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Dearly Beloved

By ♡ Sölenklier ♡ All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Drama


A forlorn girl holds a great responsibility as she unearths a new world, in all it’s beauty and cruelty, after being torn from a life created solely from a father’s fear; cold and isolated, the safest she’d ever be.

After being forced into the center of a dark war, and with every precious heartbeat held in the palm of her hand, she must learn to bare the weight of every life given... and every taken.

A book of sorrow and loss, Dearly Beloved will guide you by the hand to the deepest kind of darkness of the human heart and lead you back out again.

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Marijana1: The melancholy present throughout this story has the power to influence and etch into the minds of the readers, to stay there and refuse to leave even after they have finished reading the story. This is a deep, powerful story, making the readers wonder about everything – about love, about their e...

Rouba Shishakly: The story is very engaging, I wasn't expecting the ending!! What a surprise. Great work overall.

Papito: Interesting premise. Sentences choppy with some not even necessary. An experienced educated editor will help.

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