My Cruel Alpha

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Chapter 3 - New Pack!

Piper's POV:

He rejected me. I could see the disgust in those brown eyes when I was in his sight. But I gave up on my every sense of shame, and I begged him to take me with him.

Shouldn't I flee and never show him my damn face?

But I couldn't do it.


Because I wanted to live! Desperately!

I returned before his room wearing an old worn-out shirt and a baggy trouser. It was the most decent cloth I had. I carried a small duffle bag with me, which had nothing but photos of my parents and some worn-out clothes.

"Are you ready?" He asked me. I nodded at him.

"Let's go then."

He told his driver to get the car out. He had already settled inside the car before me. But I couldn't understand what to do. So, I stood outside, waited for his instruction.

The car looked so shiny and expensive. Would he let me ride on that? I didn't want to get more embarrassed if he threw me out.

Or he would tell me to run behind his car? I couldn't do it. I didn't have my wolf.

My throat constricted in nervousness. I stood there clutching my small bag.

He eyed me, his brows furrowed in annoyance.

"Are you going to enter yet?" He threw me a cold glare. I swallowed hard.

"Can I get in here? Same car as you?" I hesitated, biting my lip.

I wasn't sure if he would let me ride in such an expensive vehicle.

"Yeah. For the first and last time. Get in. I don't have an extra car for servants now." He motioned me to get in.


His word pricked hard in my heart. I had to bite my lower lip to stop tearing up again.

He considered me nothing but a servant. He was the most powerful, almost the perfect alpha.

And what about me?

I didn't find my wolf yet; I was bullied and raped, my skin had uncountable scars underneath the dress. He didn't want someone as broken, used up as me.

His words echoed in my head.

Brushing off my hurt, I got inside, clutching the bag on my lap. As I leaned my head against the seat, my eyelids closed automatically in comfort.

After so many years, I sat on something soft and comfortable. My exhausted body soon was taken over by a short slumber.

It was a long way; I woke up a few hours later. Fluttering my eyelids, I saw that I was still inside Mason's car. My brows raised upward when my eyes landed on my body. I was covered by a nice, warm blanket. Who gave it to me?

I looked at Mason, whose eyes were closed. He wouldn't give me the blanket. He was too disgusted by me to offer me a blanket.

Then who was it? The driver? I wondered.

Rubbing my sleepy eyes, I peered outside the window. I was greeted by the beautiful greenery outside the road.

It was almost dawn; the sun was about to rise. A smile appeared on my lips automatically.

I stretched my hands.

A gasp escaped my lips.

My face contorted in pain, eyes teared up at the sudden onslaught of pain.

My ribcage and arms ached so bad. I would have cried loud if I wasn't in this car, around Mason and his driver. He was already so annoyed by me, I didn't want to trouble him more. He might kick me out.

I clenched my eyes shut. Actually, my entire body was in pain. The pack people did a number on me.

"Do you want to eat something?" I was so absorbed in my pain that I was startled by the sudden voice a few minutes later.

I looked at Mason, found him staring back at me.

Did he see me? I wondered.

"There will be a drive-through ahead. Do you want to eat something?" He questioned.

I was already grateful to him for saving my life. I was aware that even though he rejected me, he was taking me to his pack out of pity. I begged her.

I didn't want to take anything more from him. I could bear the hunger for now. It wasn't anything new to me anyway. If I ate something, I would eat it after paying for it. I didn't want to be a charity case anymore. If I didn't have money, I would prefer to stay hungry.

"No, I am good." I lied.

He nodded.

But I was thirsty. Would he be angry if I wanted little water?

My throat was dry.

"May I get some water?" I mumbled almost inaudibly in fear.

He heard me because he had taken the water bottle from the car and handed it to me. I opened the lid and gratefully accepted a few hungry sips from it.

Finally, l felt soothed in my chest.

I placed the bottle beside me and sighed in content. I didn't look at Mason again. I tried my utmost not to trouble him. I begged the mate to take me to his pack, who rejected me. I wanted to survive, badly wanted to live.

I might be pitiful now, but I would be strong one day. I was determined to be strong. I wouldn't let the scars of my body define me anymore.

"How long will it take us to reach?" I asked the driver.

"Two more hours." The driver answered.

I leaned against the seat again.


Mason's POV:

I was angry, annoyed, and frustrated by the turns of events.

I rejected her; I didn't want her and didn't want to be around her. But I couldn't turn down her request when she begged me. I saw the desperation to live in her eyes. Those unique pair of eyes.

And inside this confined space of the car, no matter how much I tried to ignore her, I couldn't. The sweet smell was hitting my nostrils, making me conscious of her presence.

How the fuck does someone so broken, ugly smell so fucking good? I couldn't help looking at her once again.

It was cold; she didn't have warm clothes on her body. She was wearing an old rag of a shirt and pant and was shaking.

I told the driver to turn the heater on and give me a small blanket from the car. After the driver handed me a blanket, I unfolded it and draped it over her body.

She sighed in relaxation when the warmness of the blanket enveloped her cold body. But I sighed in exasperation.

Why the hell was I caring for her? I rejected her. That meant she was no one to me.

My eyes roved on the big bruise on her forehead before looking back at my mobile screen.

A few minutes later, she already started snoring softly. I couldn't help looking at her again.

She must be beyond exhausted. I closed my eyes as well.

I woke up a few hours later when it was almost dawn. I found her staring outside of the window.

Is she hungry?

A thought crossed my mind.

Who knows! Maybe or maybe not. She is not my concern. After I take her to my pack, she will live her life like any other wolf. Like a commoner.

I brushed off my own concern. But even thinking like this, I couldn't control myself. I asked her if she wanted food.

She said she wasn't hungry. But I had a feeling she lied and didn't want anything from me. It was good for me in a way. I didn't want to associate with her too. But she drank a little water from me.

Two hours later, we finally reached the territory of the Blood Moon Glory pack.

She was in awe. Our pack was actually beautiful. There were so many buildings, but at the same time, there were big trees everywhere. It was like the modern animacy grew in the arms of loving nature, not harming them.

"This pack is so beautiful!" She remarked in amazement.

The driver drove us to the pack office first.

"This is the pack office," I spoke as our car stopped in front of a big building.

I got out of the car, and she followed me inside. I took the elevator and got down on the 8th floor. Then took her inside my room and told Piper to sit on a chair. She was watching everything with wide eyes in amazement.

The contemporary styled office room with glass table, floor to ceiling glass walls, a big painting. Tableside flower plant. Minimal yet luxurious. I rolled my eyes at her childish expression.

"Listen?" I called her, who was busy admiring my room. She was starting to get on my nerves.

"Yes?" She responded, turning to me.

"I am trying to get you settled here with a place to stay." He stated.

"But don't you try to use my kindness to your advantage. Don't dare to tell anyone of this pack that you were my mate. Not even in your dreams." I warned her with a stern glare.

All the excitement in her eyes faded straight away. Her face became gloomy.

"After this moment, you and me, we will have no relation or familiarity more than between a pack alpha and common werewolf. Never try to communicate me with the right of being my mate." I dismissed her.

She nodded; her facial expression turned sullen. I noticed her eyes shining with unshed tears. But I didn't care.

I took my telephone and called my Beta Roger.

"You called me, alpha?" Roger said, entering my room.

"Yes. Roger." I nodded.

"This is Roger, my beta," I told her, gesturing towards my beta.

Piper couldn't understand what to say. She stared at him awkwardly. I realized that she didn't feel comfortable around the beta.

"Roger, This is Piper. She is from the Black Down pack. She will be staying in our pack from now on. She has no one in this world. And the old pack wasn't good to her. She needs a place to stay here." I informed him.

"Hello, Piper!" Roger greeted her with a smile. Roger stretched his hand. Piper's eyes widened when at his gesture. She didn't expect he would want to shake hands with her. Everyone in her old pack treated her like shit and avoided her.

"H-hello," She stuttered and took his hand. Her hand trembled, but she let out a smile at him. I didn't know why but I felt my jaw clench in anger.

"Take her and arrange a safe place for her to stay. If she needs money for something, take money from my fund." I told him.

Piper followed Roger out of my office, leaving a sweet lingering scent.

And my eyes widened because I found myself with a boner.
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