Flight of Dragons

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Chapter nine

There was no sightseeing this time, she flew them through the air so fast he thought the ground would meet them before she could stop their descent. It didn’t come to that she landed them on grass in front of a house and took off inside. Not knowing where he was or what was going on he stood there until Morgana came back out and grabbed him by the hand to drag him inside.

She dragged him into a living room full of people “tell them what you said to me.” Elise was sitting there and as soon as she saw him a look of complete hatred came across her face. The guy sitting next to her took one look at him and got up from the couch he had been sitting on just to stop in his tracks. “That isn’t going to happen I need you to listen not beat the heck out of him or yell at him for something he didn’t do. He also came to apologize and if the Pegasus and I can trust him I’m sure you all can as well, now sit down and listen to what he has to say.”

He sat back down and she gave Chris the go ahead “I was just saying to her that her uncle believed the dragons were going to save him and in that belief his last thought was why didn’t they come?”

“I hadn’t thought beyond my mother but what if the ones betraying our race is our race themselves?” They asked her what she was talking about “think about it. The council didn’t want anything to do with mixing the races but the races had already been mixed, my uncle was a dragon and a wizard. What if he sent for help and the council in their minds thought ok this is the way to get rid of an abomination that should have never existed in the first place. Now rewind so many years later and our race is being killed off and here’s a chance to save us but the only way is to mix races. The council still not wanting to do that, but the kings agreeing, it is done without a thought to the council and eight eggs were made. Now my mother is well known for her wanting vengeance and they see her as a way to get rid of us.”

Elise stood up and took over “so the council made a plan to frame your mother and get rid of us all in one shot. Thoran wanting to be on the council for many years and being rejected he takes it upon himself to track down your mom and set the whole thing in motion.”

“But that didn’t stop the races from making other children” said the one girl he hadn’t met.

“No but it did prevent the queens of our race from producing other children and the first eight who they knew would be very strong to disappear.”

“Is that why our mothers wouldn’t produce any other children?” asked Pamela.

Chris nodded “how did you know that?” asked Elise.

“My mother came to me and she told me when I asked if I had any brothers or sisters.”

One of the guys who was sitting by Pamela spoke up “we haven’t had dinner yet and I’m hungry. Can’t we continue this around the dinner table?”

“Whose turn is it to make dinner? Joe needs food and we all know what happens if he doesn’t eat.”

“Rebecca and I made dinner yesterday so that means its Justin’s and Elise’s turn.”

Elise and the guy who wanted to tear Chris’s head off got up from the couch. “Thank you Kyle for that wonderful memory of yours” she said with a sarcastic tone in her voice. Kyle stuck out his tongue and made everyone laugh.

While they made dinner Morgana introduced him to the rest of the house. Pamela asked if he was staying so she knew how many place settings to put on the table, he was going to say no but Morgana beat him to it and told them he was. Telling everyone he was a part of the family he might as well start eating with the family. Joe was happy because it meant they were even and now he only had to make dinner once a week along with other chores he thought boring or gross. Pamela told him as long as he didn’t use his power on her again she was fine with it. Kyle and Rebecca didn’t care either way as long as Morgana was ok with him. It was Elise and Justin he was going to have earn their trust.

She showed him around the house, the front room of course was the living room, with two bathrooms that sat under the stairs, in the back was a kitchen and the place where the table sat. There was a set of stairs heading down to the practice rooms and some of their bedrooms. Up the stairs was some more bedrooms and the offices of each person who lived there.

Morgana took him to his soon to be room, it was upstairs “my room is across the way.” She pointed at a door that had a blue and white dragon painted on it “Elise loves to draw and paint and as you can see she is very good at it.”

“Who else has rooms up here?”

“Rebecca and Kyle both of their rooms are down the hall and across from each other also.”

“Is there a reason why some of us are up here and some are in the basement?” She didn’t answer him, as a matter of fact she wouldn’t look at him either. “Is something wrong, did I ask the wrong question?”

“The house builds itself to the comfort of the ones who live here and because the others have their rooms right across the hall from each other the house puts yours across from me. I can’t be underground or in a tight space because my human father use to lock me in a closet in the basement of our house for days or even weeks at a time.” She shuddered at her memories “if you want your bedroom in the basement we can move things around and when you move in it will be there.”

Turning to the double doors that lead to a balcony Chris said “no I like my view right here, I can see the mountains and the sun setting when the day ends.” Turning towards her “and that sunset will remind me of the time my friend took me to meet couple of awesome Pegasus.”

Like his mom he thought her smile could light up the world. “Thank you Chris” then she winked at him and said “Shakris DarkSnow.”

“Is that my full name?”

“That is your full dragon name, your first name being your dragon name given to you by your mother and your last name being the last name of your father.”

“But your name isn’t a dragon name.”

“No my mother asked if she could name me and in turn I would have my father’s last name.”

“But everyone else has a dragon name and the last name of their non-dragon parent?”

“That is correct” someone called up to them that dinner was done and it was time to eat. “Come on Elise and Justin make awesome dinners.”

Taking one more look around, Chris followed Morgana down to dinner and it felt like he had finally found the one thing he had been messing in his life, his family.

After dinner Morgana walked him back to his room in the fire dorm. “I think Justin and Elise warmed up to me there at the end when I offered to help clean up.”

Smiling and shaking her head “until you are a permanent part of our lives and everything goes back to normal I don’t think they’ll let you off that easy.”

“I didn’t call you a traitor, I asked a question and I think she overheard the wrong part or took it the wrong way.”

“Elise is the over protective older sister and I can’t blame her for being that way, it also has to do with her being our leader and looking out for all of us.”

“And Justin what is his problem with me?”

“Protective brother, thinks he’s the older brother but he’s younger then Kyle and I. Most of us have trust problems and he is callous to those who aren’t apart of our flight.”

“So it has nothing to do with me” she showed him her fingers indicating just a little. Laughing “my birthday is tomorrow and the pairing ceremony is on Sunday, maybe then they can accept me.” Then thinking he decided to ask what the pairing ceremony is all about.

Telling him when enough younglings of both sex reach their changing date they get them together and have the males try their keys in the girl’s book who match their hatching date. He asked how many could there be? “Twenty all together ten boys and ten girls, but in this case there are twenty one because they are including you and I in the ceremony.”

They walked in silence for a few minutes “are you ok with me being your mate?”

“I’ve read your file, we’ve talked and gotten to know each other” then she stopped and looked at him. “A file doesn’t give me the whole picture and these last few hours together doesn’t either” he was going to say something but she held up her fingers. “But I have to say that I have enjoyed being with you today and because I don’t normally spend time with someone outside of certain people that says something. I didn’t know what I had hoped for in my mate and sometimes I wished you would’ve never been found.” Taking a deep breath “I watched you with my family and searched deep inside of me about all of this and I can say that yes if it was going to be anyone I’m really glad it’s you.” She turned and started walking again.

He was happy that she was glad it was him because he had the feeling that his family had been found and it had been found with them. They made it to the door of his room when Julia came walking up the other set of stairs. She saw Morgana and him standing there, eyes meeting with Morgana she got a nasty look on her face.

“I thought they took the trash out already” she said.

Chris looked at Morgana and a slow smile spread across her face. “Julia imagine meeting you here, you know jealousy isn’t a good look on anyone, you should try keeping your trap shut before something flies out of it you might regret and can’t take back.”

Fire came to Julia’s hand “you want to play let’s play” and she threw the fire at Morgana.

Chris had to duck and he could hear gasps come from the people who had heard the commotion. He felt the heat file across his back and when he looked up Morgana had moved from in front of him to his back protecting him.

She had the ball of fire that Julia had thrown in her hand and she was playing with it. “You don’t scare me Julia and if you think throwing at me my own element is going to make me scared of you you’ve another thing coming.” She put the fire out “if you would like to take this some place let’s.”

Looking over at Julia Chris could see that this is what she wanted “Vaeros is in his office right this minute should we?” Morgana crossed her arms over her chest and shrugged like it was up to Julia. She took this and turned around to head back the way she had come. The hallway was quiet and Chris had no idea what had just happened.

Standing back up “what was that all about?”

She sighed “this is going to be a blood bath and I just healed from the last one.” Turning towards him “are you alright?”

“I’m fine but you didn’t answer my question, what was that all about and where did she go?”

Just then Julia and Vaeros came up the stairs, Vaeros walked over to Morgana. “Are you sure you want to do this because once it’s done I can’t stop it?”

She looked over to Julia and then back at him “if it was up to me this would never happen but it has to be done and I’d rather get it done and over with now then wait until we are at war.”

Nodding he brought them together “raise your left hand palm up” he took out a knife “here in front of all these witnesses I declare a blood battle between Morgana Draco and Findëmaxa Talon” slashing both their palms “do you both accept?” Looking into each other’s eyes they gripped hands and said together “we accept.” Handing them a piece of cloth he said “I’ll inform the kings and queens it’ll be done before breakfast tomorrow” and he walked away.

They let go of each other and Julia went down the hall to her bedroom before the hall interrupted in whispers and hurried walking. “What just happened?”

Wiping her hand she said a few words under her breath and the cut disappeared. “Julia has challenged me to a blood battle and it is going to be done tomorrow before breakfast so everyone who wants to watch can.”

“What happens during a blood battle?”

“The two who are going to be in the battle make rules to use either there magical powers or their dragon forms to battle each other and the one who can no longer stand due to lack of blood will be the loser.”

“Julia doesn’t have powers” she said they would fight as dragons “and what will happen if neither of you stop before you die of blood loss?”

“Then one of us will die” and because there was something in her face she didn’t want him to see she left. He tried to follow her but when she stepped out the front doors she launched herself into the air. He wanted answers and went looking for Vaeros.

He found him on the phone in his office, looking up he gave Chris the go ahead to have a seat and held up his finger. “Yes sir I’ll be there after I’m done here” he listened “I just had him walk in and I know you want the answers but I think I’m needed here for a few minutes.” Again listening and then he said yes sir and hung up. Looking at Chris he sat down in his chair “I’m assuming you want to know what is going on?”

“Morgana told me some of it but I don’t understand why you agreed to it and if someone dies….” Chris couldn’t go on.

“I can’t stop someone from challenging anyone to a blood battle, all I can do is ask them if they want to do it and that’s what I did. They are both of age and their parents agreed to the battle” he pounded his fist on to his desk “I can’t stop it even if I wanted to.”

“This is going to happen no matter what we want or if one of them might die from this?” Vaeros nodded and said he was sorry. Chris left him to head back to his bedroom and then thought Morgana probably didn’t tell her flight, so once again he went to their house but this time alone and with news that by this time tomorrow Morgana might not be there.

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