Flight of Dragons

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Chapter six

Taking the steps to the bottom he found the four doors just as Vaeros had said would be there. The first one starting from the left was made from the earth, it was a deep brown and the roots that was in it moved like they were worms. The next one was light blue and hollow with little tornados and clouds moving around inside of it. Then came a door that was the colors of fire starting from the bottom where the blue was to the top where red indicating the hottest part of a flame glowed. The door moved like a flame would and he thought it was amazing. The final door was clear but you couldn’t see through it, water of all colors of the sea moved within it.

At first nothing happened, he stood there watching the doors move with their elements controlling the movements. As he was watching the door made from earth he heard a scarping sound from his right.

There standing ajar was the fire door, walking towards it he pulled it open and walked inside to thousands and thousands of keys. Keys of every size, keys made from gold, rock and other types of material. Some were hanging, others laid out in displayed cabinets, and some were in piles in the corner of the room. Nothing really stood out to him or shouted at him that it was his key.

He continued to look around, he walked up to the ones hanging on the wall but nothing caught his eyes. He walked over to the piles and started moving them around but again nothing. Just when he was about to head for the display cases he caught a lone table off to the side and stuck behind a huge key leaning up against it.

Moving the key he found the table top was a lid, trying to open it with just raising it didn’t work. “Think Chris” he felt around the lid and the rest of the table until he found a key hole. “Who would have thought” feeling the hole we found it was shaped like a heart. He hadn’t seen that kind of key in the piles or hanging on the wall so he went to look in the one place he hadn’t.

Stepping up to the display cases he saw in each of them one type of key was displayed inside. In one a keys shaped like a diamond, another carried star shaped ones, there was ten cases in all and in the fifth one he found the heart shaped ones.

Some were too big and others too small he had a choice to make between three keys of the same size he thought would fit the lock. He didn’t know what would happen if he tried all three but something was telling him that it wouldn’t be a good idea.

Chris decided to really look at the lock to see if it had any clues to what key would fit. Bending down he couldn’t get a good look because it was too dark in the corner, he was going to head back out of the room when all of a sudden light came out of his hand. It startled him at first but then he found it to be warm and comforting, moving his hand up to the hole he could tell that it was white gold and had a blue gem inside of it.

Looking at the keys he knew which one belonged to the lock, it was white gold and the heart had its middle cut out. Inserting the key the lid popped open, standing up he looked inside to find a necklace. It was a white gold dragon with two blue gem eyes hanging from a white gold chain. Picking it up he was confused because it wasn’t a key, but he knew that it was what he had been looking for in the room.

Exiting the room he heard the door close behind him and as he continued up the stairs he tried to figure out how a necklace could be a key. Stepping out into the bright sunlight Chris walked over to the golf cart and held out the necklace for Vaeros to see.

“Mighty fine that is, glad you found it. Tell me what door opened for you?”

“The flame one, and this isn’t a key you said I would find a key and there were keys, lots of keys. But this” he held it up “is just a necklace.”

“The dwarves were asked to make the keys, and finding out who made yours will tell us how your necklace is a key.” They drove straight to the mountain side of the world. Vaeros told him that when the first were made, gifts from each parent were given to the babies. When the eggs were taken they locked up the gifts in hopes the children would return and calm them.

They had to change out the cart for two hoover scooters so not to hurt anything in the woods that surrounded the village. It took little over an hour to drive to the mountains, and another twenty minutes to rise to the keepers hut high in the mountain village.

“Now dwarves aren’t like what you have heard, they are peaceful people but very proud and they should be, because their work, their craftsmanship is unequaled. So whatever you do don’t leave my side and if asked anything only answer with very few words.”

“I’ll do my best but I can’t promises anything if I don’t know what will offend them.”

Vaeros smiled “that is one of the best answers I have heard since I started doing this.” He clapped Chris on the back and walked into the hut laughing.

In the hut sat a small man with a very long white beard, he sat behind a desk made for an average size man. Looking up from his books and papers a slow smile spread a crossed his face. Holding out his hand he addressed Vaeros “I was wondering when you were going to get to me, welcome back Vaeros.”

“It is an honor for you to see us on this day Tarek of Bane, I have brought the youngling to see you in hopes you would honor him by looking at his key.”

Tarek looked over at Chris and held out his hand. Chris assuming he wanted the necklace, gave it to him. “Aaawww yes very nice work, very nice work indeed.” Turning it over this way and that “white gold, two blue diamond’s, very rare diamonds I might add. Made for Aryxon your queen for her son Shakris DarkSnow to open the book belonging to Morgana Draco daughter of Ikkan your king.” Then he touched something and a key blade popped out, the blade looked like an old skeleton key. “Yes I thought so” and he jumped down from his chair disappearing behind the desk. You could hear some foot falls and then something slid across some wood, more foot falls and Tarek was back in his chair with a book.

Opening the book he flipped through the pages “here” and he turned the book around to show them a picture of a dwarf. “This is Doraim of Thest our builder of secrets, he liked to hide things in plain sight so if our king or queen needed a quick getaway they had one that only he and they knew about.” Turning the key over again He showed them what he was talking about “see here” he pointed at the blade “if you push here on the one eye it releases the blade, and if you push on the other” he did and the blade went back up into the dragon. “If I also remember right only you will be able to use the key” and he handed the necklace back to Chris.

“Thank you Tarek of Bane for your help, is there anything in return that you would like of us for your time?” Vaeros asked.

“One day I might call on the help from the boy and his mate, but at this time I am grateful that I got to see another wonderful piece of work from our history.” Shaking hands and without another word Vaeros left Tarek to his work.

“You did well boy not many have been able to hold their tongues and not ask questions like you did.” Chris didn’t know what to say to that so he kept his mouth shut and got back onto his scooter. Looking down at the necklace he had hung around his neck Chris touched the little blue eye and of course the key blade came out.

“That is a handy way of making sure no one can use your key.”

“Tarek said this was made for the queen’s son, does that mean I’m the last of the first eight?”

“You are my second of the eight to bring here and Tarek doesn’t speak about the histories of the other keys. He always just says who makes it and how to reveal anything if it needs revealing.”

“You brought Morgana didn’t you?”

“Yes and just like your key he knew who the book was made for and how it was made to be opened.”

They started their scooters and headed back to the valley, this time it only took under an hour to get back to the parking lot and turn in the scooters. Handing the keys in Vaeros informed Chris that in the next couple of days the king had planned for the ten boys to find their elemental mate and in that time he wanted Chris to make up with Morgana.

“She doesn’t want to talk to me and Elise told me to stay away from her.”

“I’ll talk to Elise and you think of something to get her to talk to you because you two will have to make up if your flight is going to get along.”

Vaeros told him to get back to his house for now and get some rest because tomorrow is going to be training with his element. He walked back and as soon as opened the door to his room Julia was right there asking him all sorts of questions.

“Hey let me see, what was it like, what door opened, did he take you to see the dwarves” and the one she really wanted to know? “Are you really apart of the first eight?”

He answered all but the last and then said he was tired, that he wanted to lay down before dinner. Chris wasn’t going to fall asleep but a couple hours later there was a knock on his door and he was startled awake.

Another knock came and this time his name was called out “Chris are you there hon, I’ve got your dinner here.” Walking over to the door he opened it to find Alymm standing there with a tray “oh did I wake you? I’m so sorry would you like me to come back later?”

He had been dreaming and something wouldn’t leave his mind “no thank you I’m really hungry.” Opening the door wider he went to take the tray from her but instead she came in and set it on his desk.

Putting her fist on her hips she said “I wouldn’t have been the one to bring this to you but as it is Julia is in trouble again and I sent everyone else to eat dinner.”

Chris knew that look, it was the look all women-mothers get when they are disappointed with you. “I know what happened this morning is part my fault and I’m going to make it up to her.” She smiled then and dropped her hands. “I would like to ask you a couple of things about her to get to know her better.” That got a whole different look to go a crossed her face “if you don’t want to answer that’s fine. But I don’t know really anything about her other then what Julia and Vaeros has told me and it isn’t enough.”

“What would you like to know?”

“I did fall asleep just now and while I was sleeping I remembered something Vaeros said when I asked him about who was older when it came to the first eight. He said Elise (Saryx) October 26, 1909, Amber (Morgana) April 2, 1910, Amber is Morganas human name why is it that no one calls her by that if they use the rest of our human names to protect us?”

“Because she refuses to answer to that name and when we found out what her dragon name was that is the only name she will answer to.” He asked why “We aren’t allowed to tell someone else’s story I’m sorry but she can tell you if she wants.”

He thought that was going to be the answer “is there any time she is by herself, that I can talk to her so no one (meaning Elise) will interrupt us?”

Alymm thought for a moment “tomorrow she’ll be helping me in the library here, she really loves to read so I gave her a job here and whenever I need help she is always the first to volunteer.” He asked what time “she doesn’t have class tomorrow so she’ll most likely be in there all day. But I warn you normally if someone goes in there and she is there she will make herself invisible. Morgana doesn’t like many people, she only deals with her flight, myself, and Vaeros if she can help it.”

That didn’t help him one little bit “how can I talk to her if she won’t show herself to me?” Telling him to wait right there and eat his dinner, that she would be right back, she left the room.

He was already done with his dinner and thinking that she had forgotten about him when a knock came and she entered.

Handing him a book she said “Morgana has been asking to read this for a while now and we decided that she wasn’t ready. I just talked to Vaeros and her father, we think that you need away in and hope that you can help her when she needs it.”

Looking the book over he didn’t see what the big deal was “what is it about?”

Putting a hand over her heart “it’s about what happened to her mother and some other things that happened in that time period.” Then pointing a finger at him “you aren’t allowed to read it, it took some real persuading to even get her father to agree for her to read that. Now the title of that book is The Traitors Witch and if you do get her to talk to you then you give it to her. If she doesn’t talk to you, you aren’t allowed to leave it there for her to find, you bring it back to me and I’ll lock it back up.”

Telling her that he would take good care not to leave it anywhere and only give it to Morgana, she took the empty tray and left. Lying back down on his bed and wondered how he was going to get her to even reveal herself to him if she was still angry. Putting the book away with his necklace he locked them in the same safe he had had in his human home and got ready for bed.

Chris had told Alymm that he wanted to eat breakfast with the rest of the house and in doing so he wanted to see Morgana to judge if she was still mad at him. Walking down stairs he entered the dining hall to find lots of tables filled with kids of all ages and a buffet filled with different kinds of breakfast food.

Getting in line he scanned the room for the first flight but they were nowhere in sight. He had just grabbed his food tray when someone spoke behind him “the flights don’t eat here.”

Turning he found Scott Julia’s friend standing behind him “how did you know I was looking for them?”

“The whole house can’t stop talking about what happened yesterday and Julia told us that you are the last of the first eight. I just thought you would want to find them and this would’ve been a good place to start.”

“Where do they eat?”

“At their house” he could tell that Chris was shocked “each flight has their own house here so they can live as a family. You’ll probably be moving there after the pairing ceremony this Sunday.”

“They are having the pairing ceremony this Sunday, how come no one told me?”

“You probably would’ve been told when one of the elders saw you but because I saw you first I got to tell you.”

After getting his food Chris stood there trying to find a seat where he could think about his problem with Morgana. Seeing him standing there Scott asked him to sit with his friends.

As they sat down and started their food a few minutes later Julia popped down beside him. “Hey baby I see you can’t get enough of me” she laughed.

“I asked him to eat with us and we are trying to figure out how to help him.”

Chris found out that most of Julia’s friends didn’t mind the first eight and the only reason she did was because her father was supposable the one who found Morgan and trapped her in her prison.

Julia got a shocked look on her face “I’m your house friend how come you didn’t ask me for help?” No one said anything “well I’m hurt, here I thought we were friends and you can’t tell me what you need help with.” This time she put her head down and looked at him through her eyelashes, she even stuck her lip out just a little.

If he didn’t know this game he might’ve feel for it “I think I already know what I’m going to do.” He got up “thank you for your help and thank you” he turned to Julia “for offering to help. But I need to get going if I’m going to put this in motion.”

Putting his tray away he headed straight for the library hoping he would find his target there and get this over with. Stepping out into the foyer Chris took one step just to halt in his tracks by the most beautiful face he had ever seen. A face that somewhere in the back of his mind caused feelings that he had never felt before to come alive and something in his heart to stir.

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