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Graduation Night

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Aries is a badass who is very in control of her werewolf side. She was abondoned as a baby, but she knows she’s not a regular old werewolf. There’s something different about her. Not to mention, she meets a new guy at school who also has a secret. What could he be hiding?

Fantasy / Romance
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The Beginning

Yesterday was the best night of our lives, or so we thought. You can never guess where the night will take you. We woke up with smiles on our faces and ended with a lot of confusion, heartbreak, and lets just say it was very.. graphic and bloody. Not your typical graduation huh?

It was the second to last night of our graduation. After all those gruesome years of peer pressure and academic obligations, we deserve a night to ourselves. I started the day with my usual run around my neighborhood. I still lived with my parents, and the thought of me running around at the crack of dawn was an everyday argument starter. It's the only way for me to de-stress, and get myself together before school. I had to sneak out most days, and I think they chose to ignore me on others. We had one more day before our graduation.

I entered my home and took in the sweet smell of waffles. I will miss this. I headed up to my room, removed all my gross, sweaty clothes, and chucked it at my laundry basket across my room, barely missing it and letting my clothes fall to the ground. I shrugged my shoulders, grabbed some fresh clean clothes, and jumped into my shower. I usually take 10 minute showers, but it took me 20 minutes today. I just let the scorching water hit my shoulders as I threw my head back while relaxing my shoulders. I got out and changed very quickly. I combed through my hair in the shower, so I just applied some hair product and let my natural curls drape over my shoulders.

I ran downstairs, grabbed a waffle, and ran out the door. I could hear my mom scolding me for being late as I chose to ignore her remarks. I walked three blocks to get to my school. There were still people outside conversing. I made my way to my locker, and grabbed my big textbook that read, "Physical Science". I sighed loudly as i made my way to my classroom. I walked in slowly hoping to sneak in but as i looked around, I noticed no one was there. Huh?

I turned around to see if there a note on the door indicating where the class was at. I crashed into someone, already annoyed, i retorted, "watch where you're going!" I heard a husky insolent tone as the tall figure responded, "uh, you walked into me, so how about you apologize instead?" I scoffed, and looked up from my books which had fallen . I saw a tall, handsome boy with a grimacing face. I completely ignored him, and turned around.

I didn't even look to see if there a was a note, but I wasn't about to give him any more time out of my day. He chuckled behind me and yelled, "you're going the wrong way! Physics went to the outside soccer field for a meeting." I looked back at him and squinted, "How do you know? You might just be sending me on a wild-goose chase for all i know." He shrugged his shoulders and smiled at me. Ugh, stupid cheeky grin.

I turned and headed to the soccer field. I didn't have a clue where to go before he told me anything, so why not check it out? I looked back at him one more time before turning the corner, but he was gone. I arrived at the soccer field, and realized my class was indeed there. I chuckled to myself, and took a seat at the bleachers whilst my teacher talked about end of the year stuff.

Once the class ended, I could see the soccer team running out towards us to regain their spot. I noticed the grumpus among them, and he gave me a quick wink and ran with his teamates around the field. I rolled my eyes which was amusing to him. I saw him excuse himself and jogged towards me. I quickened my pace to avoid him but I failed. He caught up to me pretty quickly. He's almost as fast as I am. He was actually pretty muscular with an athletic build. He looked pretty good in his soccer uniform. Ew stop, he's still an ass. I can't wait for these stupid, teen hormones to decepate as I grow up.. I hope.

He looked at me trying to control his breathing. I hope he didn't notice me checking him out. Unfortunately, he did. He wore his stupid smirk and he looked straight into my eyes. Unfazed, I looked back at him. My class disapeared into the building, so I turned to leave too. I wasn't going to give him the satisfaction of speaking first. He grabbed my arm and spun me back around towards him, "Don't you know It's rude to walk away when someone is talking to you?" I rolled my eyes, "In order for that statement to be true, it requires talking. You just stared at me dude." He smiled. "I was only returning the favor." he caught me off guard, and I could feel my cheeks burning up. Damn it, not now.

I quickly regained myself, "ha, it's hard not to stare when you waddled your way over here. You should've stayed practicing since you obviously need it." meh, not really. he smiled once again, "oh, so you can do better?" I smiled to myself, proud that I was able to change the subject without him noticing. "I know I can." He cocked his head like a dog, and looked back towards the field. "should we test out your theory?" My eyes widened, not knowing if he was joking. You know when dumb words come out of your mouth before you even think? Yeah, I do that more often than you would think. "bring it on! Once classes are over, I'll be happy to oblige" He looked very satisfied, "great! Practice ends in hour, meet me back here?" I was in too deep at this point. "fine" I turned and started to quickly walk away before I said anything else.

He yelled at me, "oh by the way, I noticed. I think you look good too! I can't wait to see you again!" I almost tripped, and I walked even faster trying to avoid turning around. I know damn well I looked like a tomato. So he did notice before. Cocky bastard.

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