick shower before dressing in shorts and a sleeveless top. I’m feeling unusually warm. I leave my room, heading towards the laundry room to get some fresh sheets.

I ignore the dull ache I’ve felt in my chest since the rejection. It’s okay because it’ll go away, eventually. Shadow whimpers in my head, making me sigh.

I grab what I need from the laundry room before heading up to my room. On the way, I feel goosebumps rise on my arms and neck, making frown as I look around. When I see nothing is there, I shake my head and rush back to my room quickly and slam the door shut, shaking my head.

“I’m going crazy, I’m losing my mind,” I say to myself, making me frown. “And now I’m talking to myself.” I shake my head in annoyance. “That’s just great.” I throw the clean sheets onto my computer chair.

A chill runs up my spine before my entire body is shivering. I feel like I just walked into a freezer. Rubbing my arms, I walk into my wardrobe. I pull off my shorts, replacing them with a warm pair of joggers and throw on a wool jumper with socks.

I walk back into my room, quickly making my bed and I dive under the covers, still shivering. I throw the blanket over my head, covering my body in the blanket when that doesn’t work, I get up.

I walk over to my window seat and lift the lid, grabbing out every throw blanket I have in there before running back to my bed and covering my entire body to get warm.

Nathan Bass

I continue to glare up at the ceiling like I have done so the last four hours I’ve been trying to go to sleep. I’m usually one of those people that everyone hates, the ones that can fall asleep three seconds after putting their head on the pillow.

But tonight, I don’t even feel tired when I should. I’ve been awake since six a.m. yesterday morning and its almost three a.m. now. I groan complaining as I get up and head over to the bathroom. I undress and turn on the shower, stepping under the showerhead once the water is hot.

I spend a few minutes in there, just standing under the water before I get out and wrap a towel around my waist. I pull on a pair of sweatpants before heading back over to the bed to get some sleep.

Seconds turn to minutes, and I grab the pillow from under my head and fling it at the wall. I get up, pulling a shirt on and I grab my shoes, putting them on too.

I grab my packet of cigarettes and make sure I’ve got my lighter. I step out of my room and walk down the hall. I turn the corner and stop dead in my tracks when I see Aurora. I sigh, changing directions to get out of this house.

I finally find my way out of that maze of horrors for a house, stepping out of the front door. Icy wind blasts me directly in the face, sending a shiver down my spine. I ignore the freezing temperatures and light my cigarette, breathing in smoke.

I sigh, running my hand through my hair as I try to figure a way out of telling my parents I rejected my mate. The news would disappoint my mum, but I think she would understand it too. Whereas my dad, if he ever finds out I rejected my mate, and that mate is Aurora Bass, I’m as good as dead.

I clench my jaw, finishing my cigarette before I put it out and head inside, finding the kitchen. I throw the cigarette butt in the bin before heading to the guest room I’m staying in for the next few days.

I lay down in bed, looking up at the ceiling as I kick off my shoes lazily. My eyes droop closed, and I fall asleep.

Aurora Cassidy

I keep shivering as my teeth chatter together. I burrow deeper into the pillows and blankets, hoping it’ll make a difference, but it just gets worse.

Slowly my body stops shivering, making relief flood through my body. My body warms, and I take off the socks and jumper. I throw off the extra blankets I grabbed and snuggle under my duvet. My eyes droop for a second time tonight and happily drift off to sleep.

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