The Vampire's PA

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Chapter 31: Making...peace?

I dropped my fist and he pulled me into his chest before I could even protest, wrapping his arms around me comfortingly. Electric currents shot through me like supercharged lightning where our skin came into contact through our clothes and my whole body grew hot. I slowly turned my head to look at Alexander who didn’t seem to notice that anything was amiss.

I licked my lips, tasting him in the air. He pressed his mouth against my neck and I threw my arms around him and sobbed like an infant. His breath on my neck made me shiver and slowly but surely my crying ceased. “Of course I love you, Ashira, that’s why I turned you. I don’t know what I’d do to myself if you died.”

“But I didn’t want this, I never wanted to be this monster who kills her friends.” I shook my head against him and he patted it caringly.

“It was an accident Ashira. You will only hunger for the blood of those you feel attracted to, so you must have had… feelings for that… man.”

I was surprised in Alexander, that had been the first time he hadn’t called Rustin something foul, this man had respect for the dead, he understood death. “He didn’t smell nearly as good as you do.” I muttered, getting high on Alexander’s scent again. This damn man.

Heat surged through my body and my hands trembled. My tongue was heavy in my mouth and my throat burned. My mind swayed slightly as I regarded Alexander and I put my head on his chest, holding onto him like he was my lifeline in a typhoon. I gripped his arms tightly and my nails dug into his skin. I was still breathing, heavily now and my eyes burned terribly. My limbs felt completely numb, and I was losing all control over my body. All I wanted was to drink his blood, what was wrong with me?! When I looked into Alexander’s eyes I knew what I was feeling.


“Ashira,” he said carefully while staring into my eyes that were probably bright yellow by now with hunger, “What’s wrong?”

I swallowed with difficulty, “I am barely keeping myself from ripping off your clothes right now.” I said in a shaky voice that I was almost thankful for. Even as a vampire some things could still make me stutter like some idiot.

Alexander grinned, “Well don’t hold back, love. I have been holding back since the day we met and it’s been torture.”

We turned to face one another and I ran a hand through his hair, “So this is the curse of being your Promise angel…” I couldn’t resist him; the connection between us was just too powerful. I traced his bottom lip with my finger. “I think I can live with it.”

Our noses were practically touching by now and Alexander whispered, “I’m glad.” He wrapped his arms around me and pulled my body tightly against him with so much strength I probably would have been crushed if I was a human, “Do you want me, Ashira?”

Was there even a word to describe what I felt towards him? Want seemed so… wild and barbaric…

“Do you?” He questioned again, “You’re not a virtues maiden anymore, you’re a virtues vampire.” He bent down to whisper in my ear, “Probably the only one in existence since the rest all have a few hundred years on you.”

I swallowed again, “Y-yeah p-probably.” It really was a relief to have my good old stutter back.

I dug my nails into his chest, earning a little moan and ripped half of his shirt off. Without wasting any time I gripped the back of his neck and pulled him closer. My fangs sunk into his neck easily and hot liquid filled my mouth.

His blood tasted like he was, hot, seductive, sweet. Wonderful.

I couldn’t believe he was actually letting me drink his blood. I wanted to stop, I really did but… his blood tasted a thousand times more wonderful than Rustin’s blood had.

Alexander crocked his head to the side, making it easier for me to reach his neck and ran his hand through my hair and held my head to his neck, “What sweet torture.” He muttered.

What was I doing? With a gasp I broke free of his neck and stood heavily breathing my forehead against his chest to try and pull my mind back together. “I’m sorry.” I whispered. I licked my bloody lips. “I’m so sorry.”

“What’s there to be sorry about? I’ve drank your blood before.”

I hesitantly looked up to meet his eyes but I let out a little yelp when I saw how fiercely the wound in his neck was bleeding, “Oh my word, you’re bleeding!”

Alexander laughed, “And you just realised this?”

I shot him a quick glare before I gently placed my hands against the wound, “You’re losing so much blood! Oh no! I’ve killed you! You’re going to die! I’m so sorry Alexander!” I clung to him and he wrapped his arms around me.

“Silly girl, there is no way a little kitten like you could ever kill me.” He patted my back and looked down at me with a concerned expression, “Are you crying?”

“I just… I don’t want you to die too.” I said with a shake of my head. “I don’t know what I’d do to myself if I’d accidently killed you.”

“I’m fine, see? The bleeding has already stopped.” His voice softened and set my insides on fire, “Have you grown attached to me, Ashira?”

I frowned when I looked at him, “Grown attached to you?” I questioned disbelievingly and readied myself to tell him for the first time how I felt. “Alexander,” I said with a smile, “I want to be with you forever.” I reached up to stroke his cheek, my eyes glancing at the single freckle under his right eye. My burning vampire eyes met his and I said, “I was being serious when I said I loved you.”

There was a moment of silence.

Now I wouldn’t say that I was surprised when Alexander literally pounced on me but I definitely did not see it coming.

I hit the ground with a little ‘oof’ sound and Alexander hovered over me with bright yellow eyes, “I love you too, Ashira.” His mouth was hot and seductive against mine and I turned to jelly under his soft touch when he muttered against my neck, “More than you’ll ever know.”

He invaded my mouth easily since I’d been staring at him open mouthed and I threw my arms around his neck, crushing myself to him. No self-control there I see…

We madly kissed each other like the world was coming to an end and he somehow managed to pick me up and make me straddle him without me noticing. His huge hands were steadily moving up from my hips and around my back, making another purr form in the back of my throat.

“I like that sound.” Alexander whispered against my mouth with a pleased little smirk.

I took hold of his hair and pulled his head back, grazing my new fangs down the length of his neck. He growled and tried to get out of my grasp but I placed my hands on either side of his face and lifted myself so I was looking down on him, my mouth teasingly out of his reach.

He growled again, frustrated this time, when he realised he couldn’t kiss my mouth anymore, “This is cruel. Oh well your neck is closer now…” That being said he licked my neck and all the strength left my body. I fell limp in his arms and he held me tightly to his chest.

He looked down at me in his arms with a seductive smirk, “I have to say, you also look even hotter than usual with the whole eyes and fangs thing going on.” I hissed at him. “Feisty.” He commented and snapped playfully at my neck.

That was what made me completely lose control.

And the moment his hands slid underneath my shirt and he gave my shorts a teasing little tug downwards I was a goner.

“Can I just say that taking me in the middle of a field was not the most romantic thing you’ve done.” I told Alexander seriously.

“You weren’t complaining while I was on top of you.” His dark eyes met mine, “I’ll make love to you anywhere and any way I please.” Alexander muttered under his breath, “Besides we have the rest of eternity to do it romantically.”

Definitely would have blushed at that if I’d still been human.

“Speaking of which… have I mentioned how absolutely edible you look wearing what’s left of my shirt?” He reached out to me and I took his hand.

He pulled me into his chest and I grinned, “You have not.”

“It makes me unbelievably hungry.” He licked his lips hungrily, his eyes raking over my body and I shivered under his heated gaze.

“Like what you see?” I asked breathlessly even though I didn’t even need air.

“Yeah. But I think it’s time you lost those pesky pants again.” His eyes gleamed and shifted from green to yellow slits again. I’d grown so used to those eyes they didn’t even scare me anymore and my own eyes burned with hunger for him.

I stood on my toes to kiss him and dug my nails into his bare back, making him groan.

“Oh what you do to me.” Alexander muttered and kissed my jawline gently and sucked at my neck. He bit into my neck and greedily drank my blood… it wasn’t painful when he drank my blood anymore… it was ecstasy… and I never wanted him to stop. I whimpered when he retracted his fangs and my wound closed up immediately. “How will any human’s blood ever satisfy me again?” he seemed to ask to no one in particular. He placed open mouthed kisses down my neck, across my clavicle and then slowly down the length of my arm, holding up my arm in his strong grasp. His eyes met mine briefly before he bit into my wrist and I watched as he drank my blood.

Alexander and I were definitely not your everyday couple.

He was on his knees in front of me and I crouched down so we were the same height and I put my free hand on his chest. He stopped drinking my blood and released my wrist from his strong grasp. With my hand now free and healing I placed it next to the other one and pushed Alexander so that he fell over onto his back. Then I sat down on top of him so I was straddling him with an evil little smirk. “The ground is hard isn’t it?” I mocked playfully and he muttered something that made my whole body heat up. It sounded something like ‘that isn’t the only thing’.

I sat there watching him for a while, running my hands up his abs and chest until they rested on his muscular shoulders. Then I kissed him slow, long and tauntingly until he started getting impatient and wriggled to get free from underneath me. I chuckled when it seemed like I had him pinned down and he couldn’t get up, “Not as strong as you think you are?” I asked challengingly and whispered in his ear, making his whole body stiffen. “Are you?”

Suddenly Alexander growled and took control of where this was heading and with unbelievable speed and strength he was sandwiching me against a tree, holding my arms above my head and firmly in place.

He teasingly ran his index finger down the centre of my chest all the way to my navel. “Depends on my motivation.” He muttered and placed kisses along the skin he’d just traced, unwillingly making me arch my body in his direction.

“Meanie.” I gasped out while fighting to get my arms loose, to run my hands through his hair, but he was a lot stronger than me. “You were faking it.”

“Like I said: Anywhere and any way I like I will take you and I like seeing you squirm, my little vampire.” He teasingly nipped at my neck, making me stop my protesting and mould my body against his, “Purr for me kitten.” He cooed and I couldn’t help but oblige when he kissed the living hell out of me and I did in fact lose those pesky pants again.

I woke up slowly and shielded my sensitive vampire eyes away from the setting sun by snuggling closer to Alexander’s naked body. He wrapped his arms around me and my eyes snapped open to meet his.

We stared at one another for such a long time –hours and hours it seemed but it didn’t get uncomfortable, we were just observing one another peacefully. He was beautiful, he truly was, even if he was covered in a layer of dust from spending the night and day on the ground. “Well…” I said slowly when I started to wonder if the atmosphere was getting awkward, “We’re even less clothed now than ever.”

“Well yeah… that’s hardly my fault I mean I-“

“Hush Alexander, let’s not start bickering again because we both know how that will end.” I frowned “And it is totally your fault you idiot.” I said and before he could counter my statement I placed a hand over his mouth to silence him. I was feeling a bit sad again and although I wouldn’t mind it if he distracted me I needed to talk to him now.

We were lying underneath the stars, me half on top of Alexander who was leaning against a tree. Being with him was peaceful and I never wanted to be too far from him ever again. I wondered if it was because I was his Promise angel that I felt this way or if it was because I’d really fallen in love with him. Surely it couldn’t just be the bond…

I sighed. I needed to face the facts, he and I couldn’t just stay out here forever, no matter how nice that sounded, I needed to face what I’d done. I needed to face the fact that I’d killed one of my friends. Goodness, not even just an acquaintance, Rustin, I killed coffee guy and drank his blood. “I’m scared of myself Alexander, I’m scared of what I might do.” I whispered.

Alexander brushed a strand of dusty hair out of my face, “Because of what happened with Rustin?” He asked like he already knew the answer.

“Yeah… even though you really made me forget why I hated being a vampire for a few hours…” I trailed off awkwardly as a few thousand impure thoughts made me want to kiss him again and let him do all kinds of indecent things to me, “I still feel guilty for killing him.”

“Of course, my love, just because you’re a vampire doesn’t mean you’re going to lose your kind heart.” He gently stroked my cheek. “Only in moments of weakness and extreme hunger, but as long as you’re with me you never have to worry about that again.”

“Then don’t ever leave me alone again.” I begged him and I hugged him, “I don’t ever want to kill anyone again.”

“I will never leave you.” He promised.

“I think…” I started unsurely but when I spoke again I was sure of myself and I knew what I wanted, “I want to go and tell my friends that Rustin is… is … dead.”

Alexander’s expression turned solemn and guarded, “Are you sure? Are you going to tell them… how he died?”

I sucked in a determined breath, “Yes, I won’t lie to them. I will tell them what I am and that I killed him.”

“You’re so brave.” He said, “But are you really sure you want to tell them? They might not…” he sighed. “They might…”

“Hate me?” I asked, “How do you think I feel about myself at the moment?”

He hugged me tighter and pressed my head into his chest, “Oh my Ashira.” He hesitated before he asked, “Did I ever tell you about what Devon told me before I killed him?”


“He said that I wouldn’t be able to save you without making you hate me and I was prepared for you to hate me after I turned you, but… obviously it didn’t turn out that way.” He paused for a moment “Maybe they’ll forgive you in the same way you forgave me. Maybe they won’t hate you, maybe they’ll understand…”

Keeping my eyes downcast I replied softly, “I don’t hate you for turning me, I understand why you did, I just hate… being like this…” I lift up my hand to look at it and gave Alexander a weak smile. “I don’t think they’ll forgive me, Alexander, I’m not putting any hope on it…”

His beautiful eyes searched my face, like he was trying to see what I was thinking, “You won’t try to kill yourself again, will you? No matter how they react. I don’t know what I’d do if you were gone. When I saw that human male holding that knife against your heart, a weapon that could actually kill you, I was so scared. I’d never known fear before, but in that moment I was terrified.”

I stared at him, he was shaking at the memory and my dead heart melted a little. “I’m sorry, Alexander, I thought it would just be better for everyone if I was dead, I won’t ever leave you again, I promise.” I buried my head further in his chest.

“How could you ever think that everyone would be better off if you were dead? I need you, if I don’t have you by my side I might tear this world apart with my bare hands and watch every one die.”

“That’s a little graphic and thought out.”

“I have considered it before.” He told me seriously, “About a thousand years ago I- I just lost it completely. I thought that I was doomed to never find my Promise angel, I thought that I would never love anyone I thought that-“

I kissed Alexander softly on the mouth to shut him up. “But now you have me, so you won’t ever have to be alone again.”

He moved the hair out of my face, “But you’re still such a weak little thing, you can still die… just promise me you’ll fight if someone ever attacks you, promise me you’ll fight until you win.”

“I promise, but I don’t think that will ever happen… I mean, I have you to protect me don’t I?” I winked at him.

Alexander smiled gratefully, “Till death do us part, my only.” And he kissed me again.

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