Flight of Dragons

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Chapter four

As he entered he could hear talking but it all stopped as the sound of the door they entered closed behind them. Sitting around a table were fifteen people who rose and bowed to Chris and Vaeros. Vaeros bowed back causing Chris thinking he needed to do the same. After everyone was done Vaeros told Chris to take a seat at the head of the table.

“Alright all, this is our new youngling and he has come to us from the house of Draco. His birthday is March 22 and he will be turning 20 on that date this year.”

One of the ladies sitting at the table raised her hand causing a puff of air to rise. “We were told his elements are fire and light, is that correct?”

“It has been identified that his element is fire and light.” Someone asked if they thought he was one of the eight “we haven’t found that out yet but his birthday and his element co-insides with that flight.”

A man with bright red hair raised his hand and when he did fire came out from his fingertips. “The Kings decided that since we have enough that after he receives his key the test will be performed. The Kings also wanted to know if he knows what his name is.”

“No he knows nothing other then what he was told from Hoon and myself.” They continued to ask questions and true to his word if Vaeros didn’t know the answer Chris answered by writing it down.

It was an hour after it started that Vaeros finally stood up “I think we have answered everything and I need to get him into a house. If there is anything else we can discuss it after I’m done with getting him settled.” He motioned for Chris to stand up and bow, after they did the same Vaeros left the room.

“Hey what do you mean put in a house, what am I going to do I don’t have any of my things, no clothes to change into everything is back at my house? I can’t go and get any of it because you think they were trying to kill me.”

“We took care of everything all your stuff is in the room that was assigned to you when you got here.”

“How is that possible?”

“We each have a job and some of us find everything out about the person we think are one of the dragon eggs that was stolen. After we found out about you we gathered things that matched what you owned and what we couldn’t we took them from the house you use to live in.”

“So the things that have been disappearing from my room was you guys taking them?”

“Yes some were, others were that women who lived there selling them for drugs or cigarettes. What she sold if we thought it was important to you we took it.”

They had walked down the road only three blocks when they came to a building with banners hanging on each side of the door. On the banners were a picture of the sun on fire and under them were carvings of flames made from glass and the way the sun reflected off of them it made it look like the flame was alive.

“This is the house of your element, you will live here until you can be placed with your flight and after today you will have to start your classes as well.” They walked into the house, kids were everywhere and some adults were walking in the foyer as well. “On your right is the house mothers office, the door on your left is the library for your element. Up the stairs is the living area, on the second floor you will have the older kids and the house mothers’ room, keep going up and you will find the younger kids rooms along with the rec rooms for down time.” Pointing to the doors behind the stairs “back there is the kitchen, your meals are posted and the times the kitchen will be open. There is also a computer room back there for studying, my office and the other leaders offices are back there as well when we are here. You will find a map for the buildings and the grounds in your room, if you need any help you can ask the house mother or your house friend.”

“House friend?”

“Yes we assign someone to new younglings when they come here so if they get lost or need help your friend will be there.”

“Great someone who can hate me because you are forcing them to help out the new person.”

Laughing “come on the house mother and your house friend are waiting for us in your room.” They started up the stairs, some kids stopped and started just to continue on after they went by, and some who were already talking to someone would stop in midsentence just to whisper as they went. Chris knew what was going on he was the new kid and something to gossip about and if Vaeros was right, one of the first.

They climbed two sets of stairs and started down a hallway before they came to a door that stood open. Inside stood an older women and a young girl with blue and white hair. “Chris this is Alymm your house mother and this is Morgana I think she is your house friend.”

Alymm came forward “welcome Chris I hope everything is to your liking here.” Turning to Vaeros “I had Julia as his house friend but as it turned out she got in trouble and Morgana here was helping me get Chris ’s room together so I asked if she would take Julia’s place.” Pointing at Chris “Chris meet Morgana Draco, Morgana Chris Hobson.”

Smiling Chris held out his hand “it’s nice to meet you Morgana.” She took his hand and whispered that it was nice to meet him. From what he was told about her he wondered if this was going to work out.

Clapping her hands together Alymm headed towards the door “well I let Morgana tell you about what you have here I’ve got to go see how dinner is doing” and with that she left the room.

“I’ve got some papers to take care of” Vaeros turned towards Morgana “I’ll be downstairs if you need me for about two hours.” Then he turned to Chris “it has been nice getting to know you I’ll see you again later” and he to walked out waving his hand and closing the door.

It was so silent when the door closed Chris thought he was going to have to start the conversation. Finally she spoke “we put everything away but a couple of boxes and those we put in your closet.” She pointed to one of the closed doors “your bathroom is right there and your map along with your schedule is on your desk over there. Dinner is in an hour, is there anything you want to do or ask before then?”

Chris could tell she was really trying to help but it seemed she didn’t want to be here. “I don’t think I can take any more information at this point and I’ve been walking all day…..”

He was going to say that she could leave him but she surprised him “if you want I can bring you something from the kitchen and you can stay here and then lay down after you eat something.”

It was like she could read his mind “I don’t want to put you out.”

“Don’t worry about it I understand that this is all new and that you need time.” She started towards the door “I’ll grab you something, why don’t you get cleaned up and look around your new room. I’ll be back in a few, is there anything special you want for your first meal here?” He shook his head “if you need me they put my number in your new phone just send me a text, and if you want to be left alone I would lock this door after I leave. I’ll send you a text when I’m on my way back up so you know it’s me when I knock.” She smiled and left the room.

He locked the door and let out a big sigh. Looking over at the desk he saw that they had provided him with everything, a new phone, laptop, and sitting in the chair in front of the desk was a backpack with books and notebooks inside. Grabbing the phone from the desk he went to look inside the dresser, the drawers were full of his clothes that he wore and others that were in the same style but weren’t his. In the closet were jackets hanging up and nice shirts, slacks, and on the floor shoes and the boxes she told him about.

He needed a shower so grabbing some clothes he knew were comfortable he headed to the bathroom. After getting out of the bathroom (where they even got his stuff right in there) he received a text from Morgana.

A knock came and he let her in “I hope shrimp and garlic noodles is ok. I also brought you a litter of apple juice, you can put it in your mini fridge if you don’t drink it all.” She laid a tray on his desk and took out a cup from her pocket. He made a face at the juice and she laughed “I was going to bring you a six pack of iced coffee but the house mother saw me and told me you needed juice not caffeine.” Then she winked at him, took a can out of her other pocket and put it on the desk beside the tray.

He could smell the garlic from where he was sitting on his bed “that smells great thanks. Where is the fridge so I know?” He didn’t know he was so hungry until she came in with the food.

She walked over to the cabinet that sat beside his closet and opened the bottom door. “This is you mini and up here” she opened the top door “is your small place you can keep snacks.” She closed it “we are allowed to keep things to eat in here because using our magic, training, and changing takes a lot out of us.”

Taking a seat at his desk Chris got down to eating what she had brought him. “Thank you for this I hope I’m not keeping you from anything.”

“No I don’t have anything to do until tomorrow, tonight I’m supposed to stay here until you don’t need me anymore.”

Pouring the juice into the cup Chris had thought of some things he needed answered while he was taking a shower. “I know I said you could leave after you came back with this but I do have some things I would like to ask.” She sat down on his bed “do I have to go to school here?”

She smiled “yes you have to learn your history.” She saw the look on his face and her smile grew “I thought the same thing but dragon school is different. What we called P.E. there is training here, you get to fight, use your magic or abilities, and change if it has been passed your birthday. Yes there is book work and you do sit and listen to someone talk but….”she stopped and he could tell she was thinking. “I really can’t explain it you will have to see tomorrow.”

That isn’t what he wanted to hear but he knew he couldn’t get out of it. “Did they tell you anything about me?”

“They gave me your file after I became your house friend.”

“They have a file on me?”

“They have a file on all of us.” He asked how thick it was “two hundred and fifty eight pages long. They will add more as they find more out about you.”

“When did that happen?”

“The file said that they found you three years ago but didn’t know if you were one of us because you lived as a human. They just found out that you were when they over heard the people who had you talking about the day you were going to change and they would finally be rid of you.”

“When did you get the folder?”

“Right after the house mother found out Julia wasn’t going to be here to great you.”

He didn’t think that would give her a lot of time to read anything on him “is there anything you would like to ask me?”

“No I found out everything I needed to know from the reading I did. Unless there is something you need to tell me that isn’t in there.” Chris told her he didn’t know what was in the file so he couldn’t tell her anything. “I’ll bring the file tomorrow so you can read it and then we can talk more if you want.”

He told her that was fine “are you going to be with me the whole day?”

“Until you don’t need me anymore then I’ll go back to my schedule.”

“You had to rearrange your schedule so you could help me?” Nodding “I’m sorry, why did they make you do that? Why didn’t they get me someone who had the same one as me?”

“I’ve been helping them get things ready for you so I already knew some stuff about you and they asked me because I have a photographic memory and can speed read. So with those skills I could read your file in no time and remember what I read so I wasn’t asking things I was answering them.”

“So you know they think I’m one of the first eight?”

“Yes that is another reason they asked me instead of finding someone else.”

“You know they said I was your elemental mate and that you might not want one.” They didn’t say that but he could tell from some of the things he was told about her and the way she kept a distance between them that she didn’t like being around strangers.

“You talked about me? With who and what did they say?” She got a look of panicked on her face, she got up from the bed “I think I need to go and you need to get some sleep. You have a big day tomorrow and you’re going to need all the sleep you can get.” Before he could say anything else to her she was out the door and closing it.

Finishing his dinner Chris brushed his teeth and got into bed. All he could think of now was the look on her face when he told her that they had been talking about her and wondered if she was going to show up to help him.

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