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Sold To The Ruthless Alpha King

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"Shut up and play along if you wish to live." AN: Under major editing. An update could be expected before the end of July 2020.

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Chapter 1 (Edited)

April Zenitha Hathaway was a young adult struggling to live after having been orphaned at the young age of sixteen. She, unfortunately, lost her parents in the famous Uranium battle that many brave werewolves had lost their lives fighting. Today came the day she most dreaded, not wanting to meet the famous ruthless Alpha King Alexander but alas, her mean, prideful aunt had forced her into attending the event of the year, The Annual Gift Giving which was followed by a celebratory feast.

This event happened once every year on the night of the sixth full moon to honor the Alpha of Alphas and bestow a worthy gift upon him. It was a tradition carried down for many, many centuries, and not attending was utterly disrespectful and could result in you losing your head or being thrown out of your pack to unwillingly become a rogue.

The people were not pleased with Alpha King Alexander leading them because although he was an immaculate leader, one of the greatest, he was also rumored to be beyond ruthless. He was cruel, cold, merciless, quite young, and mateless. They believed he killed innocent women and children. They believed he killed his mate because he didn't approve of anyone being equal to him. They believed anything. He ruled with an iron fist.

A leader could either rule people by making them love him or by making them fear him. Alexander chose the latter.

April had heard all these rumors but didn't think too much of them after all, talk is talk until proven and actions speak louder than words. There was no evidence of these rumors being true yet the one about his mate was skeptical to the young lady because she strongly believed that the Moon Goddess had placed an unconditional amount of love and care in everyone's hearts for their mates making it impossible to kill them willingly but then again, this is Alpha King Alexander were talking about. The man is heartless.

After a long, warm shower April slipped on a brand new plain white dress. The corset was snug around her waist, allowing her slightly larger than average breasts to pop out just a little. The skirt of the dress flowed down to her ankles and to the simple white pumps that adorned her narrow and tiny feet. April herself was a petite woman. She was not skinny like all the other women neither was she large or big built. She possessed a slim physique with thighs that touched, buttocks, and breasts that were slightly larger than average and a small yet healthy waist.

Her dark, unruly locks fell to her wide hips framing her pale oval, structured face. Her large almond-shaped emerald eyes were adorned with dark, long, and curly lashes that fluttered against her high cheekbones, and her hollow cheeks were tinted with a natural crimson blush. Her pouty red lips sat underneath her rather cute button nose which was adorned with tiny freckles. A deep dimple in her left cheek and pearly white teeth added to her unfathomable beauty.

After spraying on some rose perfume she only used for special occasions, she turned away from the mirror and picked up a small painting of her parents and a younger her. Her finger traced the outline of their bodies. Her heart clenched at the thought of them. Even after losing them five years ago, the pain never seemed to lessen by even a grain of rice. Taking a deep breath in, she folded the painting and held it to her chest, close to her heart where they now resided.

"April, stop this sentimental nonsense and put all your belongings in this sack. You're making a mess in here." Her aunt, Zelda, ordered her distastefully after barging into her quarters. She threw a plain brown sack next to Aprils mattress on the floor and glared at the poor girl. "Why are you so dolled up?" The old hag chuckled mockingly. Zelda was April's fathers sister who took her in after the tragedy. She never liked April because her jealousy outweighed any liking towards her moral-driven niece. April worked as a cook and maid for her. She was a slave here.

April was an image of sweet, sensitive, loving, caring, and naive while Zelda was the exact opposite and her cunning mind had come up with an immoral plan for the ceremony tonight. The upsetting part was that the Alpha of their pack, Alpha Fared of The South West pack, had agreed to it.

April sighed. I-I might find my mate. She kept her eyes glued to the ground as blood rushed up to her cheeks. Zelda laughed while clutching her protruding belly which made April want to dig up a hole and die in it.

You? Find a mate? Girl, if you even had one, you'd have found the lad by the age of eighteen. You're twenty-one and I doubt ugly looking creatures such as yourself are blessed with a mate. You deserve to live and die alone." Zelda never gave up an opportunity to break down April's self-esteem or even just crush her hopes and dreams of escaping her miserable life. Tears threatened to fall down the young womans face as Zeldas words seemed to take effect. After a couple of breathing exercises, April completed her task as Zelda left to tend to her daughter, Suzanne.

This apple did not fall far from the tree at all. As April came upstairs and to the doorway, joining mother and daughter as they awaited their carriage, Suzanne did not waste the opportunity of mocking April. "What an ugly dress. No wonder you didnt find a mate. Your fashion sense is rather sad. The arrogant fifteen-year-old sneered as April sighed. She was now used to the insults. At first, she'd uncontrollably cry herself to sleep at night but eventually, her tear ducts ran dry. Tears would threaten to fall in the worst situations or when her mate or family came up. Those were touchy subjects for her, not that anyone respected that.

A few minutes went by as everyone gathered around the raised platform in the middle of South West pack territory where ceremonies were held. It wasnt anything extravagant but rather a plain brown wooden stage with bouquets lining the entire platform but only for today. Golden fairy lights hung from the poles at the four corners of the stage illuminating it as the chilly Summers evening approached. The enticing scent of Jasmines lured the crowd in even further as musicians played a soft tune on the violin.

The ends of Aprils lips turned upwards as she soaked in the sight before her like a child in a marketplace for the first time. The rare sparkle in her eyes could be seen twinkling so mesmerizingly from over a mile away at this moment. Her lips parted ever so slightly as a tiny gasp escaped her. She turned her head briskly as she attempted to stand on her tippy toes to see over the heads of the other people making up the large and loud crowd.

"Stay close, girl. We might have mercifully taken you in but I doubt someone else will." Zelda interrupted the young woman's state of awe.

I'm sorry, April sighed feeling reality set in.

Don't be sorry, be careful.

Nodding in response, April noticed the crowd settle as Alpha Fared approached the platform. Power radiated off of him. He towered above most men at six feet and four inches possessing a strong, authoritative aura. He wore a blue robe over his broad, muscular body. His grey-black beard was shaped neatly upon his semi-wrinkled face. He wasn't exactly a good person even though he tried to be; he could be bought easily. His son, Mason, on the other hand, was not good at all and unlike his father dearest, he didn't even try. Mason killed, gambled, raped and manipulated women constantly. He shouldve been sentenced to death but being the Alphas son sure had its perks.

He looked exactly like his father but younger and slightly less muscular and taller. Many people did not want Mason to be their next Alpha as he seemed entirely unfit and selfish. His mate had died two weeks after he had met her as she fell victim to a rogue attack. Her death was probably a gift as she wouldve suffered a much worse faith if she had still been alive and mated to this sick man.

Mason stood next to his father, his sharp eyes landing on an unknowing April. She hadnt noticed him watching her closely. His lust-filled eyes ran her up and down as far as they could in a packed crowd. He smirked. He was well aware of the young womans faith.

Good day to one and all. Today, we have gathered to witness one of the greatest annual events and participate. Alpha Fared spoke out with his strong voice as the once noisy crowd hushed themselves.

This year we are bestowing a pricy and worthy gift upon the Alpha King Alexander. He continued as whispers were exchanged between people. April stared expectantly at her packs leader as anticipation danced in everyones empty stomachs. Mason stepped off the stage and descended upon and into the crowd. People stepped out of his way as they cleared a path for him with every step he took. His eyes stayed glued to April. She could hear her heartbeat savagely thumping against her ribcage as she noticed his predatory approach. Blood rushed to her cheeks as her breaths quickened. A knot formed in her stomach as anxiety swallowed her whole. Her vision blurred and focused repeatedly as it became even more difficult for air to pass through her lungs.

Most of the crowd remained focused on Alpha Fared but a small portion watched Mason approach her. His smirk widened as he came face to face with April. Her eyes widened as she looked for a means to escape but had none. Mason leaned forward and gripped onto her waist as she gasped and involuntarily took a step back. Nausea hit her like a ton of bricks as she instinctively raised her arm to block him but he quickly caught it mid-air.

Chuckling nastily, he tightened his grip around her arm as he began walking back to the stage. No one said a word. No one dared to argue against the soon-to-be Alpha.

What are you doing? April hissed as tears began to prick her eyes.

Youll find out soon, love. He chuckled again. His word of endearment made her want to heave up her lunch. She wasnt surprised to see her aunt and cousin quiet during the whole ordeal but it was so strange to her how they seemed so unfazed as if they knew this would happen. April's knees buckled as Mason pulled her up onto the stage but not from the ascension; realization hit her. Her aunt being persistent. The new dress she was given. Her aunt telling her to pack her things. It all made sense. It was as if someone threw a bucket of ice over her. She knew what was about to happen. Her heartbeat raced even faster as tears blurred her vision. She tried to break free of Masons grip as everyone stared at her in amusement. This may be funny to them but it was humorless to her.

"This year we gift our King with gold jewelry, emeralds, rubies, and a slave!" Alpha Fared yelled in excitement as the crowd cheered.

Colour drained from Aprils face as her head felt like it was floating on her shoulders.

No, please, She begged, Please dont do this.

Mason's grip tightened around her arm, causing his nails to scratch her open. She winced as beads of tears fell from her eyes. She did not weep because he hurt her but because her aunt had sold her and her Alpha, the man who is supposed to protect her, did not hesitate to get rid of her and leave her in the hands of the most ruthless man alive. She attempted to intervene but Masons next words had sent chills down her spine. It was enough to silence her.

"Shut up and play along if you wish to live."

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