Flight of Dragons

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What would you do if you found out you were born to save a magical race from leaving the world forever? Chris had no idea he was born a dragon & that on his birthday he would be taken to a new world. Who would of thought King Arthur and his sister Morgan Le fey would cause so many problems for the race of dragons. This book Flight of Dragons takes the legend of The knights of the round table and stands it on it's head. The question will be can you handle the heat? Please remember it's a (Work in progress)!!!!

Amber Beisner
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Chapter one

Chris stepped out onto his parents front porch he couldn’t believe that this was going to be his last day of living with his parents. Chris was turning 20 on Friday and he had decided that it was time to move out. He had been working since he was 15 and had saved enough for a small one bedroom apartment.

“Remember we are having your party tonight so be sure to come home” his mom said from behind him.

Chris turned to find his mom standing there looking at him through the screen door. He didn’t understand why they were throwing him a party when in all these years they never had before, but he had promised. “I know mom I promise to come right home from work.” He had some weird feelings when his parents told him they were throwing him a party, he had even went so far as to tell them he didn’t want one but they insisted.

“Good because your dad really has something special for you and he has been wanting to give it to you for some time.”

That gave him another weird feeling because unlike most parents his didn’t care about his birthday or even about giving him anything for them. His birthday had been just another day, he didn’t even know when his birthday was until just a few weeks ago when his mother said they were celebrating it this year.

The weird feeling hadn’t left and kept getting worse the more his parents talked about the upcoming party. He chalked it up to nerves about moving out but he knew that wasn’t it, and it felt like death was creeping up his back ready to take him any moment.

Getting in his car he turned on his music and pulled out of the driveway. He had started packing things a couple of weeks ago hoping to find someplace to live and just yesterday on his way home from work he had found a one room apartment available with some furniture left behind from the last tenants. He had been the third person to look at it but the only one to make an offer. They had called him this morning and told him he could have it, he just had to come by and put last months and this month’s rent in plus a cleaning deposit of two hundred. He had saved up over a two thousand and he hoped he would have some left over to turn everything on and put some food in the fridge.

After realizing he was letting his mind wonder Chris started concentrating on driving and realized he had made a wrong turn somewhere. The road he found himself on lead him to a house he had never seen before and right in front of him was a gate leading into the grounds. “What the heck?” Turning on the GPS he put in the address of his work but the GPS couldn’t find the road he was on to lead him back to town. Sighing he put it away and drove up to the gate hoping there might be an intercom and someone to tell him where he was. As he pulled up the gate opened up and because he didn’t see an intercom he drove in and entered a canopy of trees that lead halfway up to the front door.

As the trees started to clear he saw a man standing at the top of some steps and he was dressed in a butler’s uniform. Pulling up next to the steps he started to get out of the car but before he could open his door it was pulled open “welcome sir to the house of Draco.”

“I was just hoping you could show me the way back to town please.” Before the man could reply it dawned on Chris what he had said “did you say Draco?”

“I did sir this house is their human home and they have been waiting for you.”

Waiting for me, Chris’s mind started spinning, he had heard that name somewhere before but couldn’t place it. “Why do I know that name and why have they been waiting for me?”

Smiling like he had a secret the man bowed and said “I am truly sorry sir but I am not allowed to say. If you would like the answers to all your dreams and questions you will have to come inside.”

Not knowing what to do Chris got out of the car and followed him into the house. “If you don’t mind me asking sir what is your name?”

“My name is Waer and I am the servant of the house, to help people when they can’t find their way back home.”

“But I asked for help and you told me that you couldn’t help me find my way.”

“Are you sure you are heading in the right direction sir?”

They stepped into the front entryway and continued walking to the back of the house. “Well no I’m not sure I’m going in the right direction that’s why I asked for help.”

Stopping in front of the open basement door Waer turned to Chris “you asked if I could tell you how to get back to town and I wonder if that is really where you would like to go.”

Chris was so confused, of course that is where he would like to go he needed the money to help with getting his new apartment. “Please sir if you would step down you will find what you are looking for.”

“Can’t you just tell me how to get back to town I need to get to work?” Chris was becoming frustrated with the whole situation.

“Please sir just head down these stairs, everything you need will be waiting for you.”

Containing his anger Chris started down the stairs, he could hear Waer talking to someone behind him and coming from somewhere in front of him he could hear another voice. As he reached the bottom someone came walking up to him.

“Welcome to the house of Draco Chris my name is Hoon and we have been waiting for you.”

Taking the out reached hand Chris felt a shiver go up his spine and yet he felt like he had just come home. “How do you know my name?”

“We’ve been watching you for some time but didn’t know if you were ready to hear what we had to say. That’s why we made this place in hopes you would find your way here; if you were truly the one we were looking for.”

“I don’t understand, why have you been watching me? What don’t you think I’m ready to hear?”

“If you would please follow me we aren’t safe here once they find out you didn’t make it to work they will come looking for you.” Not knowing what to say to that Chris kept quiet and waited. “I know you have a lot of questions and they will be answered after we get you to safety. Please follow me and don’t fall behind no matter what you see just keep up.” Turning around Hoon headed through the red door and because he had no other choice Chris followed.

“I need to ask you somethings and you need to answer everything truthfully.”

“But you haven’t answered anything I’ve asked you why should I answer anything you ask me?”

“Well answered my boy and the answer to that is in order for us to know who you are I need you to answer me as best as you can.” Chris gave him the go ahead “ok first what is your full name?”

“Chris Hobson.”

“No I mean your dragon name not your human name.”

Chris stopped dead in his tracks “dragon name? Why would you ask me if I have a dragon name? Is this some kind of role playing game?”

Hoon turned around with wide eyes “you really don’t know?”

“Know what? All I know is I got lost, tried to get ask for directions and now I’m following some guy who sounds like a lunatic.”

Hoon turned white and his eyes got really huge “no one told you anything.” Turning back around, he started walking again mumbling to himself.

“Would you tell me what the heck is going on and who is no one?” Hoon didn’t answer and didn’t ask him anymore questions, they continued down the hallway and came to another door. Taking out a key Hoon unlocked the door and stepped back.

“You are about to find out something that has been kept a secret for many years and the reason why you’ve never felt like you’ve belonged.”

Holding the door open Hoon allowed Chris to go first. Hot air rushed out and the sounds of cheering, roaring, and bodies hitting each other.

Letting his eyes adjust Chris could tell he was in a gym and in the middle people were standing around cheering as they watched something in the air.

Following their line of sight he found them watching a fight between two dragons. One was white and blue, the other black and gold, both were clawing and snapping at each other. Then another blast of hot air hit him and he realized they were breathing fire at each other.

Wanting a closer look at them Chris headed towards the crowd of people. But before he could take a step Hoon grabbed him “wait, you can’t just go wondering around we need to get you to your elemental teacher.”

“No what you need to do is tell me why you’ve brought me here and how they made those look so real.” Chris pointed to the dragons who were still fighting.

“They look real because they are real, what you’re looking at is what you will become when your changing date comes.”

Chris thought he had really stepped into the Twilight zone “look I don’t know what you’ve been smoking but if you don’t mind I’d like to get a better look at the dragons before they rip each other apart.”

Turning around Chris walked away before Hoon could get another word in or grab him and stop him again.

Walking over Chris pushed his way to the front of the crowd, there he found he could see them better and they were amazing. The white dragon had such away about it that it would seem that it was real, it moved with such grace and agility that Chris wanted to meet the person who was controlling it.

Looking around he spotted two people on a platform behind the crowd, thinking they were the ones who controlled the dragons Chris started walking towards them not caring that he was walking right in the middle or that he was right underneath them.

Just as he reached the middle the cheering had stopped and everyone was looking at him. Hoon had followed him and reached him just when they first drop landed splattering him with red paint.

Grabbing him Hoon spun him around to look at him “what the heck do you think you’re doing?” Just then another drop came down and hit Chris straight on the head. “Dang it boy we need to get you out of here before you get hurt.”

It was too late the dragons that had been fighting hadn’t stopped, the white one had finally got it claws into the other and they were on their way down.

Hoon was yelling something but all Chris could do was watch as the bodies came down. Not waiting for Chris to regain his thought Hoon reached out and pushed Chris as hard as he could. Flying through the air Chris hit just as the dragons did and the impact from them caused him to bounce. Bouncing a few times caused Chris to hit the ground and jerk his head, with the last bounce he hit his head so hard he blacked out.

Hoon who had dived out of the way got up and looked around for Chris. Finding him a few feet from where the two dragons who by now had turned back into their human selves landed, he saw that Chris was badly hurt and called for help.

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