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The Alpha Wants Everything Book 1 The King's Queen

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An Alpha looking for his mate. A human hiding from her past. One obstacle in the way of happily ever after. Kane McKenna has been searching for his mate for the better part of eight years and has come up empty at every turn. He was giving up hope at ever finding her, until there she was and she was like nothing he expected. Fiery and combative, but she was hiding and he wanted to know why. Could he help her? Would she let him? Dax combative, assertive and hiding from her past. Keeping secrets and demons locked in a closet. The problem with keeping them locked up is they want out. She refuses to believe happily ever after is for her, but when a man walked into her life promising just that, could she accept? Fate throws a twist in their happily ever after as Dax's past catches up to her. Can the two work together to overcome it? Or will a tragedy rip their lives apart? What happens when these two worlds collide? Can Kane help his mate? Can he save her? Will she let him? Mature content, triggers warnings.

Fantasy / Romance
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Kane didn’t want to be there, he didn’t want to mingle, he didn’t want to talk to people, he didn’t want to look at art. He wanted to be out hunting for his mate. She had to be out there. Johnny insisted he had to go, arguing that his mate might be at the art show. If he didn’t go, then he might miss the opportunity to find her. Truthfully he felt Johnny just didn’t want to get dragged to the art show alone. It was Lacey’s idea to go, though Kane wasn’t even certain Lacey liked art, but she wanted to go and there they were pulling up to the curb.

“Come on big guy, it can’t be that bad?” Johnny said to him,

“No, I’m sure it’s going to be fun. Standing in a room with stuffy people, talking about overpriced boring pictures they like to hang on the walls” Kane snipped back. (🐺Is mate here?) Ky asked, he too wanted to be out there finding her. I don’t know! (🐺Then why the fuck are we here?) Johnny thinks it’s a good place to look for her! 🐺Is he stupid? Lacey wanted to go! (🐺She’s stupid!) Don’t be cranky! (🐺Fuck you human, I want our mate!) Fuck off mongrel, I’m looking! (🐺Not hard enough!) Let’s just get this over with! (🐺Thirty minutes then I’m fucking biting someone!) Kane couldn’t help but think that might be a good idea, it would get him out of there if he bit someone. Opening the door to his truck he stepped out into the evening to a man standing there waiting for his keys. His eyes widened when he saw Kane’s size and he couldn’t help but swallow the lump that formed in his throat.

Johnny and Lacey were already standing on the sidewalk waiting for him. Rolling his shoulders and stretching out his neck he went to join them.

“Stop pouting, both of you” Lacey snapped, “This is supposed to be fun, the newspaper said the artist was truly inspirational, and her work could move you to the core.”

“I’m not pouting, this is my fun face” Kane replied, staring straight at her, no hint of a smile lighting up his features.

“You need to work on it. Maybe if you smiled more” Lacey quipped.

Kane released a low growl at her, he wasn’t in the mood for her tonight. He had been searching for his mate for a long, long time, 8 years to be exact. Werewolves shift at 16 and can find their mate, he shifted at 10 knowing he was way too young to have one, but for whatever reason it didn’t stop him from feeling the pull to find one. When he turned 16 he started his search. It was put on hold when his parents died, and he became Alpha of the Blood Howlers, but he picked it back up. He’s looked everywhere for her. He tore up the eastern states looking for her only to come up empty handed each time. He didn’t know if he was close to finding her or if he was even on the right continent. He thought about looking up in Canada for her, but he wouldn’t even know where to start. Ontario’s packs held mate balls every year, maybe he could try one of those.

“We’re just supposed to wait on the sidewalk?” Lacey asked, pulling him from his thoughts.

“Guess so.” Johnny replied with a shrug

“That’s kind of stupid if you ask me. Don’t these people know who we are? My shoes are going to get ruined” Lacey whined beside him. Kane stood there silently, drifting back to his own thoughts. Going over and over in his mind what his mate was going to look like. She would be tall, and graceful. Blonde was nice, but he liked brunettes, he found them to be classy. She would be even tempered, diplomatic, educated and well rounded. He didn’t want a fucking airhead or spoiled brat. They were not Luna material.

Slowly the line moved up and he moved with it. Lacey continued her laundry list of complaints about having to wait outside, Johnny telling her it was going to be fine. He cringed the more he heard her complain and bitch. He just wanted to tell her to shut up. No, he wanted to get back in his truck and go look for his mate or go home. Goddess help him if he has a mate like his sister. He wasn’t sure what he would do if that were to happen. He has told himself over and over that he loved her, but he didn’t. Truthfully he felt nothing for her, he had forced himself to look at her like family, to take care of her like family. Lacey didn’t feel like family to him, she never has. Johnny was more his brother than Lacey was his sister, but Lacey was Johnny’s mate so he kept that to himself.

Besides how would it look if the Alpha of the most revered pack in the United States felt nothing for his own flesh and blood. Fuck she’s annoying! Ky huffed, Kane had to bite back the laugh that wanted to escape at that comment. (🐺Can we stuff a sock in it?) No! (🐺Why? It would make her shut the fuck up and stop bitching for a change!) No! (🐺You’re thinking it too!) No! (🐺Say something else!) What do you want me to say Ky? (🐺You hate your sister!) No! (🐺Why? You do. I know it, you know it. What’s the harm in admitting it?) If I say it you’ll eat her! (🐺Eww fuck no. Whiney bitches give me heartburn!) Why do you hate her? (🐺Don’t ask me that!) Why not? (🐺List is too long. Ask me something easier!) Like what? (🐺Like what’s there to like about her!) Alright I’ll bite, what do you like about her? (🐺Nothing, there is nothing I like about her. She has about as many redeeming qualities as an angler fish!) That’s a little harsh Ky! (🐺It’s the truth….am I lying?) Kane didn’t know what to say to that, he wasn’t lying. (🐺That’s what I thought!)

Again the line moved up, it was a slow process and he was starting to get agitated by this. (🐺She’s not family!) What? (🐺Lacey, she’s not family!) She’s my sister! (🐺You know as well as I do family doesn’t have to mean blood. She’s not family!) Kane looked at the woman standing on the sidewalk next to his best friend. Nothing, he felt nothing, no overwhelming urge to protect her, no ties, no connections, no warmth that only family can bring….nothing. He looked at Lacey, his sister through blood and he felt empty. He looked at the man standing next to her. His best friend, the man he considered his brother. He felt pride, brotherhood, the tie to family. Maybe he was broken. (🐺She’s broken, we’re fine!) Ky….! (🐺Do you feel broken?) No! (🐺Then we’re not broken, there’s something wrong with her though!) Does someone who’s broken, know they’re broken? (🐺Who the fuck knows? Who the fuck cares? We’re not broken and so what if we are who’s gonna say something to us?) A dead man! (🐺Exactly, a dead man. Going to have to watch our mate around her though!) Why? (🐺Bitch gets fucking jealous!)

That was one of Lacey’s less redeeming qualities, she does get jealous. Really fucking jealous. (🐺She tries anything against our mate, Goddess fucking he….do you smell that?) Ky stirred to life in his head, his excitement growing more and more the closer they got to the door. The scent of lilac and cherry blossoms wafted out tickling his nose at first, faint, light. Then it became enticing, entrancing and he had to find the source of it. (🐺MATE!) Ky screamed in his head, and pushed to come forward.

“Easy big guy. What’s wrong?” Johnny said, pushing him back.

“Mate!” was the only thing Kane could say. She was in there somewhere and he had to find her.

“You fucking kidding me?” Johnny asked bewildered,

“Mate!” Kane repeated, he had to get in the building. If it meant pushing everyone out of his fucking way then that is exactly what he would do.

“Whoa! No, you can’t just barrel in there. Too many people are around” Johnny hissed as he again pushed him back.

“Fuck, Johnny she’s in there” Kane snarled back,

“I get that, but these are people people. You start throwing them out of the way and you won’t get to her when they haul your ass off to jail.” Johnny reminded him.

FUCK!” Kane huffed, his mate was inside and he was stuck on the sidewalk because of stupid humans. Lacey was glaring at him, this was not how this night was supposed to go. He wasn’t supposed to find his mate, this was her night, not his. Now she’s going to be stuck spending the night talking to stupid pathetic humans until he finds the one that makes his stupid wolf sit up and howl.

Dax was walking around her art show, she hated how it was set up, none of this was her idea. The art dealer was persistent and she finally caved into doing one. She tried to keep her wits about her as she moved around the room, never staying in one spot for too long. She spoke very little to a few people. She didn’t want to be there, she wanted to be back in her studio, she had more work to do and this was setting her back. She also found the amount of people here unnerving. The place was crawling and there was no safe spot for her to go that didn’t have someone there. She fought to keep control of her breathing, these people were like wild dogs they would sense her apprehension about the show and pounce on her. She fought to keep control of her wildly beating heart, sometimes it beat so loud that it drowned out what they were saying. She fought to keep control of the urge she had to trace the scar on her ear. She fought to keep control.

“So you’re the artist?” Someone had stopped her as she was walking by them.

“Uh….yeah sure” She replied, not really looking in his direction

“Not very educated. What makes you think you’re qualified to tell us what classifies as art?” He asked, smirking when she looked at him.

“What makes you qualified?” She snapped back.

“I have a bachelors in engineering and architectural design.” He proudly spouted,

“Still paying that off?” Dax asked,

“Well….” He wasn’t sure what to say to that question

“Yeah, you are. See, your overpriced education that you are still in debt for is no better than the one I received for late charges at the public library. Yours might have come with a fancy fucking certificate, but it probably doesn’t keep you warm at night and the lights on in the piece of shit one bedroom crap hole you dare to lay your head in. Your education bled your bank dry and makes your pay cheque cry. Now which one of us is more educated? Idiot” The man stared at her wide eyed, mouth open.

“Dax, come with me please” The art dealer took her by the arm and pulled her across the floor.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” He snapped when they entered a back room.

“He started it” She huffed, her face turning slightly red.

“Do you have any idea who that is?” The dealer asked her,

“No and I don’t care. He shouldn’t be such an asshole” Dax replied, crossing her arms over her chest. (🐭Being a dick, ain’t gonna make his any bigger!) Where did you get that from? (🐭I don’t know, heard it somewhere!)

“You can’t talk to customers like that. If you can’t behave yourself then leave, until you can decide, stay put” He barked at her and walked out of the room. (🐭Who died and made him the boss?) Her subconscious asked.

“Woof woof” Dax called after him. (🐭He should be happy you didn’t hit him!) Not trying to hit people! (🐭Trying to keep control?) Trying for something! (🐭Let’s get the fuck outta here!) Someone’s bossy tonight! (🐭You don’t really wanna be here!) No I don’t! (🐭Then let’s go!) Alright bossy pants! The fuck was up with her subconscious tonight, it was never this pushy. Dax left the room she was supposed to have her time out in and went back to the show.

Kane had finally got into the building after waiting another 20 minutes to see a sea of people. FUCK! (🐺She’s here, she’s still here!) Ky was getting more and more excited.

“Don’t do anything stupid” Johnny called after him laughing as he watched Kane move through the crowd. Her scent still lingered and he moved in whichever direction had the strongest trail. He would stop and talk to women that were in the area of the strongest trail, but none of them were his mate. Some dared to touch him and he shuddered at their hands. (🐺Not our mate!) Ky howled angrily as they dared to put their hands on them. Kane was getting frustrated and was about to give up, when he felt a jolt rush up his back as something small smacked him. Then it was gone and all that was left was the scent. He looked around for whoever it could have been, but he didn’t see anyone. He moved again, he had to find her. She was here….somewhere.

Dax had to get the fuck outta there, she didn’t want to be there anymore. She didn’t want to behave herself, this is one of the reasons why she didn’t hold art shows, she hated the egotistical, self centered, morally superior, wind bags that attended them. They all thought they were better than her, they all spoke down to her and none of them liked it when she spoke back to them. (🐭Don’t fucking bark, if you can’t fucking bite!) I don’t think that’s the phrase that applies! (🐭I still like it!) She was side stepping around people trying to get to the exit when she tripped and smacked into what she thought was a wall. Electricity flowed down her body from the contact and she stepped back to realize it was the back of a man. A really tall fucking man! Holy shit! She moved quickly to get out of his way, the last thing she wanted to do was have to pay for the overpriced suit he was wearing if it turns out she wrecked it. Stepping past another woman listening to her describe one of her pieces she had to fight the grimace that crossed her face.

“Well I think the artist was trying to depict how we see the world. It’s savage and brutal yet beautiful at the same time.” She overheard her saying. (🐭This bitch fucking stupid?)

“Well if you ask me you wouldn’t know art if it jumped up and bit your professionally nipped and tucked ass.” Dax spouted at her.

“Excuse me!” The woman stared at her wide eyed,

“You’re excused!” Dax said, waving her along. She looked at the piece the woman was trying to dissect, very poorly. Passion! Fucking dealer, he seperated them! Dax shook her head, there was nothing she could do about it now. With the door in her sights, she moved quickly towards it. Making a hasty exit she slipped unnoticed into the evening.

Kane had tracked the scent all over that fucking gallery, he lost it in the sea of people and his anger boiled over. (🐺FUCK!) FUCK! It wasn’t only him that was angry, Ky was fuming in his head. (🐺Stupid fucking humans, they got in the way. We had her, she was right fucking here!) She fucking touched us! She touched us! (🐺So who fucking cares?) No Ky she touched us, she would have known what we were the second she touched us unless….! (🐺She was fucking human!) His mate was a human. He looked again at the sea of people in the gallery. FUCK!

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