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If there was one thing Jedrick was assured of, it was that his birth was certainly uncalled for. He did not know who his parents were, but he did not blame them for abandoning him. After all, nobody would want a child who had an illness which had no cure and which made bones as brittle as broomsticks But that was before he had a vision. A vision that held the cure to his immediate despair. But it was not to his knowledge, that the same vision held the key that unlocked the wide, unclosable doors of uncertainty, hopelessness, and most importantly, pain.

Fantasy / Mystery
Aliyu Walid
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"What do you mean you found him perched on a tree? Is that even possible?!" Ms. Louis said with a wild stare. The newscaster had mentioned a thunder storm was eminent, but it seemed he missed a crucial description. The weather that prevailed was one that the only word befitting its characteristic was 'paramount'.

The destructive force and roar of the lightning shattered the glass of the buildings within a thirteen kilometer radius. As it landed endlessly on the earth, it swallowed up the cries of the baby, wrapped around a radiant-white cloth.

"My eyes did not deceive me back there Tiffany. I'm serious." John bellowed, trying to make his voice heard amidst the noise. He was dressed in a brown cushioned bear-proof suit.

"How did you manage? How did he manage? The thunder must have struck him." She questioned with her throat dry. She had just opened an orphanage, and this baby was about to be her first client. The walls of the orphanage shook so violently, the two inhabitants were not sure the building could hold on any longer.

"Well that's the weird part ain't it? The thunder seemed to redirect as it came close to him." He said, unsure of himself as the words came out of his mouth, but his eyes did not deceive him.

"Give me the baby." Ms. Louis said. Her abdomen felt light as her fingertips touched the thick cotton cloth. The baby's bawl could almost not be heard. She unwrapped the cloth gently and found a piece of paper on his chest.

'Jedrick.' It read.

"Shhh. Shhh. Shhh. Cry not Jedrick." She hushed. As soon as the name escaped her lips, the baby stopped crying. She looked into his comforting black eyes, and for the first time, saw the smile of the child.

"The lightning is gone." Said John, who was peeping through a slight opening of the door. "I'm going to find out if his parents are looking for him." John opined and left.

She took the stairs to the topmost floor and carried the baby, who held her necklace laughing, into the last room on the corridor.

"Take good care of the child, as this child has been through nothing but pain." A whisper came along. She spun around but saw no sign of life around the room.

Must've been in my head. She thought. She placed him on a bed and began going to close the window, which let in a severe cold breeze.

"Take good care of the child, and you will become enjoined with prosperity." The voice came again. Her eyes searched the place but could not find anything. She jogged across the room and opened the door. It felt like she was staring directly at someone. The hot breath could almost be felt, but again, she must have been imagining things.

As she walked back into the room and picked Jedrick up, the ever so silent voice whispered along for the last time.

"Take good care of the child. As he would greet pain like a lost brother."

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