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Annalisse is a young girl that just wants to be free to do drugs without any disturbances, little did she know her parents had other plans and her life takes an unknown turn

Fantasy / Other
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Chapter 1

"Mum please just talk to dad, he will listen to you." Said Annalisse

"How many times have we told you to stop? This isn't healthy" begged Alicia, her mum

"Mum I told you I have this under control, trust me!"

"Trust you? Annalisse I found syringes under your bed and you expect me to trust you!? I'm sorry but I'm supporting your dad with sending you away."

"Mum, okay I'll admit about the syringes but it's no big deal... Mum please don't do this, please my life is here, my friends are here, everything I love is here, don't separate me from them."

"If it's for your well being, I'll do anything... hurry up and pack your stuff, the car is waiting for you down stairs!"

Alicia leaves the room.

Feeling frustrated, Annalisse grabs her phone and calls Mason.

"Hello?" Answered Mason

"They are planning on sending me away and they seem very serious about it."

"Fuck...so what are you going to do?"

"I can't run away because there are alot of guards outside. What do you think I should do? I can't go to rehab"

"Okay listen to me, I'll come over with my motorcycle out back. You can sneak out back right?"

"Yeah, I think I can."

"Okay, so you'll find me there.."

"Alright, I'll call you later, bye."

Annalisse's pov

Honestly, I should have seen this coming. To think doctor parents will be okay with they're 18 year old daughter doing drugs. Obviously my twin brother is the one to blame, Arias that snitch...! Now I have to figure out how I'm going to escape this mess.

While in the hallway, Annalisse tried to open the back door but suddenly was called by her father.



She turned around and met her father's gaze.

"What in the he'll are you doing? Are you trying to run away?"

"No dad I was just...."

"I'm trying to help you and you want to run away!"

"You think sending me away to some rehabilitation centre and separating me from what makes me happy is a way of helping me!?"

"If it helps in getting you in check then yes, it is a ay of helping you. Now get your stuff and get in the car, now!"

Annalisse walks up to him and before she left her room she said, "I hate you father!"

"And I love you and soon you will realise it's true."

She got her stuff and went down stairs. She looked back at her house and family.

"Take care sis, trust me it's for your own good." Said Arias.

She looked at her brother for the last time and finally entered the car. Her father talked to the driver and after some minutes they were soon on the road.

After being on the road for 5 hours, they finally arrived at RIFTON REHABILITATION CENTRE

"Take care of yourself okay." Said the driver

"Thanks Joe, say hi to Maggie for me, tell her I'll be back soon."

"No problem."

He drives away and I go to the entrance of the centre.

"Excuse me, how may I help you?"

"Oh, my name is Annalisse De'lor and I guess I'm a patient here."

"Wait are you Attorney Alicia De'lor's daughter?"

"Yes I am."

"Oh, we have a schedule with you, where are your parents?"

"They had work to do like always, so they sent me here."

"Okay then, let's just fill in the form and check you in." Said Agness the head of the centre.

She filled in the form, had medical check ups and went back to the heads office.

"Okay so Annalisse, welcome to Rifton Rehab centre, we hope you will enjoy your stay."

"I highly doubt I will." Answered Annalisse.

"So first let's go through the rules of this place," Agness continued "No 1. We grade people according to the intensity of the addiction. So after running some tests we graded you to Grey, which means your addiction is bad but we can control it.

No 2. There are three colours which are white, grey and black, white are addicts that just started but it's not much damage done. Grey are addicts who are really addicted but we can cure them before further damage is made and black are addicts who depend on their drugs and they need close observation to minimise the damage. Hence no one is allowed to associate with blacks, they can be some what dangerous."

"Okay, I hear you."

"So now you can go change and Magaret will show you to your room."


Annalisse stands up and changes into a grey sweat pant with a grey sweat shirt, white kicks and tied a high pony tail. She went with Magaret to the girls dorm and was shown her room.

"So this is your dorm room, 12b."

"Thank you."

Magaret heases and Annalisse enters the room and sees one grey.

"Hello, I'm Annalisse and I guess I'm now your roommate."

"Oh hi, I'm winter and nice to meet you."

"Same here. "

"Are you new here?"

"Yeah, came today."

"Why are you here?"

"Same as you, same as everyone who just wanted some drugs in their system."

"Not everyone has the same reason."

Knock knock

Dakota walks in "winter can you..." she looked at Annalisse. "Who is she?"

"My new roommate, Annalisse this is my friend Dakota, Dakota Annalisse."

"Oh, nice to meet you."

"Same here."

"Anyway, winter you wouldn't believe what just happened."


"Raphael and Lisa broke up."

"Really, why?"

"Apparently Lisa is leaving soon, that's why."

"Oh no my power couple."

"Wait, why are you guys so interested in their life?" Asked Annalisse.

"Listen, being in this place is already torture and we just need some entertainment, Drama and the like. You know, we just need a breather." Said Dakota

"But anyway since you're new we need to teach you what goes on around here because I like you and I don't want you to end up like the rest." Said winter.

"The rest, what do you mean by the rest?"

"Listen to me Annalisse, I'm sure Agness already told you about the colours and all that but she didn't tell you in detail. Grey's hang out with Grey's, whites hang out with whites and blacks hang out with blacks. There are certain places only these colours are allowed to go. The spot is for the whites which is the grass behind that building, the base is for the Grey's which is the building over there, it has chairs and tables and all that and then the pond is for the blacks. It's this amazing place behind those trees, it has an amazing lake and benches." Said winter

"Don't forget about the Mega blacks you should never mess with Diante and Raphael Garacia, they are the worst, by all means try to avoid them, but I must warn you, they are drop dead gorgeous." Said Dakota

"Okay whatever, right now im going to sleep so...Yeah."

She goes on her bed and Dakota says bye to winter and she also goes to bed.

Annalisse's pov

This place is weird, why are there so many rules, I thought I was coming to a rehab centre not a jail cell. This is going to be the longest 6 months of my life.

She finally falls asleep.

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