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My Name Is My Legacy

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When you are faced with secrets and the unknown, family secrets that have dwelled in your veins your whole life that got you dear sister killed and you exiled from your only home. And what do you do when you meet a VERY attractive fey king who is forbidden. ( this is rated 18+ for violence, and sexual content)

Fantasy / Humor
Heaven Woods
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The Truth And The Lies

Why Names Are Important

I wish I knew what I was getting into that long, weary moon day. I lived in the tiny village below the mountain that has no name. Giving things names gives them power and the last thing we want it our land to have power. We till it, abuse it, use it, it would be devastating to lose it. But It was of no danger for us because everyone knows that. Names hold power and power holds life and life is what we live. That’s why only the rich people have names, their money gave them that. You only get to have a name if you did something great, something people will never forget.

However, if your someone like me and lives a simple life, your delightful parents get to pick a number. And sometimes you wonder what was going through your parent’s head when they pick it. Of all the possible numbers why in the blue moon ZERO?! of all the numbers! I hate it and everyone knows it, and God do the annoying donkeys love rubbing it in. That stupid…person he always rubs it in and constantly gets under my skin and it makes my brain itch! But It was all the same every moon day, sun day, star day. The time constantly drags.

I want to be something more! But to be something more you need a purpose and the money to do so. I lived in a simple abode with hard clay walls and a spiky straw roof. So, my name is zero and it describes me to the letter, or should I say variable? I want to go explore, but I can’t. The fey stalk and hunt the woods with their cold, burning eyes, and their pale as milk skin, and their tinkling laughter promising danger and destruction to the poor fool that stumbles upon them.

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