Flight of Dragons

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Chapter eight

She told him that she had learned everything she could from the books she was allowed to read about her passed but none of them told her anything about her mother. She even asked her father about Morgan and he told her what he could but didn’t know anything beyond that.

“I heard that after the eggs were taken that she was the only one who didn’t show up. I also heard that when they did find her she put up a fight and they had to freeze her in time to control her. Julia’s dad is the one who supposable found her and had to fight her. He is the only witness to any of it and his element isn’t even ice, so that is the reason I wanted to read that book you brought to me.”

He took it out “I grabbed it from the table, I was told not to leave it lying around.” He gave it to her “why would it matter if his element was ice or not? There are other ways to freeze someone in place.”

“Not the way she was, it was a clear, cold to the touch and when it comes to keeping someone alive like she is the dragon who froze her or the wizard who froze her has to know what they are doing. I know for a fact that unless your element is ice you can’t guarantee that the person you freeze is going to stay alive.”

“You don’t believe the story Julia’s father told do you and that’s the reason you wanted to book hoping the true story is in there?”

“His story is in here because that’s what he told the council, but I want the story about what really happened before he found her. I’m hoping to find our parents stories in here to see if there is a clue that someone missed.”

“Julia said her father was on the council and that she was going to tell him about what happened yesterday.”

“And this is how he came to be on the council, finding my mom and defeating her.” She dropped her eyes “did anyone tell you how the council felt about us?” He said they had “I believe that they knew how my mother felt about her brother’s death and used that to frame her.”

“You think the council took us and blamed it on your mother because she vowed vengeance?”

“When I asked my father about why they allowed her to be one of the parents he told me because she wanted a peace offering and hoped that when I was born that a little of her brother could also live on. He told me she knew that they weren’t at fault for her brother and wanted to show it by giving them a baby to take his place in history.”

“How does your father feel about it? Does he believe she is the one who betrayed everyone or does he think someone framed her?”

“He doesn’t know, on one hand he wants to believe that she wanted to make amends with the dragons and on the other she didn’t show up when we were taken and Thoran said she confessed it all while they fought.”

She got up and started pacing “he had to go with the evidence, what parent doesn’t show up when their child is taken? Then there is the fact that Thoran got the confession from her while she fought him because she didn’t want to be found. Then after it is all said and done the wizards and other witches disappear, and the humans have the power to take our memories.”

“What I don’t get is if King Arthur was a dragon and a wizard why didn’t he use his powers to save himself and prevent all of this?”

That got her to stop pacing and put her hands on her hips “because Guinevere knew nothing of his dragon side and refused him from using his powers.” Sitting down again she went on “after Uncle Arthur was born it was decided that mother would continue the teachings of Avalon and Arthur would train his dragon, but also on how to be a human. They wanted to bring together the humans and our kind, and it would’ve worked if he hadn’t fallen for Guinevere. A women who held her believes just as high as we held ours, and because of that he told his teachers that he no longer would train. After meeting Morgan his sister Guinevere found out that he could also use magic and forbade him in doing so because in her believes using magic is a bad thing.” She stopped and shook her head letting out a laugh “then Sir Lancelot came into the picture and the love square began.”

“Isn’t it called a love triangle?”

“In this case no, my mother fell for Lancelot, Lancelot had some feelings for Morgan but feel for Guinevere when he first laid eyes on her, Guinevere loved both men and my uncle loved Guinevere but in a weird way also my mother. It caused problems because Guinevere accused Arthur of using magic behind her back and that’s why she couldn’t produce a child. Morgan accused Guinevere of sleeping with both men and her believes says she would be punished for cheating. The hatred got so bad my mother was forced to leave her brother and Lancelot couldn’t stay with his feelings towards his best friend’s wife living inside of him. Many years passed and Guinevere still couldn’t produce an heir and that’s when my mother’s son showed up demanding his rights to the throne.”

“You have an older brother?”

“His name was Ywain and don’t ask me who his father is because there are so many versions to that story the only one who can answer is my mother. It’s also said he wasn’t even my mother’s son but their other half-sister Morgause, who also claimed her real son Mordred was the rightful ruler to Camelot because he was also King Arthur’s true son.”

“Wait right there I think I got lost somewhere, are you saying King Arthur’s half-sister Mordred had a son with him?”

“She hated the fact that Morgan and Arthur were so close and that they got all the power. Morgan being a Queen of the witches and of course Arthur got Camelot. She had friends in many places and it is believed she had a low wizard change her to look like Guinevere and she went to him in his bed, producing an heir and putting her in the position to take Camelot. By this time the queen had already left Arthur and he was barley ruling his kingdom. So Ywain backed off the claim and backed Mordred to take the crown so he could become a knight of the round table. A war broke out, Mordred was killed and Arthur was mortally wounded. Morgan found him on the battle field and tried to take him to Avalon where she was going to save him but because he turned his back on that part of his life Avalon refused to show. Before he died he returned the sword back to Avalon and asked that one day she would try to find out why his family of dragons didn’t show up to help him.”

“He died and your mother had lost everything and in her grief swore vengeance on the dragons because her brother died.”

“Not just her brother, Lancelot was found on the battle field also barely alive. He had returned to back his king, to prove that he loved Arthur and that he would die for him. But instead they fought each other because Arthur couldn’t forgive him for sleeping with his wife and later Lancelot died while on the quest to find the Holy Grail.”

She had been sitting there the whole time but she couldn’t contain her energy anymore. Getting up she went over to the water and cast a spell so she could play with it. “After that her story says she comes here asking why did no one come to her brothers add, why did they let him die and leave her alone? They said that no one had told them that Arthur needed help and if they had known they would have been there even if it meant reveling themselves to the world. Her story gets foggy here because many years she was nowhere to be found some believe she was living in Avalon and others say she took off into some realm she created. Whatever happened she wasn’t seen by anyone that could record it, then the Fairy Queen had the vision and my mother wanted to show that she forgave the dragons.”

He watched her spin the water in the air and tried to understand. He was thinking that he would be angry also if the people he thought would help his family didn’t show up and because of that they died. He could also see forgiving them if they didn’t know what had happened but what was really going around in his head was. The dragons said that they had no clue that Arthur needed them then where did he get the idea that they were coming and why did he ask his sister to ask them that very question.

Chris cleared his throat to get her attention “if I’m getting the story right your uncle believed the dragons would come to his add and in that belief he died with that very question on his mind. I’m just wondering if he believed they were coming did he send for their help and if so why did the message or messenger not make it?”

Turning to him she lost all interest in the water and let it fall back into the pond. “I’ve never really thought about it, all I could think about was my mother’s betrayal.” Walking towards him she began to think aloud “could the betrayal have started with Arthur and if so why would they want him to die.” She stopped and got a horrified look on her face “he was just like us.” She didn’t give him time to ask what she meant, she grabbed him by his hand and launched them into the air.

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