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My Mate is a Goddess

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Gaeriscelleh is that fantasy empire land ruled by the Alpha, Bracus, and his werewolf pact called Morphans. Jaica is a Delta rank working as cavalry in the military. For decades, Jaica has been without a mate; her parents set her on dates to find him. The way to tell a mate is by touching their shoulder. If they faint, they are mates. If they are not Morphans, they will faint and start turning. Jaica has no luck finding her mate. Ivelisse finally escaped the oblivion realm that she was trapped in after she sacrificed herself in the Verantuvian War. Now that she returns, she needs to learn the ways of the Cosmic Order; the law constructed for Gods in the Ero universe. When Jaica's touch makes Ivelisse faint in front of the Alpha, family conflicts arise, is it possible for a female Morphan to have a female mate? This takes place seven years after the Verantuvian War. It's a spinoff and not as triggering as the Entropy series.

Fantasy / Romance
Ace Melee
Age Rating:

Chapter I: The Goddess Emerged from the Darkness


A blank void–Everywhere. There are no fluorescent stars to illuminate my way. I am just walking, maybe floating, on a floor that doesn’t exist. There is no hard surface to tell me otherwise. It’s been so long since I was outside of this oblivion circle. I can’t recall the days– the months– the years, but I remember it all.

“I can never truly die,” I said to Dominique before I turned into dust. Netedinark (Net-teh-din-arch), a God, sent me into this realm with his own magic. It was the second time. First time, I closed my eyes and screamed, and I heard a ghoulish masculine being belched out a sound of terror. His voice faded into nothingness like his magic. My eyes opened, and I saw I was back in the hurricane of war.

The second time was different. He rendered me powerless. He must’ve turned my powers off with his terrifying ability. My only power was to place ‘waypoints’ or ‘saved locations.’ Space is like a video game to me since I was bestowed this power by an omnipotent goddess named Ourdera (O-deer-uh). I kept doing it and doing it to avoid him until his katana-sharp tendrils sliced me up.

I wasn’t spared from the pain. I am not Naomi, who is ‘immune’ to pain. First, came the adrenaline. I was out of Netedinark’s lair for a brief moment to finally see Dominique. I saw the numerous cuts on my arms. Then, the realisation hit that I was falling apart, crumbling into a crumbled pie. I was going to die right in front of my best friend and my other friends.

I guess my saved points that I’ve forgotten saved me. Thank the Gods that I’m alive. Here I am, wandering aimlessly in this cold limbo of an anomaly.

The only thing that helped me escape this mess was the memories of my friends, the hallucinations– the shadows of oneself, and I ignored the thoughts of giving up because I never think all the time. My thoughtless trait was what got me into this position in the first place. I truly deserved this. It was my fault that my friends, Naomi, Markus, Aelen, and Dominique were in this mess.

Colourless ages ago, I tried to foresee into another dimension with a ritual. You see, I was in a coven. High Priestess Ella, told me no, saying it wasn’t too advanced for me. I was stupidly selfish. I did it behind her, failing numerous times until I finally broke through. It led to having multiple Gods possessing me, Netedinark included. My body was malleable enough to endure the terrifying essence of all malice. I guess Ourdera saw that as a good answer to give me powers too.

Anything that appeals to my senses will keep me going now. Seeing black all the time is pretty depressing. I can be tricked into being blind if I keep walking through this. I can’t smell anything gross or pleasing. I don’t care if the first smell that welcomes me is a pile of vomit. I am used to that whenever the kids I babysat were sick. There is no temperature, not even warmth. My touch is gone too. I can’t feel the air of this place.

It worries me that Netedinark has been gone for so long. I was ‘killed’ during a battle, but that could’ve been forever ago. He could’ve been defeated, but why is this braindead of a place still here? Could he still be alive? Could he just release me from this prison? I wish this place was telepathically connected to Netedinark’s mind, so I could harass him into insanity.

This place is precisely a representation of where nutjobs lure people into their homes before murdering them. I’m glad you were inspired by them, be more original.

Did you use this method to torture Naomi too?

Is it lunchtime yet, dad?

Are we there yet?

Is this the journey you went to school with?

Can you at least put one light or one colour? Hell, even Lucifer wasn’t as dull as you.

I stop, knowing that I am going nowhere. I sit down, pondering where I need to get out of here. My waypoints aren’t showing me progress, nor are my saved files, so what will I do? If I can make things appear like ritual items, I will do the same ritual here to get out of this mess, but I can’t.

C’mon, think, Ivelisse, use your brain for once!

Maybe I can try warping myself back out? My powers are on the quantum and warping levels that Einstein wouldn’t understand. I quantum tunnelled into new areas, but that was in a small range. Dominique’s lover, Bracus, warned me not to do that too much or I might break the universe. I ignored him. It may seem like I am teleporting or invisible, but I’m in law-breaking physics. I pace around and pop out. With the void, it’ll be hard to see if I find a through the tunnel.

I take a deep breath. I want to see my friends again, I thought to myself, might as well not stop now.

I try to focus on my way out, somewhere else that is not this place. I ‘float’ inside the tunnel. It is hard to see if I am in it because it’s clear. I need to change the colour. I fly faster and faster out of this, desperate to find a way. For once, I can hear the whooshing sounds like the ocean waves on all sides of me. I always heard that while doing this. My hair rises up in the air as it hugs me once again. Nothing killed me while in this place, so why not now? It feels like I am on Level 6 in The Backrooms. Even decades later, that creepypasta is still known. I am a 2050′s kid.

Light years beyond light years. Heat. Something that I missed all this time. I must be breaking a lot of rules inside this tunnel. It’s causing a chemical reaction. There is no sign of stopping from a Heat Stroke. I have to keep going.

A flash of white. Then, there is cold. A fruitless planet, as freezing as sub-zero. Frost tries to consume my skin but recedes from my space immunity. There are mini white lights around me in the distance. I look around. White powder grazes the landscape with the weak pressured winds gliding by. It smells of calcium at the bottom of a water heater. I bet eating it won’t taste great.

The rocks are a moonly white, building small caves. I see a shadow figure moving around in one of them. I investigate, knowing I can fight any hostility with my power or escape faster than a prisoner’s plot.

The being inside there was the one that kept me in his oblivion for so long. His body is calloused with calcium against his coarse black skin. I can’t spot any exhaustion or weakness in him. His inhuman body with tendrils from his neck to his lower back rests against him.

He glances at me emotionlessly. “How are you still alive?” He asks with vitriol, “I watched you die.”

“T’e universe wanted me to live,” I reply, unfazed by his tone, “I was stuck inside your little ’ell-’ole for ’ow long now?”

He laughs at my suffering. He tells me, “It’s been seven years. It amazes me that you were stuck in there for that long. I thought it never existed after that power was removed, let alone you. Didn’t you escape it before?”

“T’at’s t’e t’ing, I didn’t know ’ow. Anyway, w’at ’appen to you? W’ere are we?”

He explains to me, “I was kicked out of the universe. Good luck finding your way back.”

I smile and taunt, “Good luck to you gettin’ it all back.”

His tendrils turn rougher than this planet’s surface and sharpen into a very small point.

He says in a threatening voice, “Remember what I did to Ella? I can still do it to you too. Right here. Right now.”

“‘Ave fun trackin’ me down,” I fire back, rubbing it all in his face, “You’re ’istory now.” The quantum tunnel opens behind me. I back inside, “I will check if Teketa still exists since ya cared about t’at place so much.”

I wave goodbye. I turn invisible from his point of view. Wherever I am going, I am going back to Earth.

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