My Cruel Alpha

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Chapter 2 - Beg For Life!

Mason's POV:

I saw her running away. Her small legs carried her small body, and she disappeared.

When every werewolf found their mate at 18, I still didn’t have one even when I was 26. I was a Lycan, king of the alphas, for heaven’s sake. And I thought the Goddess must be saving the best girl for me. But what had I gotten? This bruised, broken, used and weak slave of a girl?

She wasn’t even an omega, she was wolfless. The truth must be spoken, disappointment hit me harder than the shock.

I was invited by alpha Eric for an important business event. He arranged for me to stay here a night. He made sure I would enjoy my stay, he arranged girls for me to have fun at night. I was going to the room he arranged, wasn’t must interested in having sex right now. Because all of them thick layers of make-up on faces. I sent them back.

But suddenly a sweet smell hit my nostrils.

My wolf recognized the smell, it was the sweetest smell I had ever sniffed. I knew that my mate was nearby, the mate I waited so long for. I followed the divine smell and reached the closed private chamber of alpha Eric. I was confused when I heard yells of pain and cries from the chamber.

Sensing danger, my wolf lost control and broke the door.

I never imagined I would find my mate in this way, when she was being violated by another man. She was crying, clearly being forced by the bastard Eric. He had to tie her up to have his way with her.

I saw her tears, struggles to get free. She begged me with her teary eyes to save her.

My wolf lost it when Eric said it didn’t care if she was willing or not. Even if she wasn’t my mate, I would have killed him. I hate rapist wolves who torture weak shewolves.

Her broken, used and battered state made me only pity her. Honestly, I couldn’t feel love for her. Her sight a sort of disgusted me.

I couldn’t accept that someone like her was my mate. I felt it unfair, I felt anger bubbling inside me.

And so I did what I could do best to spare myself and her from misery. I rejected her.

I would surely find someone better for my Luna, who would deserve me.

But my trains of thoughts interrupted when I heard commotion outside. I wouldn’t have minded if not for the noise getting louder and beginning to grate my nerves.

I walked out of the room and went to the site of commotion.

"You ugly whore! You killed our alpha!"

"We should have killed this ominous abomination a long ago!"

"I couldn’t understand how alpha touched someone repulsing like her. I always forbade him, this girl is a freak, a bad omen! Now see what this whore did! She killed our alpha!"

"Behead her!"

"But not before stripping her here and whip her fifty times!" Someone yelled.

I saw a crowd near the foyer. People of the pack surrounded the girl, Piper. She was lying on the floor, curling into a ball. The pack people were cursing and yelling at her, blaming her for the death of their alpha. Didn’t they know that asshole was the one who was raping her? They were calling her horrible names.

"Die bitch!"

"Don't go easy on her!"

"Beat her!"

She was curled into a ball while people were beating her indiscriminately, landing kicks and punches on her small, frail body. I clenched my fist in anger.

They were beating her for nothing, I killed their rapist alpha. And if they continued, the life would be freed from her body soon.

"Stop everyone!"

I didn’t even realize when the loud roar broke free from my throat.

Every head snapped to my direction.

"Why the hell are you beating her? You bunch of assholes?" I asked, blazing with fury.

"She killed our alpha, this good for nothing abomination!" One of them spoke.

"She is a bad woman and deserved to die! We want justice?" Another one said.

"If a weak abomination like her who still doesn’t have her own wolf killed your alpha, then do you think he deserved to be an alpha? Someone so weak and pathetic? Besides, didn’t you all know your alpha had been violating this abomination of a girl for so long? Where was your sense of justice then? Why didn’t anyone of you try to stop your alpha from assaulting her? Why did you all put a blind eye and deaf ear to your alpha's crime?" I asked.

They were silent, none of them had any word to counter.

"And who gave you the right to beat her? Do you really think this puny killed your alpha, you thickheads?" I questioned.

"Then?" All of them frowned and started looking at each other.

"I killed him, I killed your alpha. I couldn’t take it when he was raping this girl. You hypocrites can stay silent, but I can't!" I divulged.


All of their eyes widened and some of them gasped at my admission.

"How can you kill our alpha for someone worthless like her? Who cares if she dies or lives? Besides, you are just a guest in this pack, how could you interfere in our matters?" The beta yelled. I felt my blood boiling and killng him right there too.

"Lower your tone if you don't want to end up like your alpha." I warned, glaring at him. He gulped and nodded.

"I am alpha Mason, the king of all alphas. I can do justice wherever I feel, I don't need someone's permission!" I asserted.

"And right now I can kill all of you and destroy this pack for your insolence, not even a single pup of this pack will see next sunrise if you don't go from here right now." I narrowed my eyes at them. Most of them paled and quickly scrambled away.

"And you guys don't value your lives, I see." I said, directing to the bastards who still dared to stand there.

All of them left one by one. My eyes landed on the broken and battered girl, her face was bruised, and she was bleeding from her lips, her one eye was swollen shut.

Fuck! She would have been died on the spot if I didn’t stop them. They were so determined to kill her.

I was frustrated and about to return to my current room to prepare for my departure. I turned on my heels, but a weak voice croaked.

"S-stop Alpha!"

"P-p-p-please," The voice whimpered.

I turned around to see it was the girl, who was my mate.

"P-p-please t-take m-me with y-you. T-they will kill me once y-you are g-gone! I w-will never t-tell anyone the fact that we were mates. But please don't leave me here." She begged, slowly rolling towards me.

"Please!" I was stunned when she caught my feet, tears were streaming down his face.

"I w-would s-stay like an invisible person. But still take me with you! I don't want to die by their hands!" She cried. My heart wrenched.

It was true that they would try to attack her again, and next time there would be no one to save her. Her battered state made me pity herself.

I couldn’t say no when my wolf was in the verge of having an angry fit on me.

"Okay. You can come with me. In my pack, I can assure you that no one will try to bully you or touch you without your consent. But you will never dare to tell anyone that you were my mate! Even if you tell them it won’t work, because I have rejected you already. You will stay at my pack as any other common wolf." I asserted, staring at her with a cold look.

She nodded with a sullen expression. Tears fell from her eyes again. And I felt my heart clenching at the sight. Guilt was chasing me.

"You will get a safe shelter if you keep your mouth shut. Besides, no one should be forced to be with someone he or she doesn’t like. You are free to get someone of your league later" I said to condole her.

She listened and lowered her head. She stood there, looking at the ground without saying anything.

"I am going to leave this wretched place. So, pack whatever you have and come with me." I told her.

"Please wait a minute please," Saying she stood up with a lot of difficulty.

Then she limped towards her room.

No! You can't let our mate find another male! My wolf protested instantly from inside.

Shut up! Can't you see that I don't deserve someone like her? I have saved her and was going to give her a safe place to stay. What more does she need? I retorted inwardly.
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