Flight of Dragons

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Chapter ten

The day you wake up on your birthday is supposed to be a wonderful thing and Chris had hoped it was going to be one of those times. Opening his eyes the first thought that ran through his mind was “I’m going to change today” and then the battle came flying in and the joy he had left. He could hear people outside his door already up and heading towards the battle field.

After he had told her flight about what was going on today they had explained where it was being held and that it could take up to a minute or a month to finish it. They weren’t happy about the battle but they had wondered even put a bet on when Julia would get the nerve to challenge Morgana (Elise had won). They didn’t think she would go as far as she did “to challenge someone to a blood battle at their age shows just how much Julia hates her” Rebecca had said.

They had agreed to meet half way between both houses so Chris could walk with them and sit with them in the box that was reserved for the family of two dragons. As they entered he could see the stands were filled with all kinds of people and above them dragons, fairies, and tiny specs of light flying. “Those are the pixies” Pamela whispered in his ear.

Elise and the rest of the flight were looking up into the stands “all the royal families and their people are here” she said.

“One of the first is in this fight and they want to see how powerful we are” Justin said with a low growl in his voice.

Elise put a hand on his shoulder “it was going to be this or something else they would have us do to prove they made the right choice.”

“What are you guys talking about?”

She shook her head “not now we’ve got to get to our seats before the battle starts.”

They started climbing again and walking into the box to find their dragon parents. They were all greeted with a hug and his mother took him by the hand to lead him to meet her husband and Morgana’s father.

“I wish we were meeting under normal circumstances” the king said with a sad look on his face.

Chris gave him the best smile he could give but didn’t feel and told him that he should stop all this. Of course he wished he could stop it but it has already been set in motion and the blood deal was made. Chris wanted to ask what a blood deal was and he remembered Vaeros slashing the girls hand and didn’t need to ask. They talked until a voice told everyone to take their seats.

“Welcome everyone to the blood battle between Morgana Draco daughter of Ikkan dragon king of fire and light, daughter of Morgan le Fae witch queen and Findëmaxa Talon daughter of Thoran Talon dragon council member and traitor finder.” He waited for the cheers to die down and continued “the rules” taking out a piece of paper “they are going to fight as dragons, there will be no magic allowed and no weapons but their own claws and teeth. Because their element is the same and would not do much damage to each other and might do damage to others they have agreed not to use them. They have agreed on who their keepers will be” he pointed at an opening far below “the fire leader Vaeros and Alric king to our Slayers.”

That got Chris’s attention, a man wearing black from neck to toes walked out behind Vaeros. “That is your father Chris and he’s wearing his slayer uniform” Joe told him over his shoulder. He couldn’t see him very well from up here but Chris thought they shared the same color hair.

Cheering from the announcement was still very loud “please can we quiet down” he could feel the wish or tone or whatever it was in the announcers voice like he did the day Vaeros made him bow. The noise stopped “thank you, now the battle will only end one of two ways if someone collapse from lack of blood or one of them can no longer fight.” Meaning one dies Chris thought to himself. “They have agreed to the winnings and because the battle can be bad they agreed the loser will receive nothing, no other punishment the fight and the damage will be enough. The loser of the fight will not be healed they will live with their scars as a reminder of their loss.”

He looked at their box “if it now pleases our kings and queens” and looking at everyone else “and pleases the rest of our audience the battle will begin.” Whistles and cheering came from all over and the monitors that were put up at difference angles came to life.

They focused on another doorway hidden behind a huge wall and there coming out of that door was Julia, also wearing black from head to toe. Waving to the camera and blowing kisses, the door closed behind her and the camera changed to show another door and this one opened to reveal Morgana. She wasn’t smiling, waving or blowing kisses, all he could tell was she didn’t seem happy. She looked up at the monitors and it was confirmed, on her face plain as day was a sad look.

The screen spilt and the camera showed both girls behind the walls Vaeros was talking to Morgana and Alric was talking to Julia. After a moment they turned towards each other and walked to the center of the field. They talked and when it was discussed to great lengths Vaeros turned towards the camera and gave a nod.

“Each dragon has been talked to and looked over, they have been found in good health and in their right minds. If the ladies are ready they can begin.”

The cameras showed Vaeros change into a dark purple dragon and Alric hop onto his back. “Why is King Alric riding Vaeros?” Chris asked Kyle who was sitting to his left side.

“King Alric can’t fly and in order for him to be in the air to watch the battle he’ll have to ride on Vaeros back.”

“Can’t someone help him to fly like Morgana did with me yesterday?”

“Morgana is the only witch here and the only one with that kind of power” Rebecca explained from the other side of Kyle. Chris must have had a clueless look on his face because she laughed and tried to explain better. “There are many magic’s in the world but not all of them can help someone fly or levitate.”

“And because both people in the battle have to be in top form Morgana can’t help him” Kyle finished for her.

Chris was going to say something else but Vaeros jumped into the air and the cameras split again showing the girls. Each one gave a bow to each corner of the field and changed. Julia finished first and her being young didn’t take away from her only being slightly smaller than Vaeros. Her colors were light pink scales and in the web parts of her wings and the spikes coming off her back were blood red. Light and shadows played off her scales and when she launched herself spreading her wings the colors changed making it seem she was many different colors of pink and red.

Chris now registered booing, cheers, cat calls, and fox whistles coming from the crowd of people. Across from them in another box he could make out some of her friends and other people jumping up and down for Julia. She was big and Chris didn’t know how Morgana could fight something so big.

His eyes moved from Julia and found Morgana hadn’t changed yet. She was looking up and watching Julia again with a sad look on her face. The crowded finally noticed that there was only two dragons in the air and turned to Morgana. Silence spread across the arena and they held their breath wondering why she hadn’t changed. Someone from Chris’s right asked what she was doing and he heard his mother let out a little cry. They all knew she didn’t want to do this and they knew that somewhere deep down she was letting Julia show just how beautiful her dragon was. Finally she smiled and where Julia’s transformation was all of a sudden Morgana’s was slow and amazing.

Smoke gathered around her, first it was the size of her and slowly it began to grow. “I never get tired of watching her change” came Elise’s voice and the others agreed. Sparks were popping from inside the smoke and it would allow just a peek of some part of her and then it would hide her again. It grew and grew, when it stopped growing it began to disappear starting from her claws and moved up.

After all the smoke left the breath everyone had been holding came out and there far below stood a white and blue dragon. Morgana was beautiful, her scales shown bright and reminded him of an opal. Her hair was blue fire with light blue tips, her body white except for her feet they were blue like her hair. She had a delicate face nothing like the dragons he saw in books and right on her eye lid was a little blue making look like she was wearing makeup, her wings were way different then he thought they would be. The part that was supposed to be weeded was feathered and they matched her hair, light blue tip and dark blue. Her spine had small fires going down it to the very tip of her tail, he was amazed at how different she looked from the dragon Vaeros was, that he asked and his mother said it was due to the fact that she was also a witch and that had affected her look. He asked if it would affected his look as well and she said she didn’t know but it was very likely.

Morgana lifted her head in the air and let out a huge roar making the fire on her back grow, and with that she looked up, spread her wings, and the fight was on.

Julia didn’t wait for Morgana to reach the air she dove at her claws and teeth bared. Morgana saw her coming leapt out the way and punched Julia in the side of her head. Thanking who ever made that arena like a hockey rink Chris saw the first blood of the battle hit a barrier. The crowd cheered and Julia glared as she wiped away the blood coming from her mouth. Morgana hovered waiting for her next move, and she didn’t have long to wait. Julia launched herself at her again and before Morgana could get out of the way Julia grabbed her tail. Putting her wings in Julia dropped taking her prey with her, and before she hit the ground she let Morgana go launching herself into the air and causing Morgana’s tail to jerk her body towards the ground. She hit causing the ground to erupt with dirt and the whole arena to shake. The dirt cleared and there in the middle of the arena Morgana laid in a crater her body had made.

She didn’t move and above her Julia waited for any sign of movement and of life. Slowly Morgana began to lift herself out of the crater and as she revealed her body he could see blood coming out of many small cuts.

“I thought a dragon’s body is like armor? That shouldn’t have caused so much damage.” Chris watched Morgana gather herself and went back up in the air.

“We are still young and our scales hasn’t harden enough for a fight like this” this time it was Pamela who spoke and she voice has a slight quiver to it.

He watched a change come over Morgana “oh no Julia had better watch out because that isn’t Morgana anymore” Justin said with a chuckle. Hearing but not comprehending Chris was mesmerized by her.

Julia either didn’t notice the change or didn’t care because she went for Morganas tail again. Not giving her the chance Morgana flew up and over Julia racking her back with her back claws and grabbing Julia’s back feet with her hands. Julia screamed and before she could do anything about her feet Morgana started flying in circles. Faster and faster they went until all you could see was the circle they were creating, then a pink body flew from the circle headed towards the crater that Morgana had made. This time they had been higher in the air and when Morgana let go of her, Julia dropped faster and faster from the weight of her own dragon body. She hit and that didn’t stop Morgana like it did Julia, Morgana landed, you couldn’t see what was going on because of the dirt flying in the air. The crowd was quiet again and then whispers and cheering because Morgana had lifted Julia’s lifeless body from the ground and headed into the air.

Morgana had Julia by her neck and one of her hands, she flew higher and higher to where the cameras, Vaeros and Alric had to follow them. They went out of view and everyone turned towards the screens. Morgana had dug her claws into Julia’s neck, blood rushed out of the wounds, she was clawing at the hand around her neck trying desperately to get Morgana to let her go. Julia stopped clawing at her attackers hand and went after the belly, Julia took a swipe and connected ripping open some of the cuts in Morgana’s belly and causing new ones. Morgana doing the only thing she could, she let Julia go and Julia took that time to fly far away from her.

Both dragons were breathing hard and both were losing blood. Alric asked if they wanted to continue and when Julia nodded Morgana had no choice but to continue as well or lose. The sun high in the sly caused the dragons scales to shine and it was beautiful but the blood dripping from both of them took some of that beauty away.

They all saw when Julia decided she was going after Morgana again. Looking down into the clouds she dropped and disappeared. Knowing what Julia was up to but not knowing where she would come from, Morgana watched and waited. Closing her eyes Morgana didn’t move, barely breathed and when Julia showed herself coming from the left, Morgana was ready. Kicking out Morgana caught Julia on the nose, spinning in the air Morgana grabbed Julia again but this time by her wings and as she spun she ripped. There was no scream, no roar, Julia’s eyes grew big, rolled into the back of her head and she passed out.

Julia would’ve fell to the earth if Morgana hadn’t caught her and brought both of them back down into the arena. Chris notices as Morgana laid her on the ground that she was way smaller then Julia and was amazed that she won. Laying her on the ground Morgana backed off and allowed the keepers to look her over. It was decided Julia could no longer fight and Morgana was the winner.

The crowd erupted and Chris even found himself cheering for his friend. But when he looked over to the flight he noticed none of them were cheering. He didn’t know why they just watched where the white dragon stood and when his eyes paned back to her she had already changed back and was walking towards Julia.

Alric tried to stop her and there was an argument but Vaeros said something to him and Alric let her go, even helped her over to the pink dragon laying on the ground in a pool of her own blood. Vaeros took her hand, spoke to her and then left her there to put her hands over the rip in Julia’s wing. Her head bent the cameras moving in close to get a better look and you could see her lips moving, blue light came from her hand and where she was moving her hand along the rip it healed. The blood slowly stopped and when she was done the wing was mended and Morgana had lost more color.

“What the heck was she thinking she could’ve let someone else fix that” came a growl from Chris’s right and when he looked there stood Elise eyes furious and arms crossed. She noticed him watching her “come on we need to be there when they bring her into the HL hospital” taking one last look at the arena where Julia still was, she walked to the stairs and descended.

The hospital was blocks away and because they still couldn’t turn or some of them didn’t have wings they were allowed to take some of the golf carts. Chris rode with Pamela and Joe to the hospital, when they got there, her dad and his mom were talking to someone. When they were done they came to talk to the younglings.

“She is weak and very swore but they have hopes she will be strong enough tomorrow to heal and come home. Do not worry children they are taking very good care of her.” His mother had put her arm around him and kept hugging him to her when she tried to stop the flow of tears.

“She isn’t going to want to stay here and we would like to see her if it’s allowed” Elise stepped forward.

“When Morgana healed Julia’s wing it took more out of her then she had and the blood she had lost did not help. She passed out after they brought her here and knowing how she feels about people they decided to keep her that way.”

“Queen Aryxon is right Morgana needs to sleep and the amount of drugs they gave her to keep her that way she will be sleeping for some time” King Ikkan said as he gazed at the door the man they had been talking to entered.

“If she hadn’t healed Julia then she would’ve been able to heal herself and then she wouldn’t be in this mess” Rebecca had been crying but now her face shown a hint of anger towards Morgana.

“Why did she heal her when it stated in the rules that the wounds they got from the fight wouldn’t be healed, the loser had to keep the wounds as a reminder of that loss?”

“Because Justin” Vaeros and Alric had come to see how Morgana was doing after they dropped Julia off said “Morgana knew how bad she had hurt Julia’s wing and she told us that she would never feel right if she knew Julia would never be able to fly again because of her.”

They bowed to the king and queen “I told her it wasn’t necessary that they had agreed on the rules but she insisted” Alric finished.

“Oh King Alric, Vaeros how is Julia will she be alright?”

Bowing again Alric answered “She’ll be just fine Queen Aryxon the worst wounds was to her neck and wing, and because Morgana healed that the blood loss wasn’t too bad and she’ll heal.”

“She’ll be very swore for some time and she’ll have to drink her food for some time because Morgana dug her claws in very deep.” Then Vaeros looked at Elise and her flight “can you answer me why Morgana didn’t finish her on the ground? Why did she pick her up and to take her so high when she was losing blood herself and Julia must’ve weighed a lot?”

They shook their heads “because the higher you go the harder it is to breath and if you keep going the colder it gets and because Morgana had Julia by her neck she was probably hoping she would pass out and the battle would be over.” Everyone turned to look at him “I don’t know if going that high effects dragons like it does humans or other animals but that is what I would’ve done.”

Alric gave him a wink “the boy’s right if she would’ve made it any higher the oxygen levels would’ve dropped and the way she was holding Julia by the neck she would have problems staying awake.”

“Well anyway we have other things to take care of Chris is going to change tonight and we need to get him over to the changing area so he can get help.”

All eyes were on him again “mom” that felt weird coming out of his mouth towards this women. “Do you know what time I’m going to change? I would like to stay here and make sure Morgana is ok until then.”

“You aren’t showing any of the signs but that doesn’t mean you won’t start to any minute and when that happens you wouldn’t want to be moved from here to there because the pain is unbelievable” Vaeros said.

Elise was looking at him with a mixture of feelings going across her face “Morgana was going to be there when you changed she wanted to help you and now she’s unable to go.” Looking at the door she made a decision “if she can’t be there and we can’t stay here with her, we’ll go in her place if the rest of the flight is ok with that?” Everyone nodded in agreement but Justin he was watching Chris “great I’m going to look in on her and then we’ll meet you at the morphing facility.”

Chris was going to follow after her when he began to sweat and he started to feel his temperature rise. Shaking his head and wiping away the sweat he tried again but this time a wave of dizziness came over him.

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