The Vampire's PA

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Chapter 23: I think I was a little awkward

I awkwardly cleared my throat and sat down, folding my hands neatly in my lap. After a few more seconds of silence where the eight vampires merely stared at me I coughed, “You all really don’t have to stay here and wait for me to finish eating. Please go do whatever you like.”

Jagger stood up and crackled his knuckles, “Well, you heard the mistress of the house, we can do wat ever we like.” He looked towards his brothers, “So, what room are we going to thrash first.”

“You can do whatever you like except thrash the house.” I told him firmly. Goodness I wasn’t used to conversing with such powerful vampires.

“You’re a part of the family now, Ash, we can’t leave one of our family members out of the fun.” Heskel said and put his feet on the dining room table.

“Feet off the table please.” I told him and surprisingly he listened to what I’d said and took his feet off of the table.

Alexander, who was sitting on my right snorted, “Really, you guys don’t listen to me but you listen to her?”

Heskel shrugged, “She said please.”

We were all sitting at the huge table in the dining room and I was the only one with a plate of food in front of me. I hesitantly took a bite of the chicken the chef- I’d forced Alexander to hire one after the last incident- had made and found it difficult to swallow. The atmosphere was so tense I was sure I was going to choke on it. “So, tell me about all of you.” I tried to make conversation.

“What’s there to tell?” Norabo asked boredly.

“I don’t know.” I said with a casual little shrug, “Oldest to youngest?” I suggested, “Tell me where you’re all from.”

Oberon, who had been quietly sitting was the first to speak, “I’m the oldest and I come from Asia.”

I nodded understandingly, “The continent with the most humans.”

There was a hesitation before he smiled, “Yes actually, how clever of you to figure that out.”

I smiled bashfully and looked down before I continued eating. The most powerful creature in the world had just called me clever. “So how did the two of you meet?” I asked with a small nod in Cherice’s direction.

“He saved me from a runaway carriage.” Cherice said and lovingly took his hand, “Ever since then, well, I just can’t manage to get rid of him.” She winked at me and I smiled at their cuteness when Oberon muttered something that sounded quite unpleasant under his breath.

I clapped my hands together enthusiastically, “So, who’s next?”

“That would be me, love.” Alexander said from next to me and my heart missed a beat. All eight of the vampire must have heard because they knowingly smiled at one another.

How embarrassing! “Oh.” I said awkwardly, “Then I suppose we move on to the third-“

“Hold on,” Cherice held up her slender hand, “Tell us how the two of you met. That should make an interesting story.”

I sighed, “We met on my birthday when he was illegally running around when he was supposed to be at some meeting. Basically what happened was that he slammed me into the wall and drank my blood and healed me with his magic healing spit.” I told them plainly.

There was a moment of shocked silence before the royals laughed at me.

“No self-control, hu Alex?” Viktor asked, “I always wondered where you disappeared to that day.”

“Alright then,” Neculai said when everyone had stopped laughing, “I’m the third eldest and I come from Europe.”

Viktor lazily lifted up his hand, “Then it’s me, I come from North America.”

Jagger, who I had come to realise, was the most playful of all the brothers was next, “I’m form South America.”

“I’m the second youngest and I’m from Australia.” Norabo said.

“And you already know I’m the youngest from Antarctica.” Heskel said with a wink.

“Wow,” I said, “At least now I know where you all come from.”

“Do you?” Oberon asked darkly, “Do you really know where we come from? Do you know who our parents are?”

“Oberon.” Alexander said warningly, “Don’t.”

“Do you?” Oberon asked again, his intence gaze making me doubt whether or not to lie.

“Yes.” I answered, feeling safe with Alexander right next to me, feeling like even I could take on Oberon, “You’re all demon spawn.”

The brothers’ eyes widened, “And that doesn’t bother you?” Neculai asked me.

I shrugged, “It did bother me in the beginning, a little, but near death experiences can change a person’s view of the world.”

Cherice spoke up, “I know exactly what you mean girl.” I could have sworn in that one moment we bonded and I just knew that we would become close friends.

“So you know about our mother?” Heskel asked me intently.



“Ok, I’m done.” I said and pushed the plate away from me, not really feeling hungry anymore. I mean, who would be hungry with conversation like that going around.

“Let’s go sit in the living room.” Alexander suggested and he stood up.

We followed him out the door.

The atmosphere was as tense in the living room as it had been in the dining room and I was sure I made things even more awkward by randomly saying, “So…” followed by nothing else.

Thanks of the support Alexander, I thought when no one answered and my ‘so’ was just left hanging there in the middle of the room.

Absolutely fan-freaking-tastic.

Way to make a great first impression there Ash.

The vampires seemed to find my discomfort amusing because they all grinned at one another. “Have you told her about how we killed the demon yet, Alex?” Oberon asked amusedly.

Alexander shook his head and took my hand in his, “No and I don’t think this is the best topic of conversation for the first meeting.”

I disbelievingly stared between the smug brothers, “You killed your father?” Oberon nodded, “Holy crap that’s so awesome!” I threw my hands into the air. I quickly tried to compose myself, “I mean… uh… that must have been… um…hard…”

“You really have a way with words my love.” Alexander muttered against my ear and I gave him a slap on the arm.

Oberon shrugged but Heskel interrupted before he could say anything, “Are you kidding? Killing that (insert a few ear bleeding curse words) was the best thing we ever did as a family!”

The tense atmosphere was suddenly filled with overwhelming anger and I could see the brothers all delve into their own thoughts to take a stroll down memory lane. I shivered and snugged deeper into Alexander’s chest who wrapped his arm around my shoulders and placed a soft kiss on my forehead.

My thundering heart must have brought all the vampires out of their thoughts because they were all looking at me again and it was quickly getting strange again. “So… uh… what happened?”

They exchanged glances, “Well…” Viktor said slowly, “We killed him, it’s as simple as that.”

“We got sick of his stupid face so we snuck up behind him ripped his limbs off and burned him in the hottest fires of hell.” Norabo added oh so casually with a little shrug.

“And hopefully,” Neculai made himself heard, “He will stay there for a very long time.”

I frowned, “You mean… he’s not dead?”

“Oh I can assure you that he’s very dead at the moment Ash, but is there really any way to truly kill a demon?” Jagger asked playfully. “The answer in no by the way.”

“So… he’s going to be back?”

“Unfortunately yes, Ashira.” Alexander said, “But we’ll deal with him again, just like the first time, before he can cause havoc.”

I was silent for a moment, “What about you guys, can you be killed? I mean he’s stronger than you isn’t he? That means he can kill you. Isn’t it dangerous to fight him?”

“Of course it is.” Oberon finally sat down like the rest of us and Cherise happily leaned into his chest “But much worse things will happen if we don’t fight him.”

My voice was without emotion, “So you can all die?”

Heskel laughed loudly and grinned, “Tired of Alex already Ash?”

I blushed and looked away, “No, I’m just asking.”

“The only way to kill one of us would be to decapitate us, but that in itself is not easy.” Oberon said with a grin.

“I see.” So there was no way for a human to kill a vampire then, we were all screwed. I flattened my palm against Alexander’s as I played with his hand, “Hey, Alexander, do you think-“

The brothers all did a double take, “He lets you call him Alexander?” Jagger half screamed at me.

I froze under their stares, “Yeah… why? That’s his name isn’t it?” Has he been lying to me about his name?

“Unbelievable!” Viktor exclaimed.

“You have tamed the wild beast, Ash.” Norabo added sounding thoroughly impressed.

Now I was confused, “I have?”

“He hates it when people call him by his full name because that’s what our father used to call him.” Jagger explained and a lot made sense.

I turned to face Alexander with a hurt look, “You hate it when I call you Alexander? Why didn’t you tell me?”

He shrugged,, “I don’t mind either way because it’s you, besides, when you say my full name it gets me kind of turned on.” His eyes darkened a little and his eyes darted towards my mouth.

Suddenly it had become very hot sitting next to him and it seemed like the oxygen just didn’t want to enter my lungs. “Umm…uh…um…o-ok…I… uh…”

Alexander grinned happily, “Like I said, you just have a way with words.”

I elbowed him, “Shut up before I tell them about the incident with the charcoal.” I met his gaze challengingly, my eyes seeming to speak to him. Your secret fiery cooking talent will be known throughout the world before you know it.

Alexander narrowed his eyes at me. You wouldn’t dare.

I jerked my chin. Try me, smoky.

“You wouldn’t.” he whispered.

I smiled innocently and spoke loud enough that the aliens from outer space could probably hear me, “Hey, do you guys want to hear about this-“

Alexander’s large hand went over my mouth before I could get anything else out and he laughed nervously, “Silly little Ashira,” He pulled me into his lap and patted my head while apologising to his family, “Sorry, she gets a little delusional sometimes.”

I tried to wriggle loose but let’s face it, I was no match for my vampire boyfriend. That thought alone caused me to stiffen and stop squirming. Oh goodness. Was that what he was to me? Did I really see Alexander as my boyfriend?

When did this happen?!

The other vampires didn’t notice my sudden silence and the atmosphere lightened considerably when they started to chat about the good old days. They laughed, got a bit emotional a few times cursed each other’s existence a few times more and then continued laughing until far past midnight.

I was vexing about what exactly this new development of my thoughts about Alexander meant so I missed half of what they were saying. Was I falling for him? Surely not. Maybe I was just physically attracted to him -which I was, there was no doubt about it I mean he was freaking hot- maybe there weren’t feelings involved. If I was lucky there weren’t feelings involved because if I actually like Alexander things could get complicated.

I must have fallen asleep with my troubled thoughts because the next thing I knew Alexander was scooping me up in his arms and I just lazily rested my head on his chest when he carried me upstairs. I mumbled half a thank you when he put me in bed. I was so tired.

Of course there just had to be a damn irritating mosquito zooming around my head. I wacked the air around my head to shoo it away but it only came back. Full of fury when I heard it again I jumped up and randomly attacked the air around me with the pillow since it was dark and I couldn’t see the blood sucker - the small buzzing one that is.

I halted my attack and look around, “Where are you, you little bastard?” I asked the empty room. I could hear it but I had no idea where it was, “That little-“

A sudden coughing fit took hold of me and I coughed into my hand. My lungs burned awfully and when I looked at my hand it was covered in blood. I was coughing up blood.

I ran to the bathroom to wash my hands and the coughing stopped. After a few moments I felt fine and I brushed the incident off. Surely I was fine. There was no way something was wrong with me.
People’s noses bled from time to time, so coughing up blood must be harmless as well.

I was fine.

Back in bed my arch nemesis suddenly made a buzzing sound again and I glared in the general direction. “Why you-“

Suddenly Alexander was standing in front of me with his thumb and index finger pressed together, “Sorry there pal, but I’m the only one who gets to drink her blood.” He threw the poor dead mosquito on the floor and grinned at me, “I just saved you… again.”

I put the pillow down, “Thanks.” I fell into the mattress and sighed. “I like your family.” I stated randomly.

The mattress dipped down when Alexander sat down next to me and put a hand on my back, “I’m glad because it would have been weird if I told you they liked you and you hated them.”

“I think I was a little awkward.”

“So…” he said in a high pitched voice probably trying to imitate me.

“I do not sound like that…” I tried to sound irritated but I was already floating off into dreamland and my words didn’t really carry much conviction. “You should go back to your family… they’re here to visit you… don’t… worry… about… me…”

I felt Alexander stand up and thinking that he’d left the room I opened my eyes to check. He had not left the room, but was standing in front of the closet taking his shirt off. With the shirt discarded into the laundry basket next to the door - in one very precise throw I might add- I saw the muscles in his back tense in the moonlight and the need to sleep left me in an instant.

Holy sweet mother of mercy have pity on me.

Alexander turned slightly and the moonlight caught his face perfectly. His eyes looked almost feline and his features were accentuated beautifully. I was pretty sure that jaw could just cut through diamond -highly likely with the whole half demon/vampire thing going on.

My eyes travelled downwards pausing on his naked chest and his biceps before admiring his abs. Well damn.

Damn was he f-i-n-e.

My hormones were raging and honestly it felt like I’d melted and was nothing more than a little puddle on the floor -or bed in this case but that just sounded weird. I was pretty sure that if I’d been standing my knees would have given out from under me from seeing him bathed under the moonlight.

Unwillingly my eyes went down even further where his v-line showed above his jeans. Even lower my eyes went to where his v-line extended to his-

Fire blazed in my cheeks and I just wanted to hit myself. Control yourself Ash! Control. Stay calm. Ug I was such a pervert.

I shut my eyes and took a deep breath. Control. I opened my eyes again and continued ogling him as he rummaged through the closet for something. “Like what you see?” His voice suddenly broke through the dead silence of night.

A little moan escaped my lips. Oh his voice! With that body! How had I never noticed how absolutely gorgeous he was? “Yeah.” I replied dreamily without thinking.

He turned to look at me, “I’m glad, now please continue to enjoy the strip show while I lose these pesky pants as well.”

Ah yes, how nice that sounded. More time to ogle his beautiful half naked body, how wonderful… losing those pesky- Wait what? What?!

What he’d said only really registered in my head when he unbuckled his jeans and shot me a challenging look. My eyes widened and knowing that there was no way I would be able to keep my eyes closed- being curious and all- I turned over and looked the other way with my heart beating a million miles a minute.

He was lying next to me in bed mere seconds later and I swallowed my heart that seemed to be hammering in the back of my throat, “Please tell me you’ve set some new record of how fast someone can put on pants.”

He wrapped his arms around me and pressed his whole body against my back, “What if I didn’t?” he cuddled his head into my neck and my breaths came quick.

Oh goodness. Was he-Was he- and how my impure thoughts wandered! “A-are you…” I was too nervous to even say it.

“Turn around and find out.” Alexander cooed gently in my ear and I shivered. Surely he wasn’t lying behind me stark naked… “Are you scared, my innocent little Ashira?”

“N-no, o-of course not.” How really convincing that sounded.

“Prove it.”

“I don’t have to prove anything to you, I’ve seen guys naked before.” It wasn’t a complete lie since I’d once forgotten to knock on the door before I entered the room I shared with Paul. Yeah… no… never again.

Alexander growled and suddenly he was on top of me, his weight pushing me deeper into the mattress and his glowing eyes captivating me with their sheer and raw animalistic beauty. He looked down on me as if trying to peer into my soul and I stared up at him like I was seeing an angel. What an odd pair we made, he was so beautiful and I was so plain.

Bravely I reached up and ran my hand through his soft long hair and he closed his eyes as if my touch entranced him and a little purring sound made itself heard from the back of his throat.

I grinned, “Did you just purr?”

He didn’t smile but his eyes gleamed dangerously and held a promise, “I’m sure I could easily make you purr for me too, kitten.” He lowered his head into my neck where he playfully nipped at my ear and my limbs turned to jell-o.

How quickly this night took a turn down ‘I have no idea what I’m doing’ lane.

I’d never even been kissed before I met Alexander. He was my first kiss. Every move he’d made when he’d kissed me before had been so trained and precise and that left me to believe Alexander was no first timer when it came to things like this.

I nearly hit myself in the face. I couldn’t believe that I’d actually been under the impression that an almost two thousand year old demon was a virgin. Of course he’d been with other females before; that just went without saying. Just thinking about it made me want to repeatedly whack my head against the wall, how could I have overlooked this fact or so long?

Alexander stopped nipping my ear and frowned at me, “What’s wrong?”

“I was just thinking.” Thinking that I might kill every female you’ve every slept with if you don’t hold me back.

Alexander lowered himself so he as lying next to me again, “About what?”

I turned scarlet. There was no way I was going to tell him I was thinking about his sex life. “Nothing.”

He was silent for a moment, “You do realise you have yet to confirm that I set a new putting on pants record, right?”

My eyes darted down before I could stop them. He was wearing pants. I glared at Alexander when I met his eyes again, “You made me freak out for nothing you idiot.”

That made him grin seductively, “Did you want to freak out over something?”

I muttered a bunch of nonsensical sentences and made myself a nice little nest against his chest. “Jerk.” I gently traced his clavicle with my index finger and he made a grunting sound. I put my hands against his abs and frowned. He was so ripped. I was sure he didn’t even need to use his vampire strength to lift a whole bus full of people with a few trains on top of it.

“You do realise that this is highly unfair right?” he’d moved to carefully looking at my mouth like it was the most interesting thing he’d ever seen in all his existence, “You can at least take off your shirt as well…”

“Only in your wildest dreams buddy.” I teased with a wink.

“In my wildest dreams I’m the one doing it for you.” He fired right back at me and I gave into blushing and hiding my face against him.

I didn’t even think about the fact that I’d coughed up blood again. It was nothing to worry about…


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