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Breaking accept

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We were loves and how did you think is going end So I asked is it going to end well or painfully...

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Wonder breaking accept

One week;

So i ask thomas why did you always want me to please u he said that don't ask me that question again u hear and i said yh

So I asked him baby boy is yr mom alive he said no please and i said kk

he asked me to visit him and i said oh i can't now wait for Monday so at time is still going

The guy who said he loves me a lot text me and ask, hi have you think about it finished and i said no please he said okay but I will be happy if you be my girlfriend

And I said hmmm,he said why what's wrong with you please i said natin he said ohk,thomas called me

at that time he said let us break up again i cry i very sad and the guy call me he said please please please accept it and be my girlfriend

I said kk he asked so have you accept to be my girlfriend and I said yes .i accept it buh continue begging thomas but I don't and he accepted to date me again but don't call me or text me

So i take i and the guy relationship like nothing but on going thomas did not change anymore he said let us break up oo sister so i tried and kk i have accepted not to date u again

So I forget thomas i and the guy was dating very fine at a time thomas chart me on WhatsApp,

hi Joy how are you doing i said pretty good wat about you he said cool can i take to yr mom i said why is there any problem he said yh i ask him to tell me what problem

but he didn't tell me he said no no i will call yr mom while u are not allowed and i said kk

He said i will introduce my girlfriend to u tomorrow i said kk be fast so he sent me his girlfriend picture so i laungh hahahaha i said check out my status he said okay so i post my guy Colby, thomas feel jealous about my boyfriend

So he insulted me and i said to him

I love my self the way i am i don't pleased some one to love, loving me is yr choice my life is like a tree live it or love it.

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