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How they broke her virginity 💔🥺

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it about a girl who didn't listen to her mom and decided to do things her way like a teen.

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Chapter 1

Early in the morning after the strong rains almost like floods...a girl called Lilitha and her boyfriend Sbonelo lived at KwaZulu-Natal in Durban at Umlazi .... Lilitha's mom ordered her to go to the shops and she thought it was still raining her mom told her to open in the window yet she was to lazy to do that.. until she saw her mom change her face she woke up opened her window .. the sun was there shining bright like a diamond , leaves on the road different types of colours guess what it was spring yay!! She felt healed inside her after sleeping in the hard rain she was so ready to bath and be beautiful it was the school mid term holidays ...Her mom ordered her to buy her airtime because she had a way and the weekend was her off ..there goes Lilitha to the shops bought the airtime and went back home on the way back home she saw Ayanda coming towards her Ayanda was her primary ex and they broke up because Ayanda wanted to make sex with Lilitha yet Lilitha wasn't ready so they broke up... Ayanda looked at Lilitha and offered to accompany her and Lilitha agreed on the way they talked about lots of stuff they did when they were still together until Ayanda said he wants lovebacks to Lilitha , she just looked at him with furious eyes, didn't talk and left without even saying goodbye or thanks for accompaning me.

*(Lilitha coming back home with a broken heart)*..

Whilst she was at the kitchen she heard water splashing as if someone was bathing and guess what her mom was. after her mom was done she went straight to her bedroom yet Lilitha was daydreaming in the kitchen thinking of what Ayanda just said..there Lilitha's mom was done preparing herself Lilitha gave her mom her airtime after that(*Lilitha's mom phone rings*) and she answered it and it was Lilitha's mom's Boyfriend called Phelelani, they talked over the phone for almost thirty minutes and Lilitha was so fuc*$d up of that sh*t until she was done around 09:00am Lilitha's mom told Lilitha that she's going and she'll be back on Sunday yet it was Friday morning *what!!* said Lilitha "where am I gonna sleep or who's gonna be with me through this weekend?" and Lilitha's mom answered "I've talked with Amahle's mom you're going to sleep there but only go there at night I don't want you to be a nuisance" Amahle was Lilitha's bestfriend then Lilitha agreed but not good with this yet she agreed .. ( her mom was going her boyfriend's house).... Lilitha was all alone and she cleaned the whole house and made herself food it was an English breakfast and juice then she ate after eating she then had an idea of calling amahle but amahle was at her dad's so she tried another friend of hers Lihle but Lihle wasn't allowed to go out on weekends so she called Sbonelo to come over the weekend .


There Lilitha calling Sbonelo and Sbonelo answering "hey baby" her heart just melted ..then she said hey can you come over right now or you're busy? then Sbonelo agreed and said "I'm on my way , anything for you" Lilitha worn her tight short dress and her rosely smelling cologne so she could smell nice .There Lilitha calling Sbonelo and Sbonelo answering "hey baby" her heart just melted ..then she said hey can you come over right now or you're busy? then Sbonelo agreed and said "I'm on my way , anything for you" Lilitha worn her tight short dress and her rosely smelling cologne so she could smell nice .

*after 25 minutes sbonelo sent a text saying "I'm outside"*

There goes Lilitha to open they gave each other a tight hug and kissed for a second and Sbonelo sat down on the doubled couch whilst Lilitha was closing the door ...that watched a movie called Final Destination it is a horror .. Lilitha was so scared and Sbonelo was holding her tight ncaww so cute shame 😩.. when the movie was done Lilitha went to the kitchen and made food while she was making it there goes Sbonelo holding her from her behind and complimented her the way she was so sexy in that dress plus it was Sbonelo's favorite dress of Lilitha's...they ate and went to bed and cuddled by the time sbonelo watched at the time it was 18:h00 and Sbonelo said he was going Lilitha wanted to cry but there was nothing she could do sbonelo kissed Lilitha in her forehead and opened the door and left Lilitha closed .

*By 19:h00 she didn't want to go to amahle's house coz she wasn't there .*

so she slept alone her and Sbonelo chatted all night in facebook until it was 06:00am thy didn't check the time . Lilitha woke up started cleaning the house and washed her small washing she had and bathed , *the phone rings* and she answered it and said "my love" with a begging voice and Sbonelo said " morning my world can I come today?" Lilitha agreed and worn her bumshort and a skin bra and her cologne ..........there sbonelo knocking on the door & she opened and hugged each other and closed the door . Sbonelo understood Lilitha since she was a virgin and they have been dating for 4years and 2 months...Lilitha was ready at that time and said to Sbonelo let's go to my bedroom sbonelo was surprised but decided to keep quiet then they went there ..Lilitha started kissing Sbonelo deep and deeper and pulled Sbonelo's t-shirt you could see that she was already horny . Sbonelo said to her "wait !what are you doing ?I understand that you're a virgin and I'm fine with that " Lilitha said she was ready sbonelo asked her many times that "are you sure?" And Lilitha agreed and they kissed so hard and Sbonelo neck kissed Lilitha until she was wet by the time sbonelo pulled out Lilitha's panty she was already wet he then started to muff Lilitha so hard that she couldn't do anything so as Lilitha sucked his dick, he then held his dick it was so straight and hard then he slowly put it into Lilitha's pussy she was so scared but wanted to do it so hard then Sbonelo keeps on pushing it slowly until Lilitha bled and Lilitha went to bath while sbonelo was changing the sheets cause the other ones had blood on them then Lilitha came back and they fucked so hard that Lilitha couldn't move her legs it was like she was paralyzed ....after they did 4 rounds they went to shower together and went to bed and cuddled sbonelo thanks Lilitha for trusting her with her virginity .

*After two weeks and Lilitha's mom was back Lilitha woke up and went to the bathroom and vomited *

Lilitha's mom thought she was sick because she didn't knew that Lilitha wasn't a virgin anymore so Lilitha went to the doctor and made some tests and found out that she's pregnant with twins she was so excited and heartbroken mixed emotions then went to her boyfriend's and told him sbonelo just went silent for two seconds and then answered "so you mean I'm going to be a father ?thank you my love I love you so much" Lilitha was happy then cause if Sbonelo had denied the babies she wouldn't know what to do .

Then went back home and told her mom she was pregnant her mom was amazed and asked who's the father and she told her but she didn't have a problem with her pregnancy coz she was 19years old ... then after 1year sbonelo engaged Lilitha and after 3years they got married and they were a happy fam.


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