Flight of Dragons

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Chapter two

Opening his eyes Chris felt like he had been mosh pit that went out of control. Trying to sit up his whole body was screaming at him and even worse his head wouldn’t stop pounding with the beat of his heart.

Getting the spinning to stop and his stomach under control Chris looked around at the room he was in. It was a hospital room and he was the only one in there.

At the end of the room was a door and right then it was opening. Stepping in was the one person Chris had thought he had dreamed about, Hoon and with him was a women dressed in scrubs.

Everything came rushing back to him “what the Hell did you do to me and why do I feel like my head has been hit with a two by four?”

Hoon and the women stopped in their tracks, Hoon put his hands up “it’s alright Chris we aren’t going to hurt you.”

Putting his hands over his head Chris sat down on the cot near the wall “yeah well tell that to my body.” Looking up at them he could feel the anger rising “now will you tell me what the Hell is going on?”

“Do me a favor doc and go get his leader please.” Chris watched her leave and waited. After a second or two Hoon let out a sigh and sat down in front of him. “I don’t know what you’re feeling or even thinking because I’ve never gone through this but I won’t lie to you.” Taking a deep breath Hoon went on “everything you saw yesterday was real, dragons are real and you are one of us.”

Chris looked at Hoon with wide eyes “one of you?”

“I’m a full blooded dragon…..”

Laughing at that Chris got up from the cot and asked “as to what a halfblooded one.”

“No as to a full blooded one who has been paired with another magical being like yourself.”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, what do you mean other magical beings like me?”

“I mean like elves, slayers, dwarves, fairies and all the other magical beings you have probably heard about.”

Just then the women came in with another man “Hoon I see my newest youngling has finally come to.”

Standing Hoon bowed “yes sir I was just trying to fill him in on what he doesn’t know.”

Going around Chris the man looked him up and down “and what is it exactly that he doesn’t know?”

“It seems sir that he doesn’t know anything.” That stopped the man in his tracks “are you telling me that this youngling doesn’t even know about his back ground?”

“Sir what I’m telling you is he doesn’t even believe in dragons or anything else that has to do with our kind.”

“You can leave now Hoon and please take this news to the others. I’ll stay here and fill him in as best as possible so we have something to tell them when he goes to meet them.” Bowing again Hoon and the women left the room. Turning back towards Chris he stuck out his hand “my name is Vaeros and I’m the leader of your elemental group fire and light.”

Chris didn’t take his hand, he didn’t even move, dropping his hand Vaeros sat down on the cot Chris had just vacated. “Please have a seat and I’ll try and answer anything you might want to ask before you have to go see the rest of the leaders.”

Dropping on the nearest cot Chris started spewing questions “where am I, what was those things I saw yesterday, how is this real, who are all you people, why am I here…..”

“Slow down let me at least answer before you continue. First one you asked is where are you? You have entered our world, a world we created that lives right beside the human one you came from. We live on a different plain and the one you came from is called Earth and this one we have created is Valley of Eternal Magic.”

“The Valley of Eternal Magic, a different plain?”

“The door you came through yesterday connects the human one to ours so the younglings that were taken from us so long ago can find their way back.”

“And you think I’m what, one of these younglings you are talking about?”

“If you weren’t you wouldn’t have found the house and you wouldn’t have been able to step through the door.” Chris stayed silent so he answered the next question “you asked what it was you saw yesterday? They were dragons in full form and they were learning how to fight as a dragon. I was in the middle of training them when you came in.”

“In full form?”

“Yes, the form you are in now is your human form, and the one you saw yesterday is the dragon form.”

“You say I’m a dragon but how come I’ve never turned?”

“If you’ve never turned that means you haven’t come of age yet.”

“Come of age?”

“In human years you would be 20 and in dragon years you would be 100. When is your 20th birthday?”

“Friday, I turn 20 on Friday.”

“That’s in the next couple of days that means you will turn sometime that day.”

Chris really wanted to just get up and leave but somewhere deep inside of him this all felt right. “Can we stop it? Can I not turn and just stay a human?”

“Boy you aren’t human you just look like one and if your birthday is on Friday we can figure out who you really are.”

“I don’t understand if I come from dragons how come I’ve never seen my parents change or for that matter how come they never told me?”

“Your parents” Vaeros spat those words out like they were some kind of poison. Getting up he started to pace and as he continued to speak he had a deep growl in his voice “a little over a five hundred years ago one of our caves were raided and some of our eggs were taken. We later learned that the humans found out about us and in order to even be close to killing us off they needed to stop us from laying anymore young because they knew they couldn’t kill us in our dragon form. They started raiding our caves, taking our eggs and smashing them. It became clear our race wouldn’t live much longer without our young. One day the Queen of the Fairies had a vision and she got everyone together to tell us if we continued to live as solitary creatures we would end our lives. She also told us we could no longer live with humans and that she had created a new place for all of us to live.”

He sat back down and looked Chris in the eye “now back then dragons hated living or even being around anyone but themselves and even then we didn’t stay long around each other. But our eggs were being taken and we needed help, so our kings agreed and when they agreed it set in motion the pairing of all the races.”

“You said one hundred in dragon years and 20 in human, but if you guys lived in this realm, how is it I was taken?”

“It took many years to track all of our kind down and to move all the eggs into one place. But what we did know is that in order to make us stronger in this form we needed to mate with other kinds. So when a fertile female dragon or female of another race was ready we found mates. The first mating of this kind was done in a secret cave and eight eggs came from it. But we were betrayed and the eggs were taken. We thought they would kill the eggs like they did with all the others but they couldn’t smash them because of the magic of the pairing and after the hatching you looked too much like a human that they decided to wait until the day you would turn. But it didn’t stop there, the council didn’t like the kings’ decision and along with some others they found our hiding place for other dragons and took them to raise with their beliefs.”

“How is it that I don’t remember the last hundred or so years?”

“The traitors were witches and wizards and they have been helping a group of humans all these years to erase your memories. The Council has taken many young from us and to, are looking for the first eight because they believe as we do that those eight will be the strongest dragons alive.”

“Just eight were taken?” Nodding “how many have you found?”

“We have found all but one. You saw one yesterday, the blue and white dragon she is one of them.”

“Am I one of them?”

“From your date of birth you might be.”

“Why did it take so long to find me?”

“I think it’s because they allowed you to act like a human, you went to school, you knew nothing of us and that is why we couldn’t track you down like we did the others.”

“How did you find the others?”

“Morgana was the easiest because she had changed and killed the man she called father.”

“But you said we are the same age?”

“But if the dragon feels threatened in any way then it will show itself to stay alive. The eight of you are the same age but you have different egg laying days and years, but the same egg hatching year.”

“What, how is that possible?”

“When a dragon lays her eggs it can stay an egg as long as it needs wants until it feels safe. But now the baby will stay in the egg to find its flight and after all eight in a flight is found they will hatch together.”

“Flight? What is a flight?”

“That is what you call a group of dragons and in your case your family.”

“Ok so let me get this straight. When an egg is laid that egg will wait to find its family, and when all eight our found they hatch together.” Nodding yes “you all said something about an element.”

“Yes in each flight there is one boy and one girl for an element. In your flight we have already found the ones who are the air-spirit, earth-darkness and water-ice. Because you are fire-light you will be paired with another element of your kind.”

“So if I’m a part of the ones who were first stolen then who would I be paired with?”

“They are called an elemental mate” Chris got a stunned look on his face “no not like that. It just means because you two share the same element you two will be partners in all things that have to do with your element.”

“Still sounds like you mean she will be my wife or something.” Then something else entered his mind “my partner will be a girl right?”

Laughing “yes, in each flight there is four girls and four guys.”

“Good, but you didn’t answer my question who will be my partner?”

“If you belong to the flight of the first, Morgana will be your partner, but it is only if you belong with them we had others laid that year so who knows.”

“Morgana she is the one who was fighting yesterday?”

“Yes she was teaching on how to take down another bigger dragon.”

“Before I got hurt she had grabbed the other one and was taking it down.”

“Morgana has had to fight all her life and that has helped with her being able to find the weakness in others and exploit it. She is very strong for her age and very smart but she has her problems….”

“What problems?”

“Right now that doesn’t matter what matters is you find your flight and get started on your training.”

“Wait you can’t just leave it there if I’m going to be in this flight then you have to tell me what I’m getting into.”

“We don’t know if you are in that flight and even if you are then she can tell you; it isn’t my place to tell someone’s story.” Getting up he motioned Chris to follow him, they left the infirmary and entered the waiting room where so many were waiting to be seen. “This is our low level hospital, they treat everything from cuts, minor burns, broken bones, and other things like that.”

“You said low level?”

“Yes we have different levels for different things like this, we also have mid-level for worse things, and then there is the high level that takes care of things like bleeding out, burns 2nd degree or worse, and anything that has to do if you are going to die.”

“And how many end up there?”

“None of the younglings, that level is meant for the dragons who are already trained and fighting.”

“Fighting you didn’t say anything about fighting.”

Stopping just inside the doors that lead to the outside he turned around to look at Chris “you have war in the human world yes?” Nodding “we are at war here, not just with humans but with our own kind and if we don’t get ahold of it our world will die.” With that he started walking again “what did you think all that training is for boy your health.” He had the deep growl back in his voice he had when he talked about the human parents and that went drop it to Chris.

As they walked out of the LL Hospital Chris walked into a world of magic.

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