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Riley white is a 17 year old, lonely high-schooler, who was born with abilities far beyond humanity, resulting in him having to take a “seal pill” to disallow his power from being revealed. Trouble ensues when Max Rushcourse, his bully and crush, secretly watches as he seals his powers away. What happens next?

Fantasy / Humor
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Season one - Page one

I walk into class and sit down with a sigh as I put my bag down. Another day of hiding. I look around as the class waits for the teacher, Dr. Winsted. He was studying for his PhD before deciding to quit and become a teacher, teaching Science and Anatomy "AHEM" The teacher clears his throat as he walks in, The class goes to their respective seats and all quiet down.

Winsted stood tall over the gathered class, like a general overlooking his people. Shaking in their piss filled boots. “You need to talk to max!” My necklace begins to glow which almost catches windsteds attention, My hand catches it with practised paranoia as my eyes dart toward the teacher whose eyes rest on me for a moment, eyebrow slightly raised but not raised high enough that he might've spottet something. I shoot him my best attempt at an innocent smile, my knuckles going white around the amulet. “OW that hurt! You're lucky nobody other than you can hear me!” I roll my eyes as I speak to the voice through thought Can you shut up Ris? I can't focus with you talking constantly, “How rude! Im the one allowing those pills to work, so offend me and your power is reveald to the world” I think for a moment for a comeback and all I can muster up is you're childish “Riley. Tired, yes?” “W-what? No, sir. Just resting my eyes..” as I turn my head to the side I see my mother through the window of the door, her fading away a few minutes later. I feel a cold lump forming in my throat as I clutch the amulet harder and force myself to remember where I am: classroom. What's going on: Dr. Winsted is teaching something I'm missing. What reality is: my mother is dead, then thankfully Dr. Winsted goes back to his teaching.

That day in the cafeteria, a young boy came up to me. He seemed 15, maybe 16. So 1 - 2 years younger than me. “What?” I ask the kid, he leaves then A minute later he comes over with Max, My bully.

I like him, Oo n' He doesn't know. No one knows, except Ellie, his sister and my friend.

“Why did my brother come crying to me saying you said you were gonna break his fingers!” He says, angrily, Im dying inside. All I do is shrug as I blush, and continue eating. the boy lied to Max to get me in trouble, that's why this is happening. He is about to punch me, but ellie comes to stop him. "If you're gonna fight someone fight me, dumbfuck"

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