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Blood Wolf - Book 6 - Marcus

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Marcus has been living with his condition all his life. He is strange and unlike the other wolves but the Lost Wolves Pack welcomed him years ago and he's been living his best life ever since. But as he's reaching the mating age, tension starts to build up around him. Who would want to be with him? Hurt and unwanted, Marcus will have no other choice but to find another purpose in his life. However, if the wolves don't want him anymore, the vampires are more than eager to get to him. He's special after all, and it has no price. What path will Marcus choose? Will he leave his family and pack behind? What and who will he find out there?

Fantasy / Erotica
Just Starting
5.0 11 reviews
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Part 1 - Childhood

Author's note

Hi everyone, welcome to Book 5 of the Lost Wolves Serie!

This book stars Marcus, the young pup we met in Book 1 and followed in Book 3. As he's still a bit young, the book is divided in two parts which would be published separately.

Part 1 is about Marcus' childhood and Part 2 will be about his adulthood so you'll have time to get to know this cute pup a bit more.

In the meantime, another book might be published as well (but that's a surprise).

Keep close for updates and do not forget to comment! It helps me stay on the right path of the stories and see what you like the most so I can focus on that.

Take care and have a good read!

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