My Cruel Alpha

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After losing both parents in a rouge attack, Piper is left all alone. Her life takes a painful turn when she is forced to be a slave to the pack alpha. Sinking neck-deep in abuse, helplessness and despair, she passes her days praying to meet her mate one day. Goodess soon listens to her prayer. Piper finds her mate in the most unexpected way; the mighty alpha King. But what would she do when he rejects her? Will happiness ever take pity and glance at her? Will someone better hold her hands? Or someone will realize his mistake and go back to her? Enough is enough, Piper has to make a choice this time... Will she choose the alpha or someone is coming for her?

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Chapter 1 - Long Awaited Mate!

Piper's POV:

"Noooo!" I screamed.

"Leave me!"

It was the same as always, I was locked inside this room while Eric had pinned me on the bed to have his way with me. He was the alpha of this pack, he was the definition of evil.

"Nooooo!" Another painful yell escaped my lips, I had lost count of my tears.


For a second, my vision blurred. The slap he landed on my jaw was too strong. I licked my lips, tasting something metallic on my lips.

"Shut up!" He screamed at my face.

"You just don't listen, do you? How many times I have told you to keep quiet?" He seethed, fisted my hairs.

I clenched my eyes in pain.

"Why are you doing this to me over and over? You have your mate! Just for heaven's sake, let me go!" I cried.

And I heard a chuckle at this.

"Give me a thanks for letting your pathetic ass staying in my pack! Hadn’t it been for my interference, my pack people would have kicked you out a long ago! I don't think you have forgotten what abomination you are!" He laughed, his eyes shone with sadistic gleam.

I gritted my teeth, anger coursed through me.

"That's what I also want! To get out of your so-called good for nothing pack. Let me go! Let them kick me out!" I spat.

"That's not happening. Not until I get tired of you. Abomination or not, your pussy feels great! Not even my mate is as good as you!" He remarked.

I struggled harder, thrashing under him. But his grip tightened around my wrists above my head, he pressed my body harder on the bed, almost crushing me.

"Leave!" I cried. Though I knew that no one would help me. It had been happening to me for two years.

But no one ever came to save me. Who would ever try to stop their alpha? Besides, no one cared if an abomination like me died.

He tied my hands with ropes above my head. Then I felt him groping me all over, his hands were forceful.

It hurt.

Then a sound of fabric ripping was heard. He tore my blouse.


He tore my pant as well, leaving me only in my undergarments.

"You scream too much!" He said, shoving my blouse in my mouth. All my cries were now being swallowed by the fabric.

"Now comes the fun part!" I heard him. He fumbled with his belt and unbuckled it, quickly taking off his pant and letting his member out.


All of a sudden, a loud noise came to my ears. A loud growl snapped my eyes to the door, only to see a tall man standing there, glaring at our way. The huge wooden door was broken, lying on the floor, breaking free from the hinges.

My eyes met those brown eyes, which were now blazing gold. My heart started to beat erratically, the hairs of my body stood up.


I heard my subconscious calling out.

He was fuming, cords of his forehead, neck were showing.

My eyes blurred as more tears flowed out. Was he here to save me? It was the first time someone dared to come voluntarily to save me.

And he was my mate. My long awaited mate.

As the realization dawned on me, I also remembered in which state I was in. I was in my very lowest, lying almost naked under the vilest person, being violated by him. And I couldn’t even open my mouth. Could someone be more pathetic than this?

Soon the initial shock faded, shame engulfed me. I struggled and thrashed my body to get free. Eric noticed the intruder too.

He got off me, adjusting back his pant.

"A-alpha, Mason? What are you doing here? Didn’t servants showed you? The harem is not that way?" Eric spoke.

"What the fuck is happening here!" The man roared. His jaws were shut tightly, fists of both hands clenched tightly.

"I was having some fun with my mistress. Why are you here? Did you want to discuss something with me?" Eric asked, getting off the bed. But the man might not listen all Eric spoke.

"But she seems clearly unwilling." Golden eyes of the stranger were on me. How much I wanted to shrink myself into a ball and disappear.

He flashed those furious eyes at Eric.

"Willing or not, does it matter? She is just a slave. I use her whenever I feel like, she doesn’t have a mate either." Eric scoffed.

"Her willingness doesn’t matter? Huh!" The stranger seethed, baring his teeth. And to my shock, I could see his canines showing.

"You fucking bastard!" With this, he lunged at Eric, landing a heavy punch on him.

"What the hell!" Eric yelled, recovering from the punch.

"You may be my guest, but why are you here? This is my private chamber! What I do with this whore is my business. You are starting a fight over this worthless piece of shit!" Eric bellowed.

His eyes turned yellowish in anger, he too bared his teeth at the stranger. But the stranger let out an angry growl, a scream left his lips.

I saw his clothes ripping and shoulder bones cracking, he turned into a beautiful brown wolf. Eric too transformed into a black wolf, but it was smaller.

They both were circling one another, in a fighting stance. But Eric didn’t stand a chance, the other wolf caught him and snapped his neck, then ripped his head from the body. Fresh, warm blood gushed out of his body, spattering the room. Even though I was tied on the bed, I felt a few specks of blood coming towards me.

I watched everything in horror. My body was shaking violently in fear. The stranger was transformed back to his human form, but he was completely naked.

But I was so shocked that I hardly noticed his nakedness.

If the cloth wasn’t shoved in my mouth, I would have screamed at the top of my lungs. I felt my would stop, I was horrified.

The stranger walked towards me and stared at me with calm eyes. He walked the bed, took out the cloth from my mouth and untied my wrists.

I was panting.

Without saying anything, he got up and turned to leave. But he stopped in his tracks. He picked up his shirt from the floor and tossed it on the bed to me before leaving.

A few minutes later, I got finally muster up the courage to get up. I put on his shirt and covered my nakedness. I still couldn’t believe that Eric, my tormentor, was gone.

But where the stranger was? If my instinct wasn’t wrong, then he was my mate. And I had to meet him.

I got out of the room in search of him. A beautiful yet unfamiliar and masculine smell lingered the way he walked. I followed the trail and ran.

The scent took me to one of the grandest guest rooms designed for the important guests. The scent was most intense here. That meant only one thing.

He was inside the closed door. My right hand raised to knock on the door, but before it could hit the door, my fist clenched, and I withdrew my hand.

I took a deep breath and prayed the heaven to give me courage to face the man. I brushed off my hesitation and finally knocked on the door.

At the third knock, the door opened and there he was standing. He already wore his cloths back, his brown eyes staring back at me. And they seemed so cold.

So distant that I resisted my best from running.

"What do you want?" He asked. His voice was deep, but it came out harsh. I licked my chapped lips before opening my mouth. Nervousness was making my throat dry, I gulped once.

"W-who a-are y-you? I-I think-" I couldn’t finish my sentence, he interrupted me.

"Do you really don't know who am I? And what do you think? And what's your name?" He raised a brow.

I fisted my hands, forming an answer. I really had no idea who he was. I shook my head.

"I don't know you, but I think you are my mate. And my name is P-piper, Piper White." I whispered, looking into his eyes with hope. I didn’t know why, but I was scared to spell this loud.

Something flashed in his eyes, but it disappeared and coldness replaced those brown eyes, resembling them frost.

"Look at your audacity! You think the lycan king, Kings of all alphas, alpha Mason will be your mate! Huh!" His lips curled in a sardonic chuckle.

I blinked repeatedly in confusion.

"Look at yourself first! How did you even dare to think that I will be your mate? I am a Lycan when you are not even an omega. You are the lowest of your pack, a slave, a broken used, girl. You can bring me nothing but disgrace! I can't believe the moon goddess paired me with someone like you!" He spat.

I didn’t even realize when tears started rolling out of my eyes again. My heart constricted in agony. It seemed like someone stabbed me with a dagger on my chest.

He was honest, I was a broken, used girl. I could bring him nothing but disgrace. But why it still pained so much?

I bit my lips hard to stop myself from sobbing. I knew if I didn’t, I would have broken into a fit of loud sob.

"I, alpha Mason Phillip, reject you Piper White as my mate!" He declared. And no matter how much pain I suffered, the pain I experienced that moment surpassed all. It was overwhelming. It never hurt that before, not even when Eric used to whip me for disobedience.

I felt my heart being breaking into pieces. I clenched my eyes closed. I couldn’t stand there, not anymore. My last hope to find happiness shattered completely.

My feet moved on their own, and I ran out of there to my room.
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