Flight of Dragons

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Chapter seven

She smiled and walked towards him “oh I had hoped I would get to see you before you started your day.”

There was people behind him trying to get out of the door he was blocking but no one was pushing to get out. He looked passed her and saw others down on one knee kneeling with their heads down. Waving her hand she said “oh please go on about your day I’m just here to see this young gentlemen don’t let me cause a problem.” She put her arm through his, started walking out of the house and to the back where she found a bench to sit on.

She patted the seat beside her “please have a seat and let me explain who I am.”

“I know who you are” he sat down “you’re one of the queens and if the feelings I’m having are right then you are also my true mother.”

Her smile could light up the world “yes my child the bond between a mother dragon and her child is hard to break and when I heard you were chosen by my key I could not stay away.” She had tears in her eyes “I have waited a long time for you to return to us. When we had heard you were taken the other queens and I locked ourselves away, we have not born any children since then and we vowed not to until everyone of you were found.”

“I have no brothers or sisters?”

“Not by me child no but by your father you have two half-brothers and one half-sister.”

“You and my father aren’t married are you?”

She laughed “no we both have mates from our own species.” He asked why “in order to preserve our race we asked others from different races to produce babies. In order to show good faith to our races we the kings and queens made one baby each. Each one of us already had a mate from our own race but if it was going to work we needed to show our people that we were willing to do the very same thing we were asking them to do. It was harder for the dragons as you know we are not ones to be known for living or even being around others.”

“I think what you all have done here for your kids and the other dragons is a wonderful thing, I’m just sorry it took me so long to find my home.”

“I know you have a lot on your plate and I wasn’t going to come see you until after the pairing ceremony but after Vaeros told me about the key and about what happened yesterday I thought you might need a mothers shoulder to cry on” and that got her a look “or a mothers ear to talk to.” She said with a laugh in her voice knowing she got him with the crying part.

“I was given this book” he took it out of his bag “and was told she wanted more than anything to read it but after she stopped me yesterday from talking to her and after hearing how strong she is with magic I’m at a loss as how to approach it.”

“Are you afraid she will hurt you?”

“No I’m not afraid of her but I couldn’t read her face so I don’t know if she is mad at me or I hurt her. If it was any other girl I wouldn’t be having this problem but Morgana is so different then the girls I know. Elise is more like the girls I know telling me what is on her mind and me being able to read it in her face and eyes.”

Nodding her head Aryxon let out a sigh “that poor girl has had many years to figure out how to hide her emotions. After we found her she wouldn’t let anyone near her but Vaeros, not even her own father who went to her before he found out she was his. She has come out of her shell only with a few and is just now letting her father near her. She does not have a mother who she can talk to like you do and I would have offered to be that for her but it was decided that the less people who tried to get near her the better.”

This was his chance to get something he might be able to use “what happened after she was found?”

It took her a few minutes to answer “I know it is our custom to allow people to decide on whether their story should be told to some or all and I would not be doing this but I think you need to know.” She got a faraway look on her face as she looked up into the clouds to begin the story.

“Four years ago we were told that a house with three bodies had mysteriously caught fire. The eye witnesses said the flame burned blue like nothing they had ever seen before and it was so hot that it not only burned down that house but most of the houses on that street. Dragons that use the element of fire are fire proof so we sent in a team to try and find out if one of ours caused the fire. Vaeros and the other leaders of the other elements were a part of the team we sent in and he found her in the basement of the house that her human father and she lived in. After days of visiting her in the chaos of the fire he finally got her to come with him here but no one but he could go near her without her changing into her dragon form and trying to kill them.” She dabbed at the tears that had formed in her eyes “Vaeros let her live in his house for a year and when we found out who she was her flight one by one went there to get to know her. After that year she agreed on moving to the house of her flight and even allowed Alymm to be near her because she had been taking food to her when Vaeros could not be there and he did not want her left alone. More months went by and she came to classes with her flight and even started to interact with others not in her little group. It has taken these last two years for her to agree to even meet with her father but it has to be in the company with either Alymm or Vaeros and sometimes she even agrees to allow me to be there. The times I have been there she has never shown any emotion on her face but Vaeros has gotten to know her so well that he can read her without her showing us. Knew people frighten her she is not one to go up to someone and just start talking and when we heard she agreed to be your house friend her father and I were so happy because it was the first time she showed any interest in someone else besides her little group.”

“And I had to go and screw it up by talking to Julia about her.”

“We have talked to Vaeros about that and he said that she was not mad at you but mad at herself for trusting in someone else.” That didn’t make him feel any better “do not let her feelings get in the way of becoming what you two are meant to be. She is more afraid of being hurt that she locks herself away. You did not hurt her, her story being told to you by someone who will twist it hurt her and she does not trust that you would not hate her like Julia does because of it.”

The puzzle pieces kept falling into place he just needed a little more “if I approach her by myself she probably won’t talk to me but if I get Elise and the rest of our flight on my side I might get them to help me.”

Hugging him she said “now that is thinking. I am so proud of you my son and I cannot wait to get to know you better” she let him go “for now you have class to get to and a flight to get to know.”

They made plans to see each other again after he got settled in his new house and found his rhythm of his new world. He couldn’t believe that she was his mother and how much she had helped him with Morgana. With that in mind he went to class with a plan forming on a way of how he was going to get her flight and Morgana on his side.

He really enjoyed the classes today, they were all about his element and how to use them. He was told to get something to eat and with his plan in mind he hoped that he could get Morgana to join him. The house mother said she would be in the library all day so he headed straight for that part of the house.

The doors were closed and he couldn’t hear anything from the other side. Taking a deep breath he stepped into the library and was greeted with rows and rows of books. He looked inside and then back out, it seemed the room was bigger then what it looked like on the outside.

Closing the doors he was about to start heading down isles looking for her when out of the corner of his eye he saw a tiny light floating in the air. Drawing closer to it he could see it was a really small person with wings.

A flash of light, a pop and there stood a person “hi my name is Pamela, you must be Chris. Are you here to see Morgana?” She was a blond beautiful girl, her eyes were blue and she had a tat running up one arm and across the top of her chest.

“How did you do that?”

“My mother is the queen of the pixies and because of that I can change into a dragon or a pixie whenever I want and I can’t be a dragon all the time so I fly around in my other form.” Then putting her hand to the side of her lips and moving in close she said “I would rather be riding around on a Harley but they don’t allow them here” and she winked at him.

“Aren’t you one of the first eight?”

“I am yes, my element is earth and yours is fire.”

“Yes that’s why I’m here I need to find Morgana and talk to her because if we are going to work together as mates then I need to apologize.”

“You didn’t do anything wrong she told me and Rebecca what happened and you did nothing wrong.”

“So why did she stop me from talking to her?”

“Because Julia was right there and you had already heard the twisted version of her story. She didn’t know how you would react because some others have heard that same story from Julia and have shunned her for it. Morgana had to leave before she hurt someone and you were there and she didn’t want to hurt you as well.”

“Hurt me how?”

“Her power is controlled by her emotions and she was so angry at Julia that she could have hurt a bunch of people. She also has the habit of holding everything in until it bursts and that could have been one of the times she changed into her dragon and couldn’t control it.”

Another piece feel into place “she has been taught to hide her emotions and that is the reason her dragon did what it did. Also her magic is part emotion and because she is so powerful she has to keep it contained at times. It isn’t easy on her and Julia brings a lot of that out in her when she can.” Pamela stopped and she looked at him “one of your parents is a slayer.”

“Is that a question?”

“Look I’m done telling you anything if you are looking for her she’s back in the stacks.” She pointed behind her, stepping back from him, she turned back into a pixie and took off.

“You shouldn’t use your powers to get information out of people like that. Of course if the rumors and your file is true you know nothing of your abilities and you’re using them without your knowledge.” Came a female voice deep in the stacks.

“Morgana is that you? I came to give you something and to see if we could talk.” A book came out of seventh isle back and motioned for him to come back. He followed it and when he got close enough it went back into the isle and put itself away.

He didn’t see anyone “up here” he heard come from above him and when he looked up there she was hovering in the air putting a stack of books away. She smiled “it is easier then dragging the portable stairs everywhere.” She came down and turned in the air to put a book away. After her pile was done she landed in front of him “so what can I do for you today?”

He held out the book “I came to give you this and to talk to you about what happened yesterday.”

“Yeah I was going to come find you to apologize when I was done here.” She walked passed him and grabbed another pile “I’m sorry about using my magic on you and putting you in that position with Vaeros. I didn’t think that I could talk to anyone right then and when I saw Julia standing behind you it was all I could do not to put her in her place.” She went back up in the air again and started putting her pile away “thank you for the book, you didn’t have to do that.”

He watched as she gracefully flew through the air, her hair today was a blue black except for two long pieces that framed her face they were white with a dark blue tips, it reminded him of Rogues look in the X-Men. She was dressed in a black suede top and shorts. The front of the shirt had a white ribbon laced up the front and tied in a bow. She was also wearing a pair of black suede boots. The shirt came off her shoulders and hit her mid-drift, her boots came up to just below her knees. As he watched her he was speechless and then he shook himself “I didn’t know how I was going to talk to you if you were mad at me or I had hurt you and the house mother gave me the book thinking it would break the ice.” She looked down and smiled “you weren’t mad at me were you?”

“No, I knew you were trying to understand my story and she was the first to start telling you about it.”

“Elise told me to stay away from you and I was going to but then….”

“You found your key and everyone is telling you that you’re my elemental mate?”

He laughed “yep that about sums it up.” He looked up again “hey can you come down to talk to me it’s kind of hard to continue to look up.” She waved her hand and his feet were lifted off the ground “hey wait what the heck?”

“I need to get my work done and it will be easier if you are up here with me.”

“I thought you weren’t allowed to use magic on others?”

“I won’t tell if you won’t and besides we can use our talents if we don’t use them in anger or spite.”

“You said something about me using my powers, what were you talking about?”

“A slayers powers aren’t really powers they are more abilities, one of them is the ability to get information from someone with just a thought or a question and it doesn’t matter if the person wants to say the information or not. They can’t stop themselves and if you continue to ask things then you will continue to get the information. Your father if you are who they say you are is the king of the slayers King Alric, he is undefeated in all fights and the best slayer we have.”

“I don’t get what a slayer is for and how they are a magical like the rest of you.”

“Slayers were created to protect the kings and queens of our race when they are in their human form, magic doesn’t work on them and when it comes to fighting they are very hard to defeat.”

“If magic doesn’t work on them how did you stop me in that hallway yesterday?”

She smiled and he could see a wicked gleam in her eye “if I tell you, you can’t tell anyone and I mean anyone because this could get me into real trouble?” He thought about it for just a second and nodded “I bypassed your slayer side and went towards your dragon side.”

“You mean you stopped my dragon and not my slayer?”

“Yep, I found a way to get around the sides of the parents whose genetics reflect magic or it doesn’t work on at all. I’m next project is to find a way around those that I can’t use magic on.”

He couldn’t believe what she was saying but of course the things he has been told about how strong she is it shouldn’t surprise him. “If you don’t mind would you tell me your story in your own words?”

Putting the last book away she brought them back down to the floor “only if you agree to come with me somewhere?” He agreed and she held out her hand to him. “I can get you to float in the air but when it comes to you moving you have to take my hand.” Taking her hand, his feet left the floor again and she guided them over to the windows, the windows opened and they were flying out of them into the sky.

“Where are you taking us?”

“You’ll see just hold on and we’ll be there in no time. Enjoy the flight we can’t really do it when we are in dragon form because we have to be with an elder.” He could tell she was having so much fun by the way she smiled and couldn’t stop laughing.

They flew over the forest and over the mountains, they flew up, up, up and out of the clouds. The view of the sun coloring the clouds was amazing and she allowed him to take it in. She asked if he was ready and when he said yes she turned him around to face a castle made entirely out of clouds. She moved them closer and a black winged horse came flying towards them.

“This is Nightfall and he is my friend” she held out her free hand “I started coming here after I found the spell to fly in my work book. It was the first one I mastered and when Vaeros couldn’t be there for me, when he had to work this place was my get away.” A second horse came towards them and this one had the colors of the sunset in its main and tail “this is Nightfall’s sister Sunset.”

Chris held out his free hand to both of them “it’s nice to meet you both.”

“Here” and she directed him to sit on Sunsets back “we aren’t allowed in the castle unless they accept us and the only way to do that is if they let you ride them.”

He settled on her back and watched Morgana get on Nightfall “now what?”

“Now Sunset will measure whether you are trust worthy enough to see their world.” Just when she finished her sentenced the Pegasus took off towards their castle in the sky. He watched as Morgana patted the horse on his neck and talked to him while they rode into the castle.

They landed on a marble floor and dismounted, Morgana kissed Nightfall on the nose and walked over to Sunset told her thank you and kissed her on the nose. Both of the horses nuzzled her and flew off back outside. “That was a test wasn’t it?”

“Walk with me” she turned and walked further into the castle. “I’ve spent a lot of time here and learned to trust in their instincts. I know when they allow someone to enter their world they can be trusted and I can let some of my walls down. I don’t know what everyone has told you about me but I will tell you what I can.”

They came to a garden “I’ve never been tested by an animal before but if anything will tell you whether you can trust someone or not what better way.” She led them to a swing under a tree “what would you have done if they didn’t allow me in?”

“Somehow I knew you could be trusted, I just wanted to bring you here because it’s special to me and no one can over hear us or interrupt.”

She took a deep breath and started with what happened four years ago. She told him her human father used her has his personal whore, and when his friends weren’t paying for her he would either take her and stand her on a corner, or abused her himself. She learned to not show emotion because if she cried or looked at him in any way he didn’t like he would kick the crap out of her. One day he had left her locked in her bedroom but she had learned to pick a lock and when he caught her out of her room he said he was going to kill her this time. He grabbed a kitchen knife and chased her into the basement, he took a swipe at her and got her on the arm. That’s when she felt a burning sensation that started at the ends of her fingers and the end of her toes. It continued to move up her legs and arms, she wanted to scream and thought she had but if turned out to be her father. His eyes were huge and he was looking right at her, after that she doesn’t remember anything and when she woke up the house was on fire and there were three bodies lying in front of her.

“Why didn’t you burn in that fire?”

“Because a dragon can’t be harmed by their own element.”

“Who were the two bodies or don’t you know?”

Tears formed in her eyes “one of the neighbors heard me scream and called the cops. They came in right when I changed and set the house on fire.”

“It wasn’t your fault and you couldn’t stop what happened. Vaeros told me that when a dragon feels like it is in danger that it doesn’t matter if you are of age you’ll change to protect yourself and that’s what happened.”

“It doesn’t take away from the fact that two cops died because I couldn’t control myself” she smiled. “But I thank you for trying to make me feel better.” He didn’t know what to say so she continued with her story.

The fire had spread up and down the street and the fire fighters couldn’t control it and they didn’t understand why it was burning so hot. That’s when the team from here showed up and helped control the fire and to get her out of there before someone else found her. It took a few days and Vaeros coming by himself to get her to even think about trusting him, but he kept others away from her and didn’t let anything happen to her while she tried to make sense about what she had done. They took her straight to the house that he is living in now but she couldn’t handle other people around her and it got so bad that she changed again and tried to kill someone. After that she wouldn’t allow anyone around her but Vaeros so they allowed him to take her to his house until she could control her dragon.

When they found out a few months after she came to Sanctuary that she was a part of the first eight, her flight came one by one to introduce themselves and to get her use to them. A year went by and she had better control of her dragon and had even learned most of her spell book. They moved her into the flight house and she has been there ever since but only trusting a few. She still has some problems with her emotions and they do go out of control, especially when it comes to others talking about her behind her back and spreading lies about her family.

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