My Cruel Alpha

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Chapter 7 - Teach a Lesson!

Piper's POV:

I had become friends with Alaric. It had been just a few days, but this friendship was growing quite deep. I didn’t know if trusting him was wise when I knew nothing of him. I just followed my instinct. Now I could see that he was such a sincere person.

Cute, funny, caring and hardworking. He was a part-timer here and studied in a university. He was currently on his vacation right now. He lived with his parents, and his only elder sister left this pack after she found her mate. She was Luna of a pack named 'Blood Sun.'

Alaric was true to his word; he gave me fresh flowers every morning. He made me laugh a lot.

"What's in your hair?" Alaric asked me, during lunch.

"What?" I said, touching my head. But I found nothing.

"Let me take it out for you." He stretched his hand, touched my hair and brought a chocolate out of nowhere.

"Ta-da!" He put it on the table.

"Woah!" My eyes widened in surprise.

"And there's something on your lap." He spoke.

"Where?" I looked at my lap, but nothing was there.

"Here!" He clapped his hand, a fresh red rose fell on my lap.

"You are incredible!" I exclaimed, taking the rose. It was so beautiful.

"It will look better on you." He took the flower and tucked it behind my ear.

"Do you know magic?" I asked impressed.

"I don't know magic, it's just whenever I want to show impress you, I try some magic." He said.

"I am impressed. Thank you!" I admitted. He had a genuine ability to lighten my day.

"Uhu. I don't think so. If you really liked it, will you go for a movie with me? It’s on me." He offered.

My smile vanished.

Because I wasn’t comfortable around people, among crowds.

"I think you don't like crowds. Then how about a long drive? I want to take you to somewhere." He added. He must have sensed the change in my expression.


"This Friday evening, after both of us get done with our works." He mentioned. I nodded.

We were done with eating, that's when he questioned, "Piper, if I ask you something will you answer me?"

"If I know the answer, of course I will answer you." I replied.

"Thank you. Do you have your mate?" He asked.

And the mention of mate was a painful prick of knife on my tender heart.

"I found him, but he isn’t my mate anymore." I responded.

"Why?" His brows lifted in curiosity.

"Because he rejected me." I spoke.

"Rejected you! Are you serious? How can someone reject anyone like you!" His eye size amplified, he looked genuinely dumbfounded.

"You sound like I am someone special." I let out a sad laugh.

"Of course, you are! I am saying this because it's the truth, not to flatter you. People in your life might not understand your worth and treat you that way, but it doesn’t decrease your worth. You are special. Only diamond cuts diamond. Not glass or any type of stone." He stated.

His words made me shocked.

"Not everyone can value valuable persons or goods. So, do we now blame it on the valuable goods or the person unable to do it?" I stared at him with tears in my eyes. I never thought that way.

I was reduced to a slave by my previous pack, the little hope or self-esteem I had, the cruel words and harsh rejection of Mason destroyed it totally.

But Alaric's words made me feel that I wasn’t that worthless after-all. I could find happiness.

"You don't know what your words mean to me." I mumbled with gratitude.


Mason's POV:


"Harder! Right there!"

"I am coming! Alpha! Ahhhh!" And just like that the whore came under me. I kept on thrusting inside, a few minutes after I too found myself ready to release.

Pulling out of her, I spilled my seeds in the condom.

I rested my back against the headboard. I was panting hard, feeling restless. The hard and rough fuck could help with my sexual frustration, but nothing with my mental frustration, restlessness.

I opened my eyes when I felt hands gliding through my upper thighs to my cock. I gripped the wrist of that whore who was smirking at me, wanting to go another round with me.

"We are done. Get out please." I said.

"Did I do something wrong, alpha?" She asked. I shook my head.

"I had my fill. Just leave." I ordered.

She wore her dresses slowly and left. I liked how this one didn’t make a fuss. Sex wasn’t enough to divert my mind, to ease the restlessness permanently.

I closed my eyes again and recalled the event. After I found Piper laughing with a man, I was furious. But anger was overshadowed by the surprise when I saw the face of the man. He was none other than Alaric, my little cousin brother. I couldn’t control myself, I called him for a talk.

"Hey, Bro. What's up?" He greeted me, laughing ear to ear like a child. His stupid smile never seemed so annoying before.

"What are you doing nowadays? And what's with this smile? Looks like you won a Nobel Prize." I taunted him.

"Something greater than Nobel Prize. I think I am in love." He said.

"With whom?" I couldn't help asking him, even though sticking nose into someone's personal life never was my trait.

"Someone named Piper, she is new in our pack." He spoke, making me shocked. What's there to like someone like her? His answer angered me, I found myself taking harsh breaths to control my emotions.

"What do you like about her? I never knew you were into luv-duv?" I spoke.

"Even I didn’t know that. First, I was attracted to her because she was so pretty, it was like love at first sight!" He described.

Love at first sight? What the fuck? I looked at him to see if he was in his right mind. Piper was ugly, that's what I felt when I saw her for the first time.

"But now I have started getting close to her, I found that she is not only pretty, she is a wonderful girl. So gentle, so innocent and hardworking." He remarked, smiling ear to ear.

My heart started hammering inside my chest, before I could stop myself, I found myself asking, "Is the feeling mutual?"

"I haven’t asked her officially yet, but I think it will be soon." He smiled.

But a few seconds later, he raised a brow at me.

"But big bro, since when you are curious in my business?" He queried. He was right. As an indifferent person, I never cared about anyone's private life. I hated sticking nose in other's matter. Then why I was doing this now?

"I-I was looking out for you!" I made an excuse.

"Thank you, bro." He said.

Alaric was my little cousin brother, my mother's sister's son. No matter how ruthless and uncaring I was, I cared for Alaric as a brother. I had a strong connection with my aunt. She loved me as her son.

I always wished the best for Alaric. But now, when he said he liked Piper and his feeling would be mutual soon, I felt a strange sort of restlessness. I couldn’t wish him all the best this time.

Something ugly started to form inside me. It was a mixed lump of frustration, anger, jealousy and confusion.

The fact that Piper was liking someone else other than me, it didn’t sit well with me, with my wolf especially. I never saw Alaric this happy. If he was happy with her, shouldn’t I cheer for him? But I couldn’t. And it made me feel like an asshole, selfish elder brother.

I felt anger whenever I thought about them being together.

Why the fuck Piper had to like Alaric? Someone so close to me!

Or was it some kind of trick of hers to get close to me? She must have known that Alaric was my cousin, no one in the pack was unaware of this!

I would teach her a lesson. I took my mobile and called Roger.

"Hello, alpha?" He asked.

"Roger, assign Piper as my exclusive assistant. From tomorrow, she will be working only for me." I spoke.

"But Alpha, she is new. Will she be able to do it?" He said.

"Yes, she has to. Make her sitting arrangement in my room." Saying, I cut the call.
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