Flight of Dragons

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Chapter three

Huge dragons were flying in the sky with purples and blues in it and big white slivery clouds. Kids with flowers in their hair were dancing in the emerald green grass and everywhere they stepped flowers would bloom for just a few seconds and then disappear. Balls of fire were floating in the air with the dragons, wind was keeping them from hitting the ground. Trees of all different kinds swayed in the wind and it seemed like they were dancing to some kind of music that only they could hear. Over in a fountain you could see kids playing, dragons making shapes with the water, and water forms that had the shape of humans and moved like humans. Others were dancing in the street and in the air above them were flowers, leaves, twigs and other things floating and dancing with them. The colors were brighter and more alive here, the sounds mixed to make the sweetest music.

Chris couldn’t believe he was a part of this, that he could live here and find his family here. It really did seem like a dream that he would just wake up and find out that this was going to be taken away from him.

“Amazing isn’t it?” Vaeros asked as he looked around with a look of pride on his face.

Trying to take it all in Chris could only nod then just when he was about to answer another dragon landed in front of them changing into a blonde beauty. Holding out her hand she introduced herself as Julia.

“What are you doing here Julia you are supposed to be in class?”

“I was waiting for you to come out, Jordan got burned again and I had to bring him here and I was told to wait until you came out so I could tell you that he had to go to ML Hospital this time.” She winked at Chris and continued to smile at Vaeros.

“Thank you, you can get back to class now and you know you aren’t allowed to change without permission so if I catch you doing it again I will have to report you.”

Rolling her eyes she flipped her hair and smiled “but it isn’t fair I can control my dragon just fine.”

“Julia you know just as well as anyone that anything can set you off and if you are in your dragon form anything could happen.”

“I’m not like the others I can change at will and I have never hurt anyone….”

“You have been told and told many times not to change without permission and someone there to watch.”

“Yes but…”

She couldn’t finish, at that moment Chris could see a change come over Vaeros. Getting right up into her face he said “this isn’t up for discussion and because you decided to argue with me you will be punished now get to the Trial hall and wait for me until I get there.” Julia was bowing down on one knee at this point with her head down and Chris realized so was he. Looking up he could see many of the others had stopped and the ones who were dragons, some of them were on the ground now kneeling as well.

“You way rise and go, not another word will be said until we meet again.” Julia got up from the ground and started walking away. “Sorry about that all you can go back to what you were doing.” Turning towards Chris he said “please rise I didn’t mean to make you do that but it had to be done.”

Standing up Chris wiped off his paints “what happened?”

“When an older dragon speaks with a certain thought in their mind it spills out into their voice and they can make any youngling do what they are told.”

“Can’t you make them do anything anytime you wanted?”

“I could but it is forbidden, we only use it in cases like the one you saw.”

“And it causes everyone to bow?”

“I over did it I was a little mad and caused you and everyone under me to bow. I’ll have to apologize to everyone after I’m done getting you sorted.” Turning around Vaeros began walking again.

“Julia is a human name isn’t it?”

“Yes that is her human name why?”

“But your name isn’t human is it?”

“No I have a dragon name just as you will when we find out who your parents are.”

“Do you know who Julia’s parents are?”

“We know who her father is but we don’t know who her mother is.”

“Then why don’t you call her by her dragon name?”

“Because we only call you by your dragon name when you are in dragon form, that way when you are in human form others who aren’t on our side won’t know who you are.”

“I’m confused.” Smiling “That’s ok you will find out all this when you start class.”

“You said that others were taken and that you think I’m part of the ones who were the first to be paired. How is it that Julia can change? Isn’t she younger than me?”

“She is but her father forced her change in order to make her stronger.”

“Did it make her stronger?”

“In some ways yes it did, like she said she can control her changing and her dragon, but it made her week in her elements and her magic is none existent.”

“Does everyone have magic?”

“No, most of the older dragons, the council and some younglings only have our elements.”

“Elements aren’t considered magic?”

“No that part of us come from our dragon side and because I have two dragon parents I myself only have my fire & light elements.”

They walked for a few more minutes before Chris asked. “Why did the council not agree with the kings?”

“Because they are very old beings and change is hard. At least that’s the reason we are supposed to say, the real reason is because they don’t want the younger generation to be stronger than them.”

“Isn’t that the way it is anyways?”

“No, when you are a dragon the older you get the stronger you become. We were made that way so the young ones had speed and we had strength.”

“But because you started mating with the magic beings we started to be stronger than the older dragons?”

“The council saw you as a threat to our way of life and because of that they convinced others in the magical world of the same. We are divided and the young ones of both sides are being kid napped, we have found a way to stop this but the ones who are already gone have either made it here, been killed, or work for the other side.”

“Even though they won’t mate with other magical beings they are using your children in the fight? That’s not only sick but really cruel.”

“Thinking about your child being turned against you is almost unbearably, but seeing your child kill someone you love and then coming after you that in itself can kill a dragon’s heart.”

Chris thought he heard sadness in his voice and when looking at him Chris could tell Vaeros had lost some of the happiness he had after showing Chris their world. Chris wasn’t going to ask but he kind of knew what Vaeros was going through, his parents “at least the ones he thought were his parents” wanted to kill him and after everything they had lived through. Then he thought about it “all they lived through” that could just be the planted memories he was thinking of. Even the love he had for his parents could be a planted memory.

“Hey Vaeros can feelings be planted like memories can?”

“Hhhmmm, I have no idea kid we’ll have to ask that while we’re talking to the other leaders.”

Chris was not only confused now but he was starting to get angry. Everything he had been through could be a lie, and on top of it his real life, the 80 or so years of it was gone with a spell. Stolen from him because they couldn’t bring themselves to kill him until his turning day. “Hey were they going to kill me or would they had used me like they did the others they took?”

“I don’t know that either, they tried to kill the others, Elise, Morgana, Kyle, Justin, Rebecca, Joe and Pamela because of who their parents were.”

“But you said I might not be a part of their flight and if I’m not then they wouldn’t have killed me.”

“I really couldn’t tell you what humans are thinking, all I know is your birthday co-insides with the first eight and you are the one element and gender they are missing to finish the flight.”

“How will you know if I belong to their flight or not?”

“From the day of the first eight the parents of the younglings have left them something. The boys get a dragon key and weapons, dragon girls get a dragon book and weapons as well. The books is locked and the key that the boys hold unlock those books. But the key can only unlock a certain book and that is how we find elemental mates.”

“That still doesn’t answer how you know what flight we belong to.”

“After we find out who your elemental mate will be then we have a test that we preform that tells us what flight you belong to.”

“But Morgana is already a part of a flight and she doesn’t have an elemental mate.”

“The first eight all have a mark on them after they first transform, it will appear and we have matched each of them to their parents.”

“You said we have different laying dates but the same hatching year. If that is the case who is the oldest of the eight?”

“It goes Elise (Saryx) October 26, 1909, Shakris- March 22, 1910, Amber (Morgana) April 2, 1910, Kyle (Angkar) October 20, 1910, Rebecca (Thriina) June 21, 1911, Justin (Othim) July 6, 1911, Joe (Vincix) September 9, 1914, and Pamela (Thalu) December 27, 1914. Shakris is the one of oldest of the eight and the last to be found.”

“March 22 is my birthday” Vaeros nodded his head “and that’s why you think I’m the last of the eight?”

“We are hoping you are because that means Morgan’s plain didn’t work and we have all of you back in our care.”

They feel into silence, with all the thoughts running around in Chris’s head he didn’t know if he could take any more information. If he was the last of the eight his dragon name would be Shakris and for some reason they think that the first eight are stronger for some reason. He was working it out in his head and didn’t realize that he had followed Vaeros into a building.

“Welcome Chris to the house of the King’s” Vaeros said with his arms out reached and turning in a circle. Coming out of his thoughts Chris saw that he had entered a grand foyer with four sets of stairs in the middle and on each side of the stairs stood two different dragon statues. “Each one of these stairs leads to a house of one of the king’s and each statue is of a king and queen who lives there. We won’t be going there today” pointing to a door to the side “this door goes to the meeting hall and it is the only one big enough for the meeting of the leaders. Now whatever you hear or see you are not allowed to talk. You are to hold your questions until we leave. I will do all the talking and if at any time I don’t know the answer I will point to you and you will write it on a piece of paper. Is that understood?” Chris nodded his head “good, now we are going in.” Stepping past the stairs Vaeros opened the door and motioned Chris to enter.

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