My Cruel Alpha

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Chapter 4 - Not Supposed To Feel Anything For Her!

Piper's POV:

But don't you try to use my kindness to your advantage. Don't dare to tell anyone of this pack that you were my mate. Not even in your dreams.

After this moment, you and me, we will have no relation or familiarity more than between a pack alpha and a common werewolf. Never try to communicate me with the right of being my mate.

She has no one in this world.

His words cut the flesh of my heart deep. He reminded me of the death of my father and mother. I was an orphan.

But he was my mate, and he was the one to say that I had no one in this world.

Was it necessary to say like this repeatedly?

Of course, he would say like this. He already rejected me because I was broken, used. I couldn't meet his expectation for a perfect Luna. I rather brought him shame.

I thought bitterly as I followed the beta.

"For now, you have to stay at an old apartment. Within a few days, you will get a new studio apartment. The construction is about to finish soon." Roger spoke as he walked.

"I will stay alone at my apartment, right?" I asked him. He nodded in positive.

I felt a bit relieved because I wasn't mentally prepared to share an apartment with others. I grew fear of people after getting horribly bullied by my precious pack. Living in the street seemed like a better option to me.

I will be okay. I have to be.

I thought and continued following him.

"How long will it take to reach, beta?" I asked.

"If we walk, it will take five more minutes. And if we run, it will take not more than a minute." He answered.

I nodded.

I walked and thought about something that I wanted to know. I bit my lips in hesitation but couldn't understand if I should say it or not.

Roger noticed me.

"Do you want to say something?" Roger queried.

"Yes, but how do you know?" I was surprised.

"It seemed from your expression that you wanted to ask something. But you were too hesitant. Just ask whatever you want to ask." Roger encouraged her.

"Actually, I have a request." She looked at him.

"What request?" He frowned.

"I don't want to live for free and freeload here. I want to work and pay for my own bills. So, please give me a job." I requested him.

"You have come here just today and couldn't even get settled in a place. And you have already started worrying about your job when the alpha was willing to pay for you. Why? Shouldn't you just relax for a few days?" He smiled.

Only if he knew why! I sighed.

I didn't want to take any more pity from Mason. I wished to be strong and self-dependent. Even though Mason instructed him to spend money from his own fund for me, I knew how much he detested me.

"Beta, I want to live a life of respect. I don't want to live as a charity case. Alpha Mason has shown me enough pity, and I don't want to take advantage of it." I admitted.

"Okay. That's good." Roger responded, smiling a bit.

"But today is too early to think about your job. Get settled in your place and find me in the pack office tomorrow or the day after. I will see what I can do for you. By the way, what is your qualification?" He spoke.

"I am a high school graduate. I couldn't get admitted into the university, actually." I replied as I recalled her painful past. I was scared if I really could get a decent job with this, or would I have to scrub dishes!

"Okay. I will see what can I do. Don't be disheartened." He said.

"You can continue your studies here if you want." He mentioned.

Hope budded in my heart at his words. I felt my eyes glimmering.

"Really? Can I?" I beamed.

"Anything is possible if you want. By the way, we are already here." He uttered, stopping before a small three-storeyed old building.

The building was clean even though it was aged. He called the caretaker, and a lady came out. She took us to the second floor and guided us to an apartment. She handed me the key and left.

"It's like a motel. It may be old but is clean. For now, stay here, and next week hopefully you will get a new studio apartment. If you need anything, call the caretaker lady. Bye for now." Bidding farewell, Roger left.

I entered the house and was genuinely impressed. It was clean indeed. The two-room apartment was fully furnished, and there was not a speck of dust anywhere.

"Wow!" I awed. Whoever took care of this place, did the job perfectly!

Even the bathroom was clean. The kitchen had neat and clean shiny utensils. I headed to the bathroom to take a quick shower.

Everything was good until the cold water touched my bruised, broken skin. It burned when the water caressed my wounds. Standing bare before the mirror, I saw that my whole body was filled with purplish and blue bruises. My face was swollen; I had broken lips, swollen jaws, black eyes.

Whenever I moved my arms to apply soap on my body, I felt excruciating pain in the chest and arms. I couldn't even wipe my body evenly.

I came out and somehow wore a pair of old pajama from my duffle bag. I wrapped the towel over my head that's when heard a knock.

I stood in alarm, not knowing what to do. I was scared to open the door. What if some evil people were here? My whole body tensed in fear.

But the knock repeated. I mustered up little courage; with a deep breath, I walked to the door. My fear was intensifying every second.

"W-who is it?" I spoke, but her voice trembled.

"Your food, miss." The answer came from outside.

I frowned in confusion.

I opened the door and saw it was the caretaker lady. I sighed in relief.

"Your food, miss. I think you haven't eaten yet." She handed me two boxes. I was shocked.

It was unexpected. I didn't think they would provide food too.

"You don't need to worry. This place provides a three-time meal to everyone. You take care of yourself and relax." The lady smiled before leaving

I was too much grateful to God to even say anything. I ran inside the bedroom and placed the food on a table.

I didn't eat in two days. And I was beyond hungry. I was so used to being hungry that it hardly affected me nowadays.

I opened the boxes and found cooked pasta and sandwiches. I took a bite from the sandwich, and it was delicious.

I got to eat only the burnt, leftover, and orts in my previous pack.

After so many years, I was eating any 'real food'? Something so good? Something made with so much care. My eyes welled up with tears.

I wiped my cheeks and took another bite. But all of a sudden, I felt strange. Every time I took a breath, my chest heaved up and felt aching in my ribs.

It must be from the beating. If I rest, it would be okay. After all, it's not the first time. I thought.

I saved the pasta for lunch and headed to bed. I felt slightly dizzy but brushed it off.

As my body hit the bed, peaceful slumber overtook my senses.


I woke up a few hours later; the pain I felt before now felt overwhelming. It seemed like I was being slammed by a big rock on my chest.

"Ouch!" A scream left my mouth when I tried to move on my side. Tear filled my eyes.

Carefully, I sat on the bed. I was heading to the bathroom, but my vision darkened, and I collapsed on the floor.


Mason's POV:

Was it the sweet smell or her that put me off the edge of my control?

No, it couldn't be her.

My ego was too big to accept it. I could never get hard by someone like her, whom I rejected.

It must be my male hormone acting needy in the lack of a female body. I needed release, a satisfied one.

But it grew painful to tolerate it; I almost got blue balls. Without delay, I entered the washroom and did the most embarrassing thing.

I uncovered my cock and pleasured myself recalling her scent, eyes, and face. Thick strings of cum spattered the floor.

I leaned against the wall, panting. I saw clenching my jaw as the water washed away the proof of my pleasure from the floor.

Even if it was a mere sexual pull, how could I feel something about her when I had already rejected her? Feeling something for her wasn't right for me; she didn't deserve me. Even my one-night stands were far better than her. If people knew she was my mate, my embarrassment would know no bounds. I was the alpha king.

I needed to select a Luna who would be worthy of me as soon as possible.

I left the bathroom and took a seat on my comfortable chair. My nostrils flared; this place still had her smell. I clenched my jaw in rage.

I got up and sprayed thick layers of air freshener to mask her smell. But it didn't help much.

Slamming my fist on the table, I exited my office.
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