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Forty Four: A Diary without a bookstore

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Agatha's spirit goes through a journey that, if the humans consider it a LSD trip, it is. But in reality, it isn't. She is having a trip to the land of the dead, where it's location is between paradise and hell, next to earth.

Fantasy / Mystery
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Glimpse of a star, glimpse of a light.
When all stars allign, the future will shine.

Fear the most, coward of destiny.
Furthermost you shall not turn to the misery.


When my soul left my body, I didn't think I will still be like this. I am, in my beloved clothes I liked to be when I was going to die. But I really really really didn't expect I could become some kind of ghost.

I can see. I can hear. I can touch? I can talk? I can walk?

When I looked to the floor I could see my toes. Then I touched my face. I see... I still have my senses. Can I smell? Hmm... No. I can't smell.

I looked around my room. It was untouched. Then I took a closer look. It was my body. It took me a while to react that I was in fact dead, I became a ghost. When I tried to touch my material body... I couldn't. I couldn't touch just like ghosts on kid shows couldn't touch.

And then, I remembered. I had a heart attack. My memory came somehow, but I was sad... I was so pathetic and sad that I remained in the spot. I shouted and cried unaware that my dad could possibly come and tell me what was wrong.
And he came...

"Agatha! Agatha! Can you hear me?! Wake up! Wake up!"

I saw how my dad shaked my lifeless body while I was there, crying while shouting that I was there... I told him to look at me, I told him that I was here... But he didn't hear me.

I was, in a true way, dead.
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