My Cruel Alpha

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Chapter 5 - Doesn't Exist For Her!

Piper's POV:

My eyelids fluttered open. A strong smell of disinfectant hit my nose.

Where was I?

The white surrounding and the IV drip connected to my body suggested that I was in a hospital room.

"How are you feeling?"

I was startled at the voice. It was the same caretaker lady.

"What h-happened to me?" I asked groggily. My tongue was heavy.

"You fainted from internal bleeding. What happened to you, dear? Your whole body is filled with bruises." She spoke, her voice laced with sympathy.

"Oh. It's a long story. Let it be." I mumbled, not wanting to disclose anything about the abuse I was put through.

"Am I going to live, right?" I questioned her.

"Of course, you are! You are too young to die, my dear!" She exclaimed dramatically, placing a palm over her chest.

I couldn't help but smile at her expression.

"Doctors are treating your internal bleeding. You have two broken ribs. This is going to be painful. You don't have your wolf yet, so recovery may take some time. You have to be patient, dear." She described.

I looked at her, shocked.

Her voice was soft, and eyes were kind. She was talking to me so compassionately. Wasn't she disgusted that I didn't have my wolf? Didn't she consider me an abomination?

No! She didn't.

"I am going to call our doctor. Wait here." She strode out of the room and returned with a female doctor.

"I will give you privacy." Saying, the lady left us two alone.

"Hello?" The doctor smiled.

I smiled back.

"Your name, miss?"


"Okay, Piper. I am doctor Kathy. You had internal bleeding and broken ribs, but I have given injections for these. As you don't have your wolf yet, recovery may take time. Don't be scared, just patiently follow the rules." She spoke.

I nodded. I was surprised how these people acted normal with me knowing I was wolfless. Why weren't they disgusted by me?

"I don't understand how did you go on for so long without coming to the hospital? The broken ribs are very complicated. It could puncture your lungs! If you had come earlier, it wouldn't be this painful." The doctor stated.

I was used to being in pain. I sighed.

"And I have some questions; if you feel comfortable, then just answer." She uttered.

"What questions?"

"Your private parts were bruised. What happened? Your hormones are unbalanced." She mentioned.

"So what?" I asked defensively.

Whenever someone asked me something about it, I felt like I was being violated. The questions and answers were as painful as they brought those horrible memories back.

"Dear, if I know, then it will help me to prescribe medicine for you. You are quite young; if you have any problem in your uterus or hormonal balance, it will trouble you more in the future. It's possible to face complications during childbirth too. That's why I am asking. But if you aren't comfortable, we may skip now." She explained.

It was convincible.

"I was raped. And was badly beaten, you sure know from my injuries." I responded.

"I am so sorry." She mumbled; her eyes were filled with sympathy.

"Were you on any pills or anything?" She asked.

"I don't know. I was often forced to take pills after. These weren't the same as always. Sometimes they forced me to drink some kind of liquid potion, too, as I can recall." I replied.

Eric didn't have any regard for my life. After using me, he told his office ladies to feed me contraceptives. The Luna of that pack hated me. She told them to bully me out of jealousy, anger, and disgust. They forced me to swallow whatever they wanted. Sometimes it was a pill, occasionally a bitter potion, or sometimes they beat me so I couldn't get pregnant.

"Is my uterus okay? I was often beaten so that I couldn't get pregnant." I uttered. The doctor covered her mouth with her palms hearing me.

"God! I am really sorry that you had to go through so much pain." She spoke.

"But your uterus seems okay. I believe you are still able to reproduce properly." She answered. It was another shock that my uterus was still okay even after withstanding beating.

The memories sent chills all over my body. I felt my throat getting constricted.

"Hey, are you alright?" The doctor questioned, raising brows.

I panted, shaking my head in negative.

"Hey! Relax! It's okay!" She tried to ease my panic.

"Doctor, if that's all for now, please let me be. I want to sleep." I requested in a tired voice. The doctor left the room; I sighed in relief.


After four days, I was discharged. The doctor told me to rest for five more days completely. The medicines worked like magic.

My body pain subsided a lot, and I thought of going out to meet the beta. I didn't want to freeload anymore.

When I went to the bathroom to shower, I saw the reflection of my bare body. My bruises were fading slowly. The swelling of my face and black eye also healed. My face looked like a human face now.

An entire week without any beating, seven days in a row. It felt like a dream.

After showering, I came out of the bathroom and put on a pant and shirt. Even though these were clean, they were old. After the death of my father and mother, my house was robbed. The boys and girls who used to bully me broke into my house one day. They took most of my valuable items, even dresses saying a no-wolfie like me didn't deserve to wear anything good.

I was left with only my old, worn-out clothes.

It took me ten minutes to reach the pack office.

The beta was a busy person; he wasn't at the office. So, I waited for him and could meet him after an hour. When I entered his room, he smiled at me.

"Hello! You look better than before!" He said.

I returned him the smile politely. I wondered how the beta, someone of such a high rank, could behave so politely with an ordinary wolf like me.

"Beta, I wanted to come earlier, but I got sick," I informed him.

He raised a brow, "What happened?"

"Nothing serious; I just fainted from a bit of internal bleeding and ended up in the hospital," I replied.

"Internal bleeding? Are you okay?" His eyes widened.

"As far as I know the place I took you to stay was safe. How did you get hurt?" He asked with concern.

I shook my head.

"It was from broken ribs mainly. I got hurt in my previous pack. But it's okay, now. I am here today because I badly need a job." I stated.

"Don't tell me your broken ribs aren't healed completely, and yet you are here for a job?" He spoke.

"It almost healed." I lied. It still hurt pretty much.

"I don't understand. Wanting to be self-dependent is a good thing. But this doesn't mean you have to force your body. The alpha gave me your responsibility. I don't think he will be pleased if you get hurt or sick because of work. He clearly instructed me to pay for your spending from his personal fund." Roger, the beta said.

The mention of the alpha brought the pain back in my heart. Emptiness and disappointment hit me.

But I tried to shake it off. I couldn't hold onto these feelings forever. He found me, saw me, rejected me, and moved forward. And I should also do the same. To move on.

Life doesn't stop for anyone. I had to get used to living without him, without anyone. A life relying on no one but myself.

"Beta, I don't want to live my entire my depending on others' pity. I want to earn and live a decent life. Please help me." I requested.

"Okay. If that's what you want." He spoke and dialed his office phone.

"Connar, come to my office." He said through the phone.

After a minute, a man entered. His name was Connar. Beta Roger spoke to him, "She is Piper, new to our pack. She needs a job. If there's any post available, give her one that suits her qualification. Today I am going to be busy. So, I am entrusting her with you, Connar."

"Rest assured, beta." The man named Connar nodded.

"Come with me," He spoke to me; I followed him.

Half an hour later, Connar said I would work as an accountant for a month. It's a clerical job, but that's what is available right now, given my qualification and experience. I didn't have a university degree yet. If I could do it without any failure, my job could be permanent.

"Thank you so much. I will do my best." I told with genuine gratitude.

It was an accountant position for the military of this pack. I would be keeping note of their total expenditure.

It was the first time someone treated me respectfully and decided to employ me for my skills after my parents' death. I was determined not to let this opportunity go and to prove myself.

Connar showed me a big room where I would be workings.

The room had four cubicles, and each of them was pretty spacious and organized with laptops, files, desk, and comfortable chairs.

"This is yours." He pointed towards the last cubicle.

"You will start from tomorrow. Come at nine in the morning, don't be late." He spoke.

"I will be right on time." I asserted.

"See you, take care then." He left before me.

I returned to my current place with a cheerful mood; after so many years, I felt happy.


A few days later,

Mason's POV:

As I walked towards the elevator, the nerves of my nose awakened. I closed my eyes as I smelled the familiar sweet smell.

It was somehow addictive.

The question was, how did I smell this scent again? It belonged to her.

It wasn't supposed to be here unless she was here. But why would she come here? She had nothing to do here. I strictly forbade her from seeing me. Was she here to meet me?

As I reached my floor, I got down from the elevator and walked to my office. But she wasn't there. It must be my delusion.

I started my paper works. I was doing good a few days ago, but now that smell distracted me. I couldn't focus.

"May I come?" I heard my beta.

"Come in," I said.

"Alpha, this is the list you had asked me to make." He spoke, placing a file before me.

"Okay." I hummed.

It was the list of eligible unmated girls of our pack, and also some were from outside packs. These girls and their families were interested in being my partner. I started receiving proposals from them for a long time but never considered them before. I, too, waited for my mate.

But after finding my mate, I was so disappointed that I rejected her. Now I didn't want to wait any longer. I would choose a girl who would be worthy of me.

"Alpha, are you sure to do it?"

"What do you mean?" I raised a brow at him after his question.

"I mean, are you really going to take one of them as your Luna? What if you find your true mate after that?" He asked.

What if I find my mate? I already did and rejected her. His question was valid, but it worsened my mood, intensifying my frustration.

I scowled at him without saying anything. He spoke about other works; how military practice was going.

"Alpha, you know your guest is very hardworking. Already started working from today." He mentioned before going.

"What guest?" I frowned.

"The girl, Piper, whom you brought here. She is an admirable girl. She requested me to give her a job; she didn't want to live for free. Any other person would use this chance to live a comfortable life without working, but she chose to work with dignity." He answered.

My eyes widened for a nanosecond. Is that why I smelled her scent a while ago? Was she still here?

I wondered.

That's none of my business. I attempted to control my mind.

She is none to me.

"What job did you assign her to do?" I questioned.

"Alpha, she is only a high school graduate. So, I couldn't give her anything better than a clerical job; she is a temporary accountant and organizer." He replied.

"Roger, you can go," I told him to leave.

I was already feeling restless, and now the knowledge that she was working at the same place didn't help. But I didn't understand why. I already rejected her.

It might be unbelievable, but an urge grew inside me to see her. Intense and unbridled.

And I couldn't stop myself. I stood up and headed towards the third floor, where all the accountants used to sit. The smell was so intense here. I closed my eyes and inhaled the divine scent.

I stood there, and my eyes found her. She was working in the last cubicle. The swelling of her face faded, so did the scar of her forehead and black eye. Her lips weren't split anymore. Her hairs were nicely combed and tied behind her head.

She looked better, and I could say now she could be passed as beautiful. And it surprised me how her appearance changed so much within a few days. All of a sudden, she lifted her face, and her eyes met mine.

She stilled for a second, but soon she lowered her gaze and turned on the blinds on her side, making a wall between her and my eyes.

I was astonished; she ignored me like I didn't exist.

I found myself clenching my fists in anger, glaring at the closed blinds.

But I told her to stay away from me, to act as if she didn't know me. She did exactly the right thing. Then why I was feeling angry?

Why the hell I was here in the first place? To see her damn face? And she acted like I didn't exist for her at all.

My ego was injured that someone like her dared to ignore me.

Turning on my heels, I returned to my office room. I was so angry, I lifted the desk and thew it across the other side of room with all the papers and files. I thrashed the entire room.

But nothing worked, I was still left with a question mark why I was angry. That time I didn't know it was only beginning, she was here to ruin my life, all my loved ones would leave me for her.
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