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War of Realms

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A world torn by a war that broke out over unknown reasons. An elf torn to the soul with pain. A prophecy that has the power to change everything. Trigger warns- Abuse, Death, Murder, and Foul Language

Fantasy / Romance
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I never wanted to be a villain. But, hey, shit happens. To some, I’m a villain in this whole escapade. To others, I’m a “hero”. So you can pick for this tale. My name is Rihanna Albania. And I am an elf who is about to change the way things work around here. I’m eighteen when all I knew crumbled. So here is the tale.

For years, the worlds seemed to stand still. A war raged around the 5 Realms. For the first 3 years, only the Techno and Mighter realms wagered war. The next realm to join in was the Darker Realm. But now, after 8 years of war the only two realms that were not pig-headed assholes and did not cry war and bloodshed are the Arter realm and the Forgotten realm.

I’ve traveled the realms since I was 9 and discovered my magik. Each realm has a different gift, but few beings had magik. The Techno realm had the gift of technology beyond most realms understanding. The Mighter realm was gifted with unmatchable strength. The Arter realm was gifted with a creative spark the others didn’t possesse. The Darker realm was gifted with terrifying skills in combat. As for the last realm, no one really knows what their gift is. That’s because the 5th realm is off limits to EVERYONE. But I would later find that their gift was more magical than the others.

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