Flight of Dragons

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Chapter five

Chris had set his alarm clock for breakfast the next day but before he could head down the house mother had knocked on his door and told him Morgana had set up for him to get his meals in his room for the next couple of days or until he felt comfortable with the others.

He had finished eating when another knock came, opening it he found Julia standing there. “Hey I wanted to come and say I was sorry about yesterday.” She came in “I’m just down the hall and would’ve been here last night but I couldn’t get away and when I did your light was already off.” Sitting down on his bed she looked at him still standing at the door “well aren’t you going to say anything?”

“What do you want me to say?”

“Skimmed through your file they gave me and between you and me I wouldn’t want to find out I was a part of the first eight.”

Closing the door Chris sat down in his desk chair “why? What’s wrong with being in their flight?”

“You haven’t heard?” He told her he had no clue what she was talking about. “They are freaks and if you ask me a bunch or traitors.”

“What are you talking about traitors?”

“Well ok not all of them are traitors but that Morgana, I wouldn’t put it past her, and one day she will be one.”

“What’s wrong with Morgana?”

“You don’t know who her mom is do you” she laughed a wicked laugh. “Morgan le Fay sister to King Arthur and apprentice to Merlin the wizard.” That stopped his mind “and of course you know that King Arthur was also a dragon right? He was also the one who gave the fairy queen the idea to mate with dragons, because his mom being a witch and his dad being a dragon. You knew that right?” He shook his head “his last name was Pendragon” he continued to shake his head “well after his death, Morgan blamed the dragons and vowed vengeance.”

“That wasn’t in the history books or the other stories that I was told about the king.”

She waved her hand “I wouldn’t know I don’t read human stuff because it lies about dragons and our history.”

“So because her mom was a traitor she is a traitor also? But if that was the case, why is she here and why is she allowed to wonder around?”

“Because unlike me and a few others the kings trust her and don’t think she will follow in her mother’s footsteps.”

“She hasn’t done anything that would make you think she would betray anyone has she?” Julia rolled her eyes “ok so her mom is a traitor but what about her dad, has he betrayed anyone?”

“No and that’s why she is still here and the kings trust her.”

“I don’t get it, why would the kings trust her?”

“Because she is King’s Ikkan daughter.” She got up and started roaming around “the first eight are the children of our kings and queens and the queens and kings of the other magical creatures. The eight are the children to every king and queen in our world whom agreed to mate with a dragon, that’s why they trust Morgana even though her mom betrayed us and stole all of you.”

He remember Vaeros saying that if he was the last one found that it would mess up Morgan’s plan. He didn’t put two and two together until Julia was telling him this story. He was going to ask another question but a knock came, getting up from his desk he walked over to open it and found a girl standing there.

Looking from him to Julia she got a wicked smile on her face “I knew you were a nosy, wicked little dragon Julia but to sit here and poison him against others well that just makes you worse than a dragon with no magic that makes you a human.” Then she looked at Chris “Morgana was coming to get you when she overheard you two talking about us and after everything she told us I had hoped you would be different than the others but from what I heard and can see you are just the same.”

“How dare you call me a human” came a shriek from behind Chris and something hit him.

The girl dodged the arms that were flying around Chris’s head “the next time you want to hear someone’s story ask them instead of talking about it with someone who only knows half of it” and with that she turned to walk off.

Chris let go Julia and started after the girl “hey wait who are you and what right do you have to knock on my door and yell at me?”

She spun back around “if I yelled at you, you would know it and my name is Elise also known as Saryx. If you are a part of our flight I will be your leader and you” she looked him up and down. “You will have a whole bunch of apologizing to do because Morgana overheard you two and calling her a traitor is as low as you can get.”

Before she could leave Morgana came up the stairs “Elise we need to get going everyone is waiting for you and we’ll be late.”

Chris started towards her but something stopped him “what the heck.”

Elise looked at him and then to Morgana “I’ll be there in a second I’m just finishing up here.” Morgana looked at him and if he had hurt her, or if she was angry at him, he couldn’t tell, her face was blank.

Morgana went back down the stairs and as soon as she was out of sight he could move again. “What the heck was that? Why couldn’t I move?”

Julia had followed him out to the hall “because Morgana prevented you from moving.”

“She doesn’t want to talk to you so stay away from her.” Looking at Julia “you are now his house friend again I talked to your leader and he agreed.” She didn’t say anything else just walked off and left him there in the hall with everyone looking at them.

Turning towards Julia he saw that she had already turned around and started walking in the opposite direction from Elise. “Are you coming?” she nearly screamed at him and not knowing what else to do he followed her.

She continued to rant about how her father was on the council and she didn’t have to take that. All the way out of the house and into another building five blocks away. Along the walls were lockers and kids were already putting things in them getting ready for class. Stopping in front of a locker she opened it and took out everything she needed for their first class of the day. Continuing down the hall she had stopped the ranting and was now mumbling. Pointing at a locker “this is your locker” handing him a piece of paper “and this is your combination. I know you didn’t bring your backpack but that’s ok all your books are in here and I can leaned you some paper and pens.”

The growl that was still in her voice came through and not wanting to start anything he opened his locker, found his class schedule, and took out the book he was going to need. She handed him a note book and a black and red pen.

Turning around she didn’t even tell him to follow her but he knew that if she was now his house friend she was in all his same classes.

Julia had told him not to worry about what had happened because her father would hear about it and Elise couldn’t do anything to him, she said he was better off without them. Then she introduced him to her friends and told them what had happened but in her own words leaving out the fact that they had been talking about Morgana and saying that Elise had yelled at her for no reason. She then went on saying that if Elise ever came at her like that again that she would have to take her down, because she was nothing and only thought she was untouchable because of who her father was.

He stopped listing after that, he felt like he was back in high school and just didn’t care. His day was nothing but sitting in a classroom listening to people and because he had the time to look around in his room he had found a recorder. He now used it to record his classes as he tried to replay what had happened that morning in his head.

In a way yes he might have called her a traitor but in everything that was told to him he was just trying to figure out what he was being told. He wanted to talk to her but didn’t know how to find her or even if she would allow him near her and he wanted to know how in the heck she had stopped him from moving.

He couldn’t figure out how to find Morgana and didn’t want to ask any of Julia’s friends. He instead asked Julia about what Morgana did that morning to them. Julia got a sneer on her face and spat that because Morgana was also a witch that she could use spells and she gotten good at the basics that she didn’t have to say anything anymore that she could just think of what she wanted and it happened.

“How powerful is she?”

“They say one day she’ll be more powerful than her mother ever was and she might even surpass Merlin.”

“Merlin was stronger than Morgan?”

“In how strong and how long his spells lasted yes but Morgan is one of the only ones who mastered spells she didn’t have to speck.” She rolled her eyes “I really don’t want to talk about them anymore.”

“Just one more question” she gave him the go ahead. “How strong is Morgana with her spells?”

“I don’t know she found her flight before I could find out, but if the rumors are true she’s already surpassed her mother.”

They had been talking at her locker, but then her friends showed up and she didn’t want to talk anymore. They walked to the front doors and were about to leave when Vaeros called out to him.

“I need to take you to the key room” he looked at Julia “I’ll text you to come pick him up later and we need to talk about your conduct this morning.”

“Great who snitched on me Morgana or Elise?”

“No one, you just did it yourself. I knew something was wrong when Elise came and requested you be Chris’s house friend again and when I heard about the incident in the hall I put it all together. I don’t know all of it but when I’m done with this you’ll tell me what happened.” She asked him why was it that she was the only one getting into trouble when Chris , Elise and Morgana was there also and Morgana used her power on her? “I’m talking to you about your conduct I already talked to the others and as for Morgana using her powers do you have proof or another witness?”

“Chris, she used it on Chris as well, ask him we were just talking about it.”

He turned to Chris “I know I couldn’t move, but what stopped me I’ve no clue. I was told it was Morgana but I didn’t see or hear her do anything to us.”

“You said Elise was there as well didn’t you?” They nodded “then you really have no proof it was Morgana who used her power.” Julia opened her mouth to say something “enough Julia, Elise was also there along with half a dozen other kids with powers it could’ve been anyone of them that stopped you two from moving and because you waited this whole time to tell an elder we can’t track the magic. Now I want you to go to your room and wait for me there do I make myself clear?”

Chris could feel the power in Vaeros voice again but this time it wasn’t directed at him. Julia left with a sour look on her face and friends who whispered as they walked along with her.

Motioning to Chris to follow Vaeros left the school building and took him to a parking lot. “We don’t use vehicles here, but we do have golf carts and scooters for those of you who have to drive a ways. You will receive one later when you are put in your flight.”

“What if I don’t find my flight anytime soon what I’ll have to walk?”

“Everything you need isn’t that far away from your house, it’s just when you find your flight you’ll be going to different places that would take you days to walk to if you didn’t get a scooter.”

“Does it have to be a scooter? Can’t it be a motorcycle, something cool?”

“The scooter allows you to change it into a hover bike because in the woods there are no roads and you aren’t allowed to hurt any of the vegetation.”

“Why would I need to go into the woods?”

“To meet the other magical beings that live here.” They got into one of the golf carts “to the east lives the fairies and the pixies, which is the garden area. To the west you have the mountains and the dwarfs and the red caps, along with other kinds of creators that live in that environment. In the woods to the south you have the Elves, unicorns, and things like that. To the north you have the dead valley where the grims, the slayers, and anything that likes the dark all the time lives. We are in the middle of all the lands because of the fact that we are being protected.”

“Because of the eggs?”

“Because we were being hunted and our numbers were dwindling, and yes because of the eggs.”

They drove for in silence until Chris couldn’t take it anymore. “Am I in trouble also?”

“Should you be?” Chris shrugged his shoulders “I don’t have the power to read minds I only know what I was told and from what I know about how Julia acts towards the first flight. I know I told you that I wouldn’t tell someone else’s story and I had hoped that it would give you an idea that you shouldn’t listen to others when it came to stories that were not their own.”

“I was surprised about who Morgana’s mother was and who her uncle was. I got caught up in the story about King Arthur being a dragon and the one who gave the Fairy Queen the idea of mixing the races. I forgot Morgana was coming to get me and I tried to say I was sorry.”

“So she did use her magic on you?”

“I couldn’t really tell you” that got him a look “really I told you what happened. I started towards her when I was stopped by something, when I asked what had happened Julia was the one who said that she had used her magic on me.”

“She didn’t use any words or move her hand in anyways?”

“No her face was blank and she only talked to Elise.” He asked if Elise had done anything weird “no she turned and looked at Morgana when she came up the stairs. When I went to talk to Morgana I was stopped, she looked at me and then told her she would be on her way when she was done.”

“When were you able to move again?”

“After Morgana went out of sight why?”

“That doesn’t help me, it still could be any number of students who stopped you.”

“So she can only keep the spell going if I was still in sight?”

“No Morgana could have left you both there for as long as she wanted. But because you were let go when she left I can’t say who it was and because I didn’t find out about this until hours later the trail of magic is gone.”

“Just how strong is Morgana I asked Julia and all she could say was that she might surpass Merlin one day?”

“In all truth Morgana has already passed Merlin and her mother, the only reason she is still in school is because she hasn’t learned all the spells that she needs to graduate those classes.” He stopped the cart in front of a cave with a steel door “I’m telling you this because I know you are her elemental mate but you need to keep it to yourself. Morgana isn’t the only one who is the strongest, the rest of the first flight has surpassed all of us at their age and the kings are worried that if that information gets out the war will get worse.”

“Are they just the strongest in their magic or their dragons as well?”

“Just as Julia can control her dragon so can the first, but the difference being they have magic and agilities that were allowed to grow and they have become stronger than a lot of us.”

“Now we have to talk about something else as it is we are here to find you your dragon key. When we enter there will be four doors one for each king. It does not matter what element you belong to or who we think might be your parents the door will choose you. After you enter your door there will be a room and you will be tested after you enter.”

“How will I know? Can you help me find my key?”

“I’m not allowed to enter with you, I’ll be staying out here and you will know which key is yours. How I don’t know I just know that you will find it.”

Vaeros asked him if he was ready and after taking a deep breath Chris thought he could do anything as long as he would find out who he really was. Stepping out of the cart Chris took the key he was given and opened the door.

In front of the door was a set of stairs that descended into the depth of the cave. Moving into the doorway Chris turned and took the key from the door allowing it to close behind him. As the door shut and darkness taking over Chris waited a few seconds until the door locked itself and the lights turned on.

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