My Cruel Alpha

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Chapter 6 - Jealousy!

Piper's POV:

I wiped my cheeks and dabbed a tissue on the paper I was working on. A few drops of my tears fell on it.

The mere sight of alpha Mason made my heart twist in pain. His face reminded me of not only the fact that I was rejected but all the reasons behind the rejection.

I was broken, raped, used up; I didn't even have my own wolf.

The crude and cruel abuse Eric threw at me still echoed in my ear.


I must really be an abomination. Or else, at least my mate would have acknowledged me. He was the last person I expected to see here. I worked here because I needed it badly.

I quickly turned on the blinds and covered myself from his eyes; I didn't want to give him any reason to think that I was here to see him or get close to him. So, I resumed working, putting my emotions aside.

I didn't even go for lunch. I finished my work and left the office. I got into the elevator and waited for it to reach the ground floor, luckily there wasn't anyone other than me. I hated people; I hated crowds.

I was coming out of the elevator, but before I could get out, all of a sudden, someone bumped into me. The force was so strong that I was pushed back inside the elevator. I would have fallen in not for two strong arms which held my wrists.

I stood up on my feet steady and looked at the person. It was a boy, he looked older than me by two or three years. He was wearing a Black t-shirt and blue denim pants.

"Are you okay?" He asked, his blue eyes filled with worry.

I scowled at him, "I am okay, but could have been seriously hurt. You should be careful."

"Sorry, I was in a hurry!" He apologized. I nodded in acknowledgment.

But he was still staring at me, holding my hands.

"You can release my hand; I am okay now," I told him.

He was startled, let go of my hand.

"Sorry! I didn't notice," He spoke.

"You are so beautiful-" He said, scratching his head.


I raised my brows at him; he must be kidding, right? Why would someone call me beautiful? I knew that I was ugly. I had been told that thousand times by people.

But as I looked at him, his cheeks turned a shade of pink, he covered his mouth.

"Sorry, I have to go." With this, he walked out of the elevator. I saw him running through the stairs.

Wasn't he here to go up? What just happened? The elevator door was about to close on me; I pressed the open button and got out.

The place I stayed was some sort of shelter home, but fancy. The beta told me I could get a studio apartment. Still, I decided to move only if my job became permanent. I wanted to pay for my bills, buy my own dresses.

The next day,

Today was the first day I came to the pantry section of the pack office for lunch. I got my food and sat at an empty table.

I didn't know anyone in this pack, neither I wanted to interact with people officiously. I developed a phobia of people, all thanks to my previous pack.

I was glad no one talked to me. I was eating, but someone's voice made me lift my head.

"May I sit here?" I saw it was the same boy who bumped into me yesterday. I didn't understand what to say. Should I refuse? It would be rude.

"May I?" He asked me again when I took too much to answer.

I nodded reluctantly, but the boy was filled with enthusiasm. He dragged a chair and sat beside me with a huge smile.

"I am Alaric. I have started working from today as a part-timer." He spoke.

What should I say?

I nodded.

"What is your name? What do you do here?" He asked while eating his spaghetti.

I was starting to get annoyed by his talking. He should understand that I wasn't interested. I didn't say anything yet.

For the sake of courtesy, I replied, "My name is Piper; I am working as a temporary accountant."

"Oh, great meeting you, Piper. I am a web developer. I am a student, by the way, studying psychology at a university." He spoke. I nodded.

I quickly chewed my rice to go from there as fast as possible. And I finished my meal and was about to get up, but he called me.

"You may find me weird that I am talking so much. But Piper, can I get your number?" He asked.

How could I give him my number? I didn't even have a phone. Besides, I didn't know him.

"I don't know you. Besides, I don't have a phone." I truthfully said.


"See you later," With this, I got up and left.

The next day when I got inside my cubicle, I found a small bouquet of lilies and a side note attached with it.

Good morning! :)


Why did he send me flowers? We just met yesterday. Why would he send flowers to someone like me?

What was his intention?

During lunch, he came to sit with me.

"Hey, what's up!" He smiled. His face was shining with excitement.

"You sent me flowers. Why?" I sent him an accusatory glance.

"What's wrong with sending flowers? Didn't you like lilies? I picked them up myself from my mother's garden." He responded. His face fell, and I didn't know why his face made me guilty inside.

"That's not the point. Why did you send flowers to me? We don't even know each other at all." I asked.

"I don't know you, so I can't offer you flowers? What if I want to get to know you?" He queried, catching me off guard.

"Why do you want to know someone like me?" I questioned back. His words were making me confused.

"What kinda question is that? Someone like you? You sound like there's something wrong with you!" He frowned.

"What do you want from me? First, you bumped into me, then told me beautiful. And now gave me flowers."

"What's wrong doing that? Beautiful girls get flowers often." He commented.

I glared at him.

"See, you are doing it again! You are telling me beautiful!" I exclaimed.

"Holy hell! Why are you acting like this? I told you the truth. You are beautiful, and as I know, girls feel happy if they get compliments, even if they are false. And you are yelling at me for speaking the truth!" He uttered.

"Are you really speaking the truth? There's no ulterior motive?" I eyed him suspiciously.

He let out a loud sigh.

"Goodness! I am not lying. You are a strange girl. I never thought that I would face this intense interrogation for complimenting someone!" He said, exasperated. He seemed annoyed.

And this time, I felt ashamed. Was it my fault that I had zero confidence? My self-esteem was destroyed by them. Their continuous abuse almost made me believe that I was an ugly abomination.

"I am sorry for acting so rude. Actually, no one ever told me beautiful before. All my life, I had been called ugly." I whispered, looking at my lap.

I didn't know why I told such a secret to a stranger like him. What if he made my fun?

When I looked up at him, I found him staring at me with wide eyes.

"I never saw you before. The beta told me that you are from a different pack. I am curious to know if the people in your previous pack were blind who told you that you were ugly." He remarked.

"You see, I was being sincere here. I told you beautiful because you really are and the flowers were from my goodwill. But the way you behaved with me, I feel hurt and embarrassed. I can't forgive you. As we are strangers, it doesn't matter to you if I hold bitter feelings for you. Right?" He let out.

I shook my head. He might be a stranger, but he seemed like a good person. And I really hated myself for being like this, an insecure, unconfident doll that was shaped in the mold of abuse and mistreatment.

"I am really sorry!"

"I can accept your apology if you agree to accept my flowers every day without any fuss and be my friend." He demanded.

And I was surprised at his demand. A few seconds later, I laughed at him, nodding.

"You are forgiven, my friend." He smiled ear to ear.

I didn't know that boy, but he seemed like a good person. I stayed away from people, and at that time, I acted against my own law. And this is how I made my first friend after a long time.


A few days later,

Mason's POV:

I looked him Roger, who ran to my office when I called him. He must have sensed the anger in my voice through the mobile.

"Why didn't you tell me before that you were going to give Piper a job!" I exploded at Roger.

He was taken aback by my sudden anger.

"I am sorry, did I do something wrong, alpha? She was asking so desperately, so I gave her a job. The position already needed an employee. But if you want, I can fire her if she isn't trustable enough. I will tell her not to come from tomorrow." Roger defended.

"No! No need!" I stopped him immediately.

I stopped him not for Piper but for myself. I didn't care for her at all. And if I told him to fire her, it would only prove her effect on me and my life. I didn't fucking care about her existence. I didn't care about someone like her. Even thinking about her would downgrade my standard, class.

She was a nobody, orphan, while many alpha daughters prayed to get my attention.

"Alpha, I am sorry if I made any mistake. But is the girl trouble? Isn't she trustable?" Roger asked me in a serious tone.

Shit! Why did I ask him about Piper? Now he was starting to doubt her credibility. Piper was already pathetic enough. I might not want her, but I didn't want her to become a victim of unnecessary bullying or antagonism in my pack because of my interference. My pack wasn't toxic like her previous pack. I rejected her, but I wouldn't make her life harder either.

"No! There's no need. Let her work. No need to fire her." I insisted.

"Then?" He frowned.

"She is trustable. But she is ill, that's why I didn't want it. I told you to spend from my fund." I lied in an excuse.

"No, alpha. She is okay after getting discharged from the hospital. She told me." Roger informed me, exhaling a sigh of relief.

And automatically, a question slipped from my mouth. "She was hospitalized? Why!"

"Piper was taken to hospital due to her internal bleeding. She didn't tell me the details. I know this much. By the way, alpha, how do you know her?" Asked Roger.

How could I say that she was the mate I rejected?

Even though Roger was an efficient, strong, and trustable beta, he had a bad habit of asking too many questions.

"I knew her father. But why are you asking so many questions? Roger, get out!" I said the last part in annoyance.

I was lost in my anger, and if I said only anger, it would be wrong. I found myself worrying for her now.

I don't know how my mate must be doing.

My wolf whimpered inside. No matter how many times I told my wolf that she was no longer my mate, I rejected her, my wolf wouldn't listen. He still considered that girl as his mate.

I paced inside the room and thought if I should go and see her. If she was doing good. But her attitude last time sent tides of anger inside me whenever I recalled it. She acted like I didn't exist.

I could go, if not as a mate, then as an alpha who was concerned about a weak she-wolf of his pack. I decided to go to the pantry section. I didn't want her to put the blinds on me again.

I headed to the pantry but didn't go inside. My eyes were searching for her through the window. But what I saw made me clench my teeth.

She was sitting with a boy and laughing with him. She didn't notice me at all. Her eyes shone, and pearl-like white teeth flashed as she laughed. Her upper body rumbled from the force of her laughter. I could never imagine that someone's smile could be this beautiful.

At that time, she looked like a breath of fresh air. I felt my heart skipping a beat.

But when my eyes landed on the man, my skin burned with jealousy. I couldn't see the face of that fucker.

I might sound funny, but I felt an urge to kill him at that time. As I stood there, I saw the man touching her face as he tucked a wild strand of hairs behind her ear. She gave him a shy smile.

I felt my canine growing; claws threatened to come out.

But when that man turned his head, I saw his face.

I froze. He was the last person I expected to see with her.
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