The Vampire's PA

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Chapter 17: Alexander's mind

Alexander’s POV

What was the point in anything?

What was my reason for living any longer?

I’d always refused the females because I’d believed that I would meet my Promise angel. Mine and only mine.

Someone who’d love me no matter what. Someone I could protect, someone I’d die for.

And I’d finally found her.


She didn’t understand how I felt about her, how could she? She hadn’t been alone for nearly as long as I have.

The alcohol didn’t really have the effect I’d been hoping for, I was too strong. The only wine we had on the ship was expensive old red wine that tasted awful. I reached for the bottle of wine but found it missing from its earlier spot. I slowly turned my head to look at Zaiden standing there in the doorway, swinging the bottle playfully in his hands.

“What do you think you’re doing?” I snapped at him and bared my fangs, “Give that here.”

Zaiden took a step backwards in fright but regained his composure, “The mistress has sent me with a message for you.”

My ears perked up and whatever hostility I’d been feeling before floated out the door. “Ashira? You spoke to Ashira?” I asked eagerly. I couldn’t help sounding like an eager little schoolboy.

Zaiden smiled, “Yes, I did.”

“Well?” I asked. “Don’t leave me like this man! Tell me what she said!” I was on my feet before I knew it. My love had sent a message for me?

Zaiden laughed, “She said she was sorry.”

“What for?” I asked. What did she have to be sorry for?

“When I told her what you were doing to yourself she got very upset and I-“

I hit my fist on the table and the thunderous sound echoed through the dark room, “What did you tell her to upset her?”

Zaiden rolled his eyes, “Control yourself Alex, she wanted me to tell you to stop whatever you were planning to do with yourself.”

I snarled, “What did you tell her?” I’d always known Zaiden couldn’t keep his mouth shut, but I never knew he would go blab everything I did out to Ashira.

Zaiden shrugged nonchalantly, “I just told her about the females-“

“The what?!” I screamed.

“Hey, I was only trying to help.” Zaiden said innocently with his hands held up in peace, “At least you know she doesn’t hate you. She nearly cried when I told her.”

I knew my eyes were bright yellow with fury and I took a calming breath.

“You should go to her, she looks terrible, she had nightmares.” Zaiden said softly.

My head snapped in his direction, “Nightmares?” I asked.

“Just go to her Alexander, she didn’t reject you. She was just confused and didn’t know what was going on.”

I grinned, “She wants me?”

“She wants to see you.” He stressed, “She looked pretty worried.” I was halfway out the door when Zaiden said, “Also…”

“What?” I asked irritably, I wanted to go to Ashira.

“I might have sort of told her about the vampire you killed in the park.” Zaiden looked at me apologetically. “I’m sorry. If anything I think it made her understand everything that’s happening better.”

I sighed. It was a miracle she didn’t hate me. I paused and intently looked at Zaiden, “Thank you.”

He nodded with a small smile, glad to have been of assistance to me, “Sure thing Alex.”

And then I ran.

I was standing in front of the elevator in milliseconds, waiting for the slow thing to make its way to my level. I was inside before the doors were completely open and I repeatedly pressed the button to go up.

I couldn’t help but smile a little when the doors closed. It was adorable how scared Ashira had been of elevators when we’d first met, but I’d helped her conquer her fear.

I wanted to protect her, from everything. The feelings I had were so intense, it was almost unbelievable. I’d never thought it was possible to love someone this much. I’d do anything for her.

The moment the doors opened all happy thoughts vanished from my mind. I could smell her blood.

I flew through the halls and came to an abrupt stop in front of her door where her blood soaked the carpet. The same red was smeared across the walls and despite being a creature that survived on blood my stomach turned.

Raw fury soon took over and my eyes lit up burning suns in a universe of darkness. I snarled viciously. The door to her room was open a fraction and I entered without caution. Whoever did this was going to pay with their lives. I would rip their throats out when I got my hands on them.

And Ashira, if she was dead… I didn’t know what I’d do to myself.

My dead heart gave a single thundering beat when I stepped into the room and looked around. Above her bed there was more blood. More of her blood.

The deep red was used to write something on the wall and I stepped closer to read what the message said. ‘You take my life I take yours.’

I snarled. This person knew that Ashira was my life. My vision was clouding over with red. I knew who did this and I would kill him. I was going to kill him slowly and I was going to enjoy every second of it.

“Where is she?” I asked the empty room.

My senses were clouded over with the amount of her blood that was everywhere and I hated to admit it but I wanted to lick the blood off the walls. I craved her blood more than anything. But that wasn’t the only thing of her that I wanted. I wanted everything.

Her heart, her love, her soul, her personality, her friendship, her body, basically just everything. What a selfish creature I was…

I forced myself to focus on her scent, her real scent, not her blood. I followed it all the way out onto the balcony where it just suddenly disappeared over the edge.

A moment passed before I screamed. Did that bastard throw her off the ship? No, no, no. That wasn’t possible. He wouldn’t… would he?

Within seconds after my outburst other vampires had gathered in the room and were staring at me questioningly. I spun around so fast they flinched away, “He took her.” I hissed at them. “Find them!” I lashed out. My eyes glimmered evilly like dark fire, “Find him so I can kill him.”

The vampires were off in a flash leaving only myself and my twelve nobles, my closest friends. “Go help.” I ordered them. “We have to find her.”

“Alex…” Susanna started, “All this blood…”

“She’s not dead.” I insisted, more to reassure myself than them, “He would want me to watch her die.”

“Who is it?” Fabian asked hesitantly.

I didn’t even want to speak his foul name. That bastard has taken my Promise angel, “It’s Devon.”

Clarice, my third noble, sucked in a little breath at the mention of the name, “H-him?” she stuttered, “Has he come back for revenge?”

I growled threateningly, “I don’t care what his motives are, I will kill him when I get my hands on him.” I looked at each of my noble’s faces for a moment “Go, now, we have to find her within the next three hours or…” I couldn’t say it, I couldn’t say what would happen after that. After that she would likely be dead.

“Or she will never forgive you Alex, we know.” Zaiden said coolly with an attempt at a smile.

“He’s right.” Jacob – my sixth noble- said. “We have to find her quickly so she can forgive you.” His eyes looked hard and determined. “We want the two of you to be together Alex. She makes you happy.”

“Yes,” Theresa said. “We will definitely find her.”

I smiled at my closest friends, “Thank you.”

And then they were all gone. I knew the females didn’t like my Ashira very much because they were jealous, they envied her, but they would still die for her if that could make me happy. It was cruel really, the devotion they felt towards me. But they couldn’t help it, I was the one who turned them so they had no choice but to put my needs first. And I needed Ashira more than anything.

She had to be alive. She just had to be.

Without wasting another second I ran out the door. I would have to find out if he really had thrown her overboard.

Her scent was nowhere to be found. Where was she?

I came to an abrupt stop before I knocked a pair of humans out of the way. They grabbed onto each other for support and it took me a moment to place their faces. I looked at them carefully, “Have you seen Ashira?”

The two girls shook their heads and Nadine had enough guts to ask, “Why? Do you want to lie to her some more?”

If she wasn’t one of Ashira’s friends I would have ripped her head off for talking to me like that. “She’s been kidnapped.” I said, my anger making it hard to keep my voice even.

“What do you mean?” The other girl asked.

“She’s gone.” I said, “Missing, taken. Whatever you want to call it.” I was getting irritated, they were wasting my time, time I could have spent searching for my Ashira.

They both gasped dramatically and I could tell they were about to say something else when one of my nobles was suddenly standing next to me, “I found her.” Was all he needed to say to get my attention. So Devon hadn’t thrown her overboard. Some relief flooded me.

I intently looked at Nicolas, “Where? Is she alive?”

He hesitated, “She’s alive. Her pulse is weak, but she is alive, Alex, come, let me take you to them.”

We flew through the halls of the ship without wasting another second, “Is he still with her?” I asked sneeringly, I would kill Devon.

“Yes,” Nicolas said, “he drank a lot of her blood so he’s hovering over her like he’s saving what’s left for dessert.”

I growled savagely, “How dare he!” I roared. She must be terrified, “Is she conscious?” I asked, concerned.

“No, it didn’t look like it. In fact it didn’t look like she was aware of anything, she must still be passed out from his feeding on her.” He said thoughtfully.

Feeding from her. It was official, I had never hated anyone as much as I hated Devon, not even that stupid human who was in love with my Promise angel. And him, I despised.

Nicolas came to a stop in front of one of the storage rooms that seemed eerily dark.

I peeked inside and my eyes landed on the little bloody heap laying in the corner of darkness immediately. My dead heart gave a dull throb of pain for seeing her like that.

The scent of her blood was even more overwhelming than it had been in her room, here it was warm fresh and it made my mouth water. It was undeniable how much I wanted it. I wanted to devour her and make her like me, but I knew I could never do that, she would hate me and I would hate myself even more.

I snarled when someone else moved in the shadows behind her.

It was him, the one who would soon be dead.

He picked up her limp body and held an arm around her neck, “Tell everyone else to stay away, Alex.” Devon warned. “If they don’t, if I see anyone else… well, let’s just say her pretty little head won’t be attached to the rest of her anymore.” He laughed evilly and I stiffened.

I looked at Nicolas who looked like he was ready to lie down his life in order to save Ashira “Go.” I told him, “Keep everyone else away.”

“But Alex-” he started protesting.

“Go.” I repeated myself, “That is an order Nicolas.”

He nodded and hesitated before he vanished and silence surrounded us again but for Ashira’s short pained breaths. “Let her go.” I told Devon threateningly.

He laughed “Are you threatening me? I have the girl and I assure you I won’t hesitate to kill her.”

“Then why haven’t you killed her already?” I asked him, trying to buy some time to come up with some sort of a plan that could save her.

“Because I want you to watch her life slowly drain away.” He said darkly. He looked down at her in his arms and slowly trailed his fingers down her neck and sighed contently, “Her blood is quite exquisite.”

“Don’t touch her!” I snarled viciously. He was pissing me off and I wanted to just blindly lash out at him but I knew he would snap her neck before I was halfway to them.

Devon made a disappointed sound and wagged his finger mockingly at me, “Now, now, Alex, let’s stay calm now. Wouldn’t want to wake her up.” He took a lock of her hair and smelled it, his brown eyes turning slightly red with craze, “So sweet, reminds me of my own wife.”

“You’re going to end up dead just like her if you don’t let Ashira go right now.” I threatened. I couldn’t stand it anymore; he was too close to her, who knows what he wanted to do to her.

His eyes glimmered in the dim light, “Ashira?” he looked down at her again and gently ran a hand over her head. “Well, Ashira and I are going to have a lot of fun, so I would like you to leave now. Don’t worry I’ll be gentle with her and undress her slowly.” He turned around with her in his arms and then paused and looked back at me again, “On second thought, why don’t you stay and watch? I would just love to see your face when I take her right in front of your eyes knowing you can’t stop me.”

“Let her go.” I said again.

Devon sighed unhappily, “Yes, yes, you’ve said that before.” He watched me intently, “It’s not so nice having your lover killed in front of you is it?”

“Is that what this is?” I asked distastefully, “Revenge for your wife?”

“Why Alex,” he said, “What else could this possibly be?” He ran his hand over the hole in Ashira’s neck where blood was still leaking out and liked it off his fingers. “You want this too, don’t you?” he asked me as he held up his bloody hand, “I can see it in your eyes.”

I did want her, in more ways than one. “What is it you want, Devon? Name it and it shall be yours.”

“It’s simple really.” He said nonchalantly, “I want to see my love again, alive and well, but that is not going to happen, is it Alex?” His eyes darkened. “Thanks to you she is as dead as can be. So I want to drain this girl’s blood and I want you to watch her die knowing that the one person who could have loved you is gone and that you will be alone forever, just like me.” He opened his mouth and I watched in horror as his fangs became longer and hovered over her neck.

Unable to hold myself back any longer I launched forwards. Devon let out a little smirk of satisfaction before he slammed Ashira into the wall behind him and she dropped to the ground like a lifeless rag doll. “NO!” I screamed as I heard a strangled breath escape her lips.

Now was my chance, he didn’t have her as a bargaining chip anymore.

My fury boiled right beneath my skin as I threw myself at Devon, “How dare you!” I screamed at him as I punched his face so hard he went flying across the room and slammed into one of the far walls. Before he even had time to fall to the ground my hand was around his neck and choking him against the wall. “How dare you hurt her.” I hissed at him in calm rage. He was going to die, I knew it because I was going to kill him.

Devon wheezed out a laugh “Your love for that fragile girl makes you strong, Alex, but it also leaves you vulnerable, open for attacks.” He laughed some more, “One she is going to die and you won’t be able to save her without making her hate you.”

I growled and squeezed his neck even harder, “Watch me.” I snarled at him and his head popped off like the cap of a soda can.

In the hours that followed Ashira’s retrieval I never left her side.

Nothing could ever have dragged me away from her then, not even the end of the world.

I healed her in the storage room and licked up the blood in her neck so others wouldn’t want to kill her again before I gently picked her up and carried her back to her room.

By the time we got there the bloody carpet had been taken away and the blood washed off of the walls. Even the sheets on the bed were clean and I softy placed her in the bed her friends were waiting next to.

There wasn’t a word to describe how guilty and bad I felt when I saw how bad she looked in the light. How could I let this happen to her? Why hadn’t I been there for her?

She was bruised bloody and still unconscious.

Her friends thanked me for saving her without knowing that it had been my fault that she’d been taken in the first place. They left, eventually, and I sat there alone with her. Waiting for her to wake up.

And when her beautiful eyes finally fluttered open after what felt like an eternity later and she flinched in pain at the small movement I knew that I could never forgive myself for letting something like this happen to her. She was just human, she could die.

I knew the threat Devon had posed was gone, he was dead and no one else would ever dare cross me, but there was an uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach. Something was wrong. Something about what Devon had said bothered me.

He’d said that she was going to die and that I wasn’t going to be able to save her without making her hate me.

Why would he say that?

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